Portland, Oregon, USA

Jonny Rodgers - Captivating and intelligent indie-pop songs performed with 19 Tuned Wine Glasses, Guitars and Electronics.

"A stunning demonstration of what can be done with tuned wine glasses" - New York Times

"Some awfully gorgeous music." - Portland Mercury


Cindertalk is the stage and studio name of multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter Jonny Rodgers, and the ever-changing group of musicians who join him for performances and recordings. He is best known for his skill in playing an array of tuned wine glasses along with guitar, keyboards and loop pedals and has contributed to numerous albums and film scores.

Jonny Rodgers took the name Cindertalk in 2014 as an overarching name for his music and the ever-shifting cast of musical friends. The term cindertalk refers to the sound of live coals hidden in the ashes of the early morning fires he lights each day to warm his Oregon cottage.

Cindertalks songs and live show are based around the combination of tuned wine glasses, guitar, loops, electronics and vocals. The New York Times' Allan Kozinn called Cindertalks live show "a stunning demonstration of what can be done with tuned wine glasses.

Jonny is also a composer and producer, writing chamber, orchestral and choral music for concert and film. His most recent film credits include providing guitar for Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Don Jon, glass and glass samples on The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby and he wrote the complete score for indie film My Brother Jack.

Jonny's formative musical years were spent writing, touring and recording with his brother Steve Rodgers in the indie band Mighty Purple. The band released seven albums and toured the US multiple times. Literature and art run in Jonnys family including novelists and authors like his grandfather Joseph Chilton Pearce and great-uncle Richard Yates.

Born in Oxford, UK, and recently transplanted from New Haven, CT and Brooklyn, NY, Jonny now lives south of Portland, OR on a small farm.

Eat it up.


The Sound of Birds - 2003

The Aviary - 2008

Everything All At Once - 2013

Every Mother's Child EP - 2013

Spero 7" - 2014

All A Shimmer - Spring 2015