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Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF

Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Cin'atra - It'z Official"

1. "Intro" Funk Daddy
A coo beat done by Funk Daddy plays in the background. Just a tight beat playing in the background to start the album with. A coo little intro to the album.

2. "It'z Official" ft. Livio
A tight ass beat right here by Funk Daddy, it really gets your head moving and gets you interested in the song. Cin'atra starts it off on the mic with a tight verse. Livio spits a coo second verse, I'm not feeling him as much as Cin'atra though. Livio also does the Livio, which I like better than his verse. Cin'atra and Livio trade off verse for the rest of the track. I'm feeling Cin'atra more, but this song is tight. The beat is clean and Cin'atra and Livio come solid on the mic. A tight song overall, I'm feeling it to the fullest.

3. "Shake Sumthin'"
A slower paced beat by Funk Daddy on this song, I'm not feeling it as much as the previous song. Cin'atra talks about hitting the club and shaking a little something on the dance floor. Cin'atra comes coo on the mic, I like the last two verses much better than the first one. Sophia Ressy does the hook to the song with her nice background vocals. It's an alright song, I thought it would have been a faster paced song since he was talking about the club, but I guess not.

4. "French Kiss"
A coo beat by Funk Daddy to get this song started. Cin'atra talks about hooking up with a girl and having a little sex session. Sophia Ressy is back again to do the chorus, I'm feeling her singing here more than on the previous song. Cin'atra's flow sounds much better here than on the last song. A coo song overall, I'm feeling it much more than the last track.

5. "Hookt on Ebonicx" (commercial)
A funny little fake commercial for hooked on Ebonics. Nice little comedy throw in.

6. "It Goez Down" ft. Silva Shadow D
Good beat by Funk Daddy that gets your head moving. Cin'atra comes tight on the mic with a tight flow. Silva Shadow D does the chorus to the song with his reggea style. A good sound to this track, I'm feeling it overall, a tight song.

7. "So Seductive" ft. Mr. Rossi, Overflow
Torry Ward does the production for this song, I'm not really feeling the little background instrument they used, it gets annoying. Cin'atra starts it off on the first verse talking about a girl. Mr. Rossi does the hook to the song with some soft singing. Overflow finishes off the song with the last verse and comes with a solid spit. This was ok, but the beat really got on my nerves, besides that it was a good track, just wish they would have taken out that background sound, it's annoying.

8. "If It'z On, It'z Crackin'" ft. Night Shield
Funk Daddy laces this song up nicely doing both a tight beat and coming with some clean sounding computer effects on the hook. Cin'atra and Night Shield come tight on this song. I'm feeling Cin'atra more on the mic than Night Shield, but both work well together, trading off verses. A clean sounding song overall, I'm feeling it.

9. "Sunny Daz"
Funk Daddy sets the mood with an appropriate beat. Cin'atra comes coo on the mic talking about the laid back days of summer. Mr. Rossi is back to handle the chorus with some coo, laid back singing. The only thing I don't like about the song is the background singing that is going on, besides that it's a coo, laid back, clean sounding song.

10. "Shake Sumthin'" (alternate version)
I like this version of Shake Sumthin much better than the other version. Funk Daddy again does the beat, but this one has a faster pace to it, more of a club sound to it. The flows are a little different and the chorus by Sophia Ressy is different. I'm feeling this version much better than the other, the lyrics and beat go much with each other much more on this version.

11. "Triple Crown Pt. II" ft. Triple Crown
A little sample of Dr. Dre and Ice Cube's "Hello" on this song. Overflow starts it off with a coo verse. Night Shield comes with the second verse and spits a solid one. Cin'atra finishes off the song nicely with the best verse of the three. This isn't the best Triple Crown song I've heard from these three, but it still has a good sound to it and it's a nice little throw in to finish the album with.

Overall this was a good release from Cin'atra, but it just left me hanging, wanting more. It may be the first release from Cin'atra, but there were only 11 songs on it, one was a remix, and the other had a sampled beat. I liked what I heard from Cin'atra and I was especially impressed with the second track on the album. Funk Daddy laced up Cin'atra with some tight production, although the third song's beat didn't really fit well with the theme of the track. The features were alright, there were a couple solid features. Cin'atra himself came tight on the mic, with a solid mic presence. The only low point to this album was the number of tracks, it just leaves me wanting more from Cin'atra. A solid release from Cin'atra, but the lack of tracks left me hanging, still though I hope to hear more work from Cin'atra in the near future. It's worth checking out the album for a couple of songs, but mostly it just left me wanting more. -

"Music Review of “Tha Ghetto” Off Cin’atra’s album entitled “Rhymez Emphasizing Actual Life”"

Artist: Cin’atra
Song Title: “Tha Ghetto”
Style/Genre: Rap/Hip Hop


Title Selection: Title of song is the story of the track. Works fine!


