Cillico is a unqie musical blend of Alternative Rock, World Beat, Funk, and Latin music. Image the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lorena McKennit, Tool, Mana, and Prince having an orgy together. The sound they might produce sounds somewhat like Cillico.


Since the beginning of time, music was thought of as a powerful force which brought people of different cultures together in harmony. Never before has that been more true than with the members of Cillico. Scattered about the United States and the Caribbean Islands, the members of the experimental rock foursome intertwined their ethnic influences and personalities in Los Angeles, where they quickly became one of the most original and unique performing acts on the scene.

This is a female fronted band that refuses to sound like corporate America's Britney Spears. Cathy Immordino, a performing songwriter since a child, writes about life, love, tragedy and hope in a world which makes her feel alienated and misunderstood. Even though Cathy is a Sicillian-American, her African and Native American tribal callings bring out the hypnotic addiction people feel when they hear her sing. Born in Eden Prairie, Minnesota and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, she combines her charismatic personality and Southern hospitality into her every day performances.

Don't let his Latino suave appearance deceive you! Guitarist Andre Werleman, from Aruba, brings his Middle Eastern and blues influences to the group while evoking Serapes Bay, the Egyptian God of music. Witnessing his animated facial expressions and hearing his unique style are worth every penny of the admission cost.

Living with the weight of every day life, Tyler Handke combines raw emotion with pornoesque grooves while performing with his bass. He originated from Des Moines, Iowa and moved to Reno, Nevada, where his street smart Midwestern personality teamed up with Nevada-style entertainment. Doing nothing more than idolizing the amazing bassist Flea, Tyler fused the funkiest grooves licks into his creativity and passion seen while perform in band.

Cillico's drummer, Tim Hasler, raised in Wisconsin, combines all cultures together into one unique world beat. His passion and emotion lies in his music studies in Venezula while his heritage draws him to a funky tribal euphoria. Though a recent edition to Cillico, Tim has already become part of this multicultural music family.


The Light (Around Your Soul)

Written By: Cathy Immordino & Andre Werleman

The light around your soul makes my heart melt inside

And everytime you're around me you make me want to cry

One day I was walking down the street and I noticed you

So I smiled with joy and laughter as my heart sang out to you

You are the light in my sea of darkness

The light which will be engraved in my heart forever

Until you realize how much I need you, Until you see how much I care

Could you whisper how much you need me, So I can feel less than bare

So I Can live in perfect harmony with you by my side

Because right now my life feels empty without you near

...Because I want you in my life and I want you by my side

Though sometimes just knowing you is not enough

Sometimes just knowing you is not enough

The light around your soul makes my heart explode

And everytime you're around me, you make me want to die


Written By: Cathy Immordino

This is who you are, this is what you're worth
All of your life you've been hurt
You start to wonder where you've been
What's going to happen and where you'll live

Take a walk outside wondering if you'll fit in
As I pass you by you cease to live
This time you will enter a new live
No more roller-coasters to add on more strife

Take a look around you notice where you are
This time I promise you we will not starve
So pack up your bags I'll take you for a ride
No more messed up trash before you die

Give me your hand before you sink too deep
This water is getting colder you look like you're in freeze
I will help you through this and make you smile again
Once I figure out myself I'll drag you in

Look at this shallow creek with no room to breath
I cant believe myself I'm ready to scream
I need your help this time before I loose my way
Maybe you could sing for me before I hear

Music of Life

Written By: Cathy Immordino

All is breathing, the sun is rising
the earth all around us
children playing as the earth awakens
to the music of life
the snow is melting, the world is changing
but I stay the same
now everything's flowing, moving, and growing
I just dont know if i'm ready to change

My heads spinning, I dont know where
i'm heading the roads not clean enough
for my eyes to see I'm blinded by the
fact that i've come this far yet I dont
know if I can move along.

This is the music of life
I'm going to breath
This is the music of life
This is my destiny

I'm driving my car and going real fast
but my foot's on the break
kinda feels like i'm walking on a one way track
heading towards the train
cant you see that i'm crawling
towards the door but why do I feel no change
I feel like i'm chained to the ground
and the world is rearranged


Psychedelic Discordian (Album, 1996)
Twisted Society (Album, 1997)
Cruel World (Album, 1998)
Ancient Dragon (Album, 2000)
I Don't Know (EP, 2003)

Set List

1. Coeia
2. Music of Life
3. Far Away
4. Shaded Rooms
5. The Light (Around Your Soul)
6. Happy Dreams
7. DDC
8. If I...
9. Can You Help Me?
10. Freedom
11. Follow Your Heart

Set Length ranges from 15 minutes to 1 hour.
We can do acoustic and electric performances.