Cigarettes for Ping Pong

Cigarettes for Ping Pong


Cigarettes for Ping Pong will transport you to another realm - a dreamy field on a sunny day or quiet room where rain taps on the pane - where one must then simply submit.


Cigarettes for Ping Pong began as an experiment in the Melbourne summer of 2008. An interruption for a girl dealing with the leftovers of a break-up and in the midst discovering the beauty in sorrow.

Originally sketching the songs for her debut EP,
‘Goodbye Paper We Have Now Gone Electric’ on a trusty eight track recorder in her bedroom, Carol then upgraded to a make-shift studio in her kitchen where the tracks were re-recorded in January of 2009.

Citing the likes of Feist, the Mamas and the Papas and Sufjan Stevens as influences, Goodbye Paper We Have Now Gone Electric oscillates between sadness and sparseness, wonder and joy. A folky
avant garde pop collection; songs which convey both tenderness and charm like that of a new foal attempting to stand on its own.

Having played her debut show in Tokyo in July 2008, Carol will follow up the good times with the launch of Goodbye Paper We Have Now Gone Electric on Friday February 13th at the Old Bar in
Melbourne alongside Ninety Nine and CasioNova.
She then embarks on a UK/Europe tour in May 2009.


Goodbye Paper We Have Now Gone Electric E.P released on Cat the Caboose Records.