Cindi Scheffler

Cindi Scheffler


Cindi Scheffler pulls you into her captivating world of memorable show tunes, smooth jazz and kicky cabaret. Cindi’s voice resonates with rare purity and is perfectly suited to accompanist, Steve Collier’s brilliant piano stylings.


I’ve been told I can "truly sell a song".
I recently performed my cabaret show at a college reunion for the class of 56'. One lady came up to me afterwards and said, "I laughed and cried and now I leave feeling so happy".
My goal with each cabaret show is to move peoples’ hearts. Each song for me is an experience re-lived. I pull the audience into my own world for 1- 2 hours; they get to know me, I get to know them, and I touch their souls. My energy is undying. My personality is inviting. It comes from my natural love for songs and the gift of voice." Cindi

Originally from New York, Cindi has been performing in both theater and cabaret since she was seventeen years old. Her professional career as a singer began in 1986 after taking 1st Place in the MN State Fair Talent Competition and the State champion at the Rhunestone Music Festival. The same year she was awarded a close second to Lori Line's gospel singer Robert Robinson in a coast-to-coast “Singer’s Challenge” by Pioneer.
Locally over the years she has been seen performing as the featured vocalist at the hottest venues in Minneapolis including The Dakota, Sophia Restaurant, the Marq VII Lounge and Windows on Minnesota Restaurant at the Marquette Hotel in downtown Mpls.
On stage Cindi has taken leading roles in musicals such as "I Love You, You’re Perfect Now Change", "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat", and "South Pacific". Her professional talents as an actress combined with her exceptional voice are put together into a one-woman cabaret show that will make you laugh and cry.
On the “side” Cindi is a vocal coach, director, substitute music teacher and offers musical therapy to seniors.

“Cindi Scheffler electrifies with crystalline diction, perfect intonation, and a vibrant presence that commands attention. The warmth in her voice could hasten springtime and her wit and charm illuminate the room”
------Drew Jansen
Composer, “How to Talk Minnesotan: The Musical”and "Church Basement Ladies-The Musical"


You've Always got a Home

Written By: Cindi Scheffler

No one told me I had to let you go
and now the time draws near.
My head is pounding and my heart aches so
But I won't let it show

How will I know that you'll be alright alone...if you'll find your purpose in life?
How will I know how successful you'll be...of if you'll find the "perfect" wife?
How will I know how often you'll call...just to talk and say hi?
How will I know how much you've learned from me...unless I say goodbye?
Now you're grown and on your way
To live and learn to "Sieze the Day!"
You're on your own with time to roam
But know that you're loved and not alone
You've always got a home

Seems like yesterday I held you in my you're big and strong
You're off to see the world and just play you can find your own song


And should you have a cross to bear
Or if your tears should make you cry
Remember LOVE is always there
Right by your side


Seems like yesterday I held you in my arms...once when you were all mine


Though my heart will miss you
This will help you shine
Just because I love you
I must let you go


Come a Little Closer

Set List

My sets are customized according to the audience. If I'm singing for a mens club, I'll sing "Bring on the Men!". If I'm singing for seniors group...I still might sing "Bring on the Men!". I'll add Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Jule Styne and some World War II standards. I also bring in songs from the concert stage...Simon and Garfunkel, Billy Joel or Barbra Streisand. My cabaret show varies from one to two hours depending on the age group.