Cimarron Conspiracy

Cimarron Conspiracy

 Shelbyville, Indiana, USA

Imagine a mix of every influental band of the past 35 years. Imagine A diverse range of sound. Every genre from Indie to punk. Imagine a band who can write a song in 5 min. & it be one of the best songs you've ever heard. Now Imagine 5 musicians ranging17-20 who do all of this. You get us!


This Whole all started out by complete accident. Cole and Trevor met in 2008 and have been making 100's of songs since. In 2009 we added Austin, and earlier this year added Billy & Brad. Honestly, We don't have a specific band that influences us because we listen to a variety of music to help get creativity flowing. Every person who has heard us so far has said that we have mastered the art of story telling. To elaborate on that, we tell two different stories within each song. The music tells the perspective of one side, and the Lyrics compliment our music. We are inexperienced when it comes to performing at actual gigs, but we believe that these 5 Kids from shelbyville are ready to put on a show for you!


N/A (Releasing Single In November)

Set List


1. Radio Friendly
2. Kentucky
5.Dane Cook Isn't Funny
6.House of Cards(Radiohead Cover)
7.A Decade Of Pain
8.Self Offense
10.I'll Kick Your Door Down