Cindy Lu

Cindy Lu

 Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Independent country female singer, songwriter, performer. Voted New Artist Radio's Country Female Artist 2002 & 2004, and 2003 All Around Entertainer of the Year.


Cindy Lu was born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey surrounded by music. She grew up singing in her church and school choirs, and since her father and brother were both musicians, her home was always filled with music. Cindy Lu's love of music was greatly influenced by her faith and her family, and she spent many years singing a variety of music, including classics, oldies, showtunes, gospel and pop. In 1996, on the advice of a friend, Cindy Lu tuned into a country radio station. She was instantly hooked! A "country convert" had been born!
Cindy Lu started singing country songs and for the first time in her life, she felt as though her voice had "finally found a home." Since that day, Cindy Lu has been singing cover as well as her own original tunes, and produced her first CD of original songs, Playin’ The Game, in 1999. Three singles from Cindy Lu’s first CD made it to #1 on several Independent Charts. She has had the privilege of being showcased at Wolfy's and Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge in Nashville, TN, has performed at The Bluebird Café, The Broken Spoke Café, The Broken Spoke Songwriter’s Stage & Legends Corner, all in Nashville. Cindy Lu was a finalist in Froggy 101’s (Wilkes Barre, PA) True Value Jimmy Dean Country Showdown (1999).
In her native region of Sussex County New Jersey, she won several talent contests, has performed at state fairs, in NYC at Don't Tell Mama (a nightclub and cabaret theatre), and countless benefits and private bookings. Cindy Lu was both a performer and nominee at the OCA Awards Show (Online Country Awards) in Laughlin, Nevada (October 2000) where she won the "Female Country Newcomer Award." Cindy Lu performed at the GMA Awards (Golden Music Awards) in Nashville during Fan Fair 2001. Cindy Lu was awarded the "2001 Upcoming Female Country Singer" award from New Artist Radio (NAR.) Cindy Lu co-hosted and performed at the NAR Music Awards Show in Park City, Utah, March 2002, and was awarded the 2002 & 2004 Country Female Artist of the Year Award. NAR also awarded Cindy Lu the 2003 Entertainer of The Year at the NAR Music Awards Show May, 2003, in Salt Lake City.
Cindy Lu's second CD of original songs was released to the public on June 2, 2003, during a CD Release Party at The Hall of Fame Lounge in Nashville, TN, where she also performed that night. Cindy Lu is currently working on her 3rd CD of original songs.
"From Sussex County, NJ, to Utah, Nevada, Key West, Tennessee, NY and every place in between, performing and singing is the best way I can think of to spend my time with great friends, good music, and a whole lot of dancin’!
Cindy Lu is honored to be a part of the country community, and plans to be singing as long as she is breathing.
"Country is a place inside you, not where you live. God gave me the gift of singing, and I’d like to share that gift and to bring a smile to the faces of as many people as I can."


Somewhere North of Nowhere

Written By: Cindy Lu & Warren Hibbert

1st Verse
It’s a long lonely road
I’m travelin’ tonight
Only a car or two I’ve seen
Sure makes me wonder why I’m in such a hurry
Just to go nowhere again

You see the life of a picker
Ain’t nearly as fun
As some of you folks might think

There’s a lot a lonely days
And nights
When you just can’t pass up the drink

So before you decide to pack up the van
Member’ the words of my old tin pan
You’ll end up Somewhere North of Nowhere
Yeah Yeah

2nd Verse
Mama died when I was young
Left Daddy no choice
But to take me on the road
He played with all the greats
Yeah, he was the best
That they had ever heard

But the day that he died
Left only me by his side
Wonderin’ where I was headed next

Yeah, there’s a lot a lonely days and nights
When you just can’t pass up the drink

So before you decide to pack up the van
Member’ the words of my old tin pan
You’ll end up Somewhere North of Nowhere

Instrumental Break

Final Chorus

You’ll End up somewhere North of Nowhere
Yeah, yeah
Somewhere North of Nowhere
You’ll End Up Somewhere
North of Nowhere
Somewhere North of Nowhere

Guess I Didn't See It Comin'

Written By: Jeff Hemmerlin

Guess I Didn’t See It Comin’
By Jeff Hemmerlin
Arrangement by Cindy Lu

1st Verse
Guess I didn’t see it comin’,
Guess I haven’t learned by now.
Guess I wasn’t in the right, frame of mind.
Thought I knew all the answers,
Thought I had it figured out,
Thought I had the key, to all the doors.

How can it be?
How can it be?
How can it be?
How can it be?

2nd Verse
Thought I’d seen all the strange nights,
Though I’d lived stranger days,
But the mystery’s that you showed me
Made me change my ways.


