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"A need for music: Shows send singer into new stage of career"

“Music has brought many gifts into the life of Cindy Davis. Blessed with a smoky, cool voice that conjures images of Sophie Milman and Chantal Kreviazuk….” - Patrick Blennerhasset, Victoria News
- Patrick Blennerhasset, Victoria News Group

"Pop singer-songwriter doffs her hard hat"

“A Year or More contains a well-crafted collection of nicely produced pop songs. Davis likes to call it "jazz-inspired melodic pop," citing early Coldplay and Fiona Apple among her influences…” - Adrian Chamberlain, Times Colonist, January 19, 2008 - Adrian Chamberlain, Times Colonist

"Cindy's Music"

Cindy Davis is a great talent, I was made aware of her through a contact and had the pleasure to meet her and hear her perform. She is a very talented artist with great catchy tracks like 'Nobody' and 'Clumsy', her voice is powerful and she is a talented performer. I anticipate seeing her in time playing amongst other star performers. - Chantal Olsson, Nettwerk Music Group

"Cindy Live @ The Metro Studio Theatre"

“…Cindy and her unbelievable band had far exceeded all of my expectations when they walked off stage tonight at the Metro Studio Theatre.
…there was Cindy, whose gorgeous voice and heartfelt songs have been stuck in the collective head of my wife Caitlin and I for this whole week. The two of us both welled up with tears a couple times as the band made this glorious noise together and she poured her heart into these songs in front of an audience who clearly adored her, showing a huge outpouring of support after every song.
…the last song of the night was a new song and at one point the band cut out completely to reveal a beautiful three part harmony before slamming back into the soaring chorus together. Seriously, I had a “U2 moment” as I again felt the tears in my eyes and shivers running up and down my spine. Beautiful...
- Matthew Bingham, The Bing Dynasty - Online Review

"Cindy Davis"

"Reigning from Victoria, Canada, Cindy Davis brings some serious female singer-songwriter pop sensibilities to match her effervescent, soothing vocals. Her debut album A Year or More is more like an EP with only 9 songs to show for this Canadian, but the quality of the tracks will have you saying 'Eh!!' by the time you’ve finished listening."
February 8, 2008 - Carl Sandburg Visits Me in a Dream

"Cindy Davis concert Review | Show 1"

“Wow. Cindy and her band rocked the house last night at her first of two album release shows. My wife, Hil and I have always been a fan of her pop genius and have been looking forward to hearing Cindy play…the entire band was dialed in, and Cindy herself was cool as a cucumber considering this was the culmination of over a year's worth of writing, recording and rehearsing.
She played every smoking track from her album, 2 unreleased songs, 1 arrestingly beautiful 3-week old song, and 2 well-chosen covers.” - James Kingsley, Young Lions of Pop, January 20, 2008
- Young Lions of Pop

"Cindy Davis"

“Cindy Davis is an emotional singer and songwriter who knows how to connect with her listeners.”
Elizabeth Spear, Creative Manager, Ole - Ole Majorly Indie

"Cindy Davis and A Year or More"

When Cindy Davis sings, you believe every word. When she writes - one is reminded that there are artists left in the world who truly see composition as a special craft. A Year or More is filled with a sincerity and purity that leaves you moved and longing for more. A truly strong debut on every level.
- Alex Tsisserev, Mad Love Music - Mad Love Music


Still working on that hot first release.



Although she's enjoyed international success as a major-label songwriter, it wasn't until recently that 26-year-old Cindy Davis decided to record a collection of her jazz-inspired melodic pop. The resulting album, A Year or More, was written and recorded in her Victoria, BC home, and showcases Davis' talent as one of Canada's most impressive singer-songwriters. Think what would happen if the mood and atmosphere of early Coldplay collided with a less-gloomy Fiona Apple, and you'll get the feel of what Davis has on display here: nuanced and intimate arrangements built around well-crafted melodies and inviting vocals. Put simply, she writes the kind of songs you'll wake up singing.

It's no wonder Davis' gift for songwriting is as well-honed as it appears on A Year or More. She's been writing music since she was 7. "It's always been a bittersweet mixture of sweat and inspiration," she says of the songwriting process. "I wanted to make an album that reflected that struggle; something that sounded easy, but still complicated." It's not long into your first listen to Davis that you'll realize songwriting is simply part of her nature.

And it's that nature that leads Davis to approach the day-to-day with as much care and attention as she pours into songs dealing with issues half a world away. It's this balance between the deeply personal and the wider picture that makes her work so accessible; she's as easy to relate to as she is inspiring. And for a girl who loves good wine, good food and the time to be still as much as anyone, we'd agree it's about time her music made it to a wider audience.