Hardcore Death Rock. Blood filled water balloon wars, hardcore Dancing, Stripping Rockers, Burlesque Baked Sales, Vulgarity flinging, Beer Spitting, crowd mooning, loud mouth motha fuckers from hell. We also enjoy long walks on the beach, candle lit dinners, and we're really good at marketing!


Nucclz is known for taking off his pants on stage. he likes to throw them out to the ladies. One time he got a pair of chick pants thrown back at him. I still can't figure out how he got his fat ass into those little pants.
Tom Makes Fake blood. That's what he does. His latest creation has been the infamous Blood Balloon. Camouflaged water balloons filled with thick sticky dark blood. Total bloody mess when that hits you. Bring a rain coat if you're coming to one of our shows.
MyKie has helped to organize fund raising events for the band such as a bake sale at the shows, burlesque dance competition, and stripping for money. check out our page for full audio clips at


We just released our first EP. Its available through our myspace page @ or most major online music stores such as iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, Yahoo!music, whathaveyou.
We also have Ringtones and and wallpaper available for cellphones ($0.99), Our online Merch store has just opened so check that out for all the crazy threads you can buy (underwear, shirts, hats, buttons, jerseys, etc), and Physical CD's of the new album have been pressed up and fully packaged. Those can be purchased at shows or by request. For all the great stuff mentioned, visit our myspace page at or visit our purevolume page at

Set List

Typically our set list is made up on the fly. We only play one set per show because only the Eagles or Skynard need two sets to play one song. Our sets are usually 30-50 minutes long with an average song length of 2:30-6min. Sometimes we'll take a beer break in the middle of the song, so those ones end up being about 7 minutes long. We only do covers when we're piss ass drunk. We've played Detroit Rock City, Mother, Some Emo Shit, I can't remember the rest.