Cinder Red

Cinder Red


(2007 "Hard Rock" Orange County Music Award Nominee) Cinder Red's new album DI fits into the Metal-Pop-Rock genre. Cinder Red has been compared to such bands as Avenged Sevenfold, SevenDust, and Papa Roach. The guitar work is nothing short of amazing with influences from Van Halen. Fist pumping!


Cinder Red has already climbed into the music scene despite their recent formation in January 2006. The untitled 2006 demo brought back the fist pumping rock era, the shredding guitar, and the throw your fist up catchy songwriting feel. Try not to be fooled by the short time Cinder Red has existed. Cinder Red comes from a veteran background, cultivated from the band Polaris (Taxi's CD Compilation "Top 16 Band") and the singer of Aurous (Inland Empire "Best Live Show", "Best Indie CD", Nominee). All members have played venues ranging from "Soma" in San Diego to the "Roxy" in Los Angeles, and many more.

Within a few short months, this metal/rock band has already produced a demo, and booked successful shows. Cinder Red hit over 15,000 plays on "Myspace" in just 2 months. Cinder Red was also a front page artist on as well as a former number one on the charts at Inspiration streams from 80's hair metal (ex: Van Halen, Guns and Roses), to modern rock (ex: Seven Dust, Incubus, Nonpoint, Alter Bridge). The next step is conquering orange-county with piercing guitar riffs and catchy vocals.

Furthermore..... Cinder Red has earned a nomination for "Best Hard Rock" in 2007 for Orange County Music awards. Cinder Red has released a couple songs from their new album, D.I., that will be out at the end of July. The song writing has progressed on this new album, taking a venture into pop-metal with a dramatic vibe. The music is comparable to bands such as Avenged Sevenfold, Papa Roach, and Sevendust, with a back beat. The band plans to tour next year and continue to play venues to support the new album. In the meantime, Cinder Red will focus their efforts on shopping the new album to hopeful labels.


Something We've All Done

Written By: Cinder Red

It started off more than critical, you had the world, but you took it all.
When did you decide to put it all on the line?
There was a time when we made it through.
What ever happened to the people we both knew.
I guess they fell away and now you’re the one to blame.
You are the one to blame.

(chr 1)
I’m working overtime just to see this through, but there’s nothing I can do.
My path is set in stone, but I’m halfway through and there’s something I must do.

Everything was falling through your hands
Like the sand in a minute hour glass.
Before you make a move, you got to prove yourself to me.
You made a choice was it me or you
And you promised, promised I was due.
Don’t make another move, you got to prove yourself to me.
Prove yourself to me.

(chr 2)
I reached this wall before, but I must break though and it’s something I must do
The battle rages on but we’ve almost won, and it’s something we’ve all done.
We’ve all done

If this is life then what is it like to breathe.
If this is dying, should I hold my breath or bleed.
Here in a time when everything is now.
If this is silence, I’d like to hear you scream out-loud.

(chr 2)

Common Sense

Written By: Cinder Red

You think you’re some kind of saint
Make my day into rain, my words into ashes.
Do you remember when that happened? Cause I do.
What am I supposed to do, just sit here taking your abuse
While you walk away and ignore me.
It seems like such common sense
But truly you’re already dead.

Far away alive or dead,
The question is so open ended.
You’re anemic I’m the blood,
A cigarette, and I’m the blackened lung.
It seems like such common sense,
You’re alive, but truly you’re already dead.

I get no apology, no not a thing.
The door is wide open.
Do you surrender what you’ve broken and walk through?
Vicious little one
Buried deep within the blood
Has surfaced cold and won’t let go.
It seems like such a common place
Living with this callused pain.


inside. Dead…


Glass Wall

Written By: Cinder Red

I sit glued to a chair stuck in a room to test my patience.
It’s made of glass so I can’t hear, touch, taste your presence.
I can sense all your movement; harder when the room is humid.
Unclear things I don’t want to see, but I’m stuck with this feeling.

I’m not well so I’m taking it slowly.
Stuck in hell and no way out.
I’m not well and I’m not improving.
Four glass walls and no way out.

I fill my day to forget pieces of a lost direction.
My legs go numb tied to a figment of my imagination.
I would have filled the room so high with tears, float up to find you.
But all this time I should have dug a hole so deep that I couldn’t see you.


Shake me. Shake me. Break me up. Crush me into dust.
Shake me break me…


And no way out…

Shake me break me up. Crush me into dust.
There’s no way out.


(demo 2006)
(D.I. 2007)

Set List

Current Set List 25-30 minutes, 6 songs in order

The Heart
Common Sense
Glass Wall
Threaded Pieces
Something We've All Done