Cimbálová Muzika Stanislava Gabriela

Cimbálová Muzika Stanislava Gabriela


Dulcimer Band from Babice (UH) in The Czech Republic playing Traditional folk music in our own arrangements and composing our own music comming out from the traditional folk music of our ethnographical region.


The Stanislav Gabriel Dulcimer Band from Babice, a small town in the south-east of Moravia in the Czech Republic, is a group of young musicians. We pay tribute to the heritage of the traditional dulcimer bands from the ethnographic region of “Dolnácko”. We thought about the heritage of former generations of folk musicians when searching for our own ways and methods.We represent this regional culture not only on the national scene but also abroad, where more and more people are being attracted by this kind of music. We regularly perform at festivals within the Czech Republic as well as abroad (Slovak Republic, Austria, Poland, Germany, Macau).
The Stanislav Gabriel Dulcimer Band was awarded The Laureate of The International Music Festival Strážnice (Czech Republic) in 2006 (see and the following year the national prize FOSKAR (The Folk Music "Oscar") for the best playing traditional folk music band of the year 2006 (see
Our own arrangements, compositions and the way of performing them - playing with a lot of energy and livelyness, these are probably the most significant features which set our band apart from the others.


Chodnícky k písni (Paths To A Song) © 2003

Hody na Slovácku ( The Feast in Slovácko) © 2003

Na mojem srdécku (In My Heart), © 2004

Písne malované Slováckem… aneb na Derflanském poli (On The Field Of The Derfla Town – part of a songbook called Písne malované Slováckem), © 2006

Z Uher do Moravy (From Hungary to Moravia) © 2007

Neseme vám tú novinu (Great News We bring To You) © Indies Scope 2011