Good music in verses
Good music in choruses

Melody carries well throughout the song. Choruses are well done.


Well-written structure
Good sectional contrast

Structurally the song is composed fine. Standard verses/chorus layout.


Engaging, cohesive, Good use of imagery, Rhymes well, Communicates emotion to listeners and Vocal does help sell song.

Lyrics to the song are well written. A nice descriptive track about growing up in the ghetto.

Overall Comments

Lyrically the song is a very well written piece that does a good job describing your upbringing that a lot of ghetto youths will be able to relate to. The production on the track is decent with some really nice basslines and good drum selection. I like the use of the vocalist on the chorus as I think it adds an extra layer of emotion to the song. I might be a little worried about the marketability factor, but I think you might be able work this track for some radio play. The entire composition of the song is well done. A nice solid track, definitely a great album track. Please keep up the good work, and best of luck with the hustle.

Overall Review


Music = 8
Lyrics = 7
Marketability = 7
Arrangement = 7
Production = 7
Engineering = 8
-, Listener ID #246 “The World’s Leading Independent A&R Company”


The Hostile Takeover Compilation - Released 7/16/02 Executive Producers: Cin'atra & Night Shield

Overflow - Just Begun To Begin - Released 7/19/02

Night Shield & Cin'atra Present The Savage Alliance Compilation - Released 7/22/03
Executive Producers Cin'atra & Night Shield

The Medicine Man - The 30 Day Theory - Released 11/02

Cin'atra - It'z Official (EP) Released - 3/30/04
Executive Producers: Cin'atra & Night Shield

Young Nobles Presents The Flame-On Mixtape - Released 10/04

Night Shield - Kataztrophik - Released 5/25/04

Maniac: The Siouxpernatural - NightMerika - Released 3/29/05

Mo & X Presents The Guerilla Movement 5 - Released 2006

Night Shield - The Total Package: Savage Display - Released 12/6/05

Cin'atra - Rhymez Emphasizing Actual Life: Tha AudioBiography Of David (Mr. Cin'atra) Lee - Released - 3/4/07 Executive Producers: Cin'atra & Angela Gill


Feeling a bit camera shy



“The West Coast Messiah”

Cin’atra, born David Lee on November 29th, 1976; is no stranger to hard living. He was born into a poor family and lived in a low income housing project known as Holly Park. As he was growing up, he lived with various relatives through the years. He moved back with his birth mother when he was seven years old. He was a victim of child abuse and a single parent home. David ran away from home at the tender age of eleven. He spent most of his youth in foster care and group homes. David grew up on the Southside of Seattle; the streets had a big impact on his life. He got involved with local gangs and drug selling as a means of protection and making money. David experienced the harsh realities of the streets. He witnessed Death, Prostitution, Racism and Police Brutality. He lost friends to drugs, prison and gang violence. He knew the path that he was on was leading to a dead end.

David Lee found an escape from the streets. He began writing poetry and listening to Hip Hop. He consumed his self with Hip Hop and realized that the art form was a way for him to express his self. He wrote his first rap song at the age of eleven while he was at school. The teacher found the lyrics and gave them to the school principle. The principle asked him where he got the song and David replied that he wrote the lyrics. The principle did not believe him. David got expelled from school for writing the song. Even though he was expelled, David saw it as a compliment that the principle thought that a real rapper wrote the song. Through the years David continued working on his writing capabilities and developing his rap style. David was influenced by such Hip Hop giants like Run-DMC, UTFO, Boogie Boys, Fat Boys, LL Cool J, Eazy-E, NWA, MC Breeze, Ice-T, King T, Just Ice, Geto Boys and Kool G. Rap. Hip Hop for David was a way to relate to the urban youth. He did not feel alone anymore; Hip Hop showed him that he was not the only one who lived a harsh life.

David is all grownup now and has found his niche. He has built his style and image in the underground Hip Hop Scene. He goes by the moniker Cin’atra; adapted from Frank Sinatra. He says the reason why he named himself that; was to set his self a goal in the music industry as a respected and credited lyricist and performer. He has been featured on fifteen underground releases since 1999. He has released one solo album entitled “It’z Official”. He has traveled and performed all over the United States. He built himself a good underground fan base in the US, Japan, Philippines as well as the Internet. Cin’atra credits his underground success to being humble, intelligent and a true stage performer. He is a thought provoking lyricist, who delivers energetic, powerful and meaningful messages in his songs. He sees his self as a street teacher and educator for the younger generation. He set his self a mission to inspire and bring hope to the next generation of poor urban youth. His main goal is to be successful and provide opportunities through his music and record label.