Montana Mountains call me,
Windblown face and hair,
You climbed to the top of the pass
And you left me there.

Repeat 1st Verse
Repeat Chorus


“You low-down dirty dog!
You took me up to that there mountain and you left me there!
Well, shoot!
Lorraina Bobbitt ain’t got notin’ on me –
I’m comin’ after you boy….
Here I come!”

It's A Girl Thing

Written By: Cindy Lu

It’s A Girl Thing
By Cindy Lu ©2005

First Verse

I know I drive you crazy
When I can’t find my keys
And I’m sorry I ruined your shirt
by shrinking up the sleeves

I feel bad about yesterday
When your truck ran out of gas
And when the tow truck came you couldn’t pay, cause I took all your cash

Pre Chorus

Before you lose your patience
Before you lose your cool
Just remember I love you
And this really simple rule:

Don’t call it a “Blonde Moment”
I’m so sick of that line
It’s just a temporary lack of brain cells
It happens once in awhile

It doesn’t matter what color my hair is
Or if I’m having a real – bad day
Just say, ‘It’s A Girl Thing’
And blame it on my DNA

Second Verse

I’m so sorry I threw away
Your old rod & reel
And then I lost your favorite watch
Babe, I know how you feel

So here’s a cure that’s real simple
And it won’t cost a dime
You don’t have to read it in a book
Or go searching on line

Pre Chorus

Before you lose your patience
Before you lose your cool
Just remember I love you
And this really simple rule:

Repeat Chorus

Instrumental Break

Repeat Chorus

Just say It’s A Girl Thing
And blame it on my DNA

My Biggest Mistake

Written By: Cindy Lu & Warren Hibbert

My Biggest Mistake
by Cindy Lu & Warren Hibbert, III

1st Verse
My friends all said the same damn thing
Stay away from you
Of course I didn’t listen
That would have been too easy to do

I didn’t hear the truth
I couldn’t see the lie
You were just a gigilo
And I fell for every line

So my biggest mistake was you
How could I be so blind
I guess I’m just a notch in your belt
Just a memory in your mind

I hope I’ve learned my lesson
I can’t go thru this again
I’m so tired of being blue
My biggest mistake was you

2nd Verse
Well maybe I should write a book
And warn the rest of the world
Stay away from guys like you
And save a heart or two

Don’t know if I can trust again
Cause’ my heart’s been broken in two
I pray to meet real man
Instead of a loser like you

Repeat Chorus

Instrumental Break

Repeat Chorus

Tag: My Biggest Mistake Was You (4x) (fadeout)

When I'm Drunk

Written By: Cindy Lu

When I’m Drunk
By Cindy Lu

1st Verse

We always get along now, baby
We always have good time
As long as the party’s rollin’, yeah
As long as we’re getting’ high

But as soon as the fiddle stops
As soon as the party’s done
You start changin’ your tune
And stop being so much fun


So let’s have another drink, yeah
Please buy another round
I think I like you better
When we’re out hittin’ the town

Yeah, let’s keep this party goin’
Let’s not get in a funk
I think like you better, darlin’
When I’m drunk

2nd Verse

Please don’t get me wrong now, baby
I try to play it straight
But every time I sober up
You drive me so insane

So I guess the best thing we can do
To keep this party on track
Is to open another bottle now
And let me throw one back

Repeat Chorus

Instrumental Break

Repeat Chorus 2x


1) "Playin' The Game", 1999, demo CD, 5 tracks
2) Songs from "Two Sides" are enjoying worldwide exposure, with airplay in Africa, the Philippines, Czechoslovakia, Australia, the Netherlands, Canada, Austria, Belgium, England, Faroe Islands, New Zealand, France, Sweden, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Japan, Malta, Holland, Norway, Poland, Scotland, and the United States of America. She has appeared in several magazines and websites, including Strictly Country, Country Interviews Online, Rants and Reviews, Phase 9, Highway FM, and Best Female Musicians.
3) Currently working on her 3rd CD of original songs

Set List

Typical Set list if 13-15 songs per set, 1 hour sets.
Original songs are, Why Do All Your Promises Become Lies, Every Life Tells A Story, The Day You Lost Me, Guess I Didn't See It Comin', Thanking God For The Rain, My Life Took A Turn, Two Sides, Honky Tonk Songs, Searching For The Reason, Everything Happens For A Reason, Keep On Playin' The Game, Angry Heart Cryin', Stop Confusin' Me, And Then I Met You, It's Killing Me. Covers include Shania Twain, Martina McBride, Keith Urban, Patsy Cline, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Terri Clark, Lone-Star, Reba McEntyre, Chely Wright, Bonnie Raitt, Janis Jopin