Cindy Marro

Cindy Marro


Cindy is a singer/songwrite from NJ who's style is a cross between Bonnie Raitt and ZZ Top. She has a CD of bluesy, southern rocking, country tunes with a Jersey Girl attitude. With the band, she does blues, classic rock and any country song that has an attitude, as well as originals from her CD.


Cindy is a Christian singer/songwriter from NJ, with roots in the south and a Jersey Girl attitude. Her originals on her CD are gutsy, hard hitting and real, contemporary rocking country with some blues, southern rock and gospel mixed in. Although she writes from an inspirational perspective, her songs don't sound like typical Contemporary Christian music. They're not "lite fm". They are grittier and edgier, like a bluesy, country rock not heard on typical CCM radio. She leads worship singing every week with a church praise band, and occasionally with the Jersey Souls, a cover band that does classic rock including, of course, some Bruce and Bon Jovi.


Bad Boys

Written By: Cindy Marro

My Grandpa was a preacher I grew up in the church, singing in the choir while he preached the Word.
Part of me just loved to be a Christian girl, but part of me just wanted to see the world.

My Momma tried to find me a Christian boy, but the kiss of death was when she said "He's such a nice boy"
I know that she had my best interest in mind, but my interest was in the ones born to be wild.

Bad Boys, what was it about them
Bad Boys, could not live without 'em
Something about when they were big and strong, they'd get that look in their eyes that was such a turn on.
Kind that always liked to drive their cars too fast, acting all tough...ooh I liked 'em like that! Bad Boys, I liked them bad

Sometimes I get to wondering what it was in me, that got so turned off by pacivity.
And how I'd had structure and I'd hate routines, sometimes I'd get the urge I'd just want to be free.
Pre-Chorus. Chorus.

Bad Boys, I like 'em Bad.

I Married a Bad Boy

Written By: Cindy Marro

(This song immediately follows "Bad Boys" as a medley.)

Well there used to be a time when I loved bad boys
I was young and wild and liked to make some noise
Now I'm stuck with a grown man who acts like a boy
Spending all the money on bigger toys
Well I've grown up and I've realized, the quiet and the stable man's the one who is wise

Well I married a bad boy, what was I thinkin'
Tired of him coming home when he's been drinkin'
Used to be a time when I thought he was hot
What did I see in him? Hmmmm, I forgot
Should've listened back then to my Momma's voice but I was young and dumb and I made a bad choice
I'm packing up the kids and I'm leaving because
I ain't his momma, and I've had enough

Well I'm tired of raising these kids by myself
While he's out with the boys making fools of themselves
Yeah, he's nothing but a rebel without a cause
Who ain't done nothing since he got laid off
After 10 long years I finally brought this up
When is the world is he
going to grow up?



Written By: Cindy Marro

I had a problem with being alone
No one to love me or call me their own
I didn't see the possibility
That I was feeling insecurity

Then one day I got on my knees
Cried out to heaven to help me please
Put myself into isolation 'til the answer came
I got a revelation

I don't need a man to make me happy
I don't need a man to make me feel secure
I don't need a man to be complete 'cause
I've got a (love, peace,joy) down in my soul and baby that is real love

I always had this need for some attention
Thought I could find it in a man's affection
I tried to feed a hunger in my soul
That left me empty and out of control

Pre-Chorus, Chorus

If you find your heart has got a hole
Men can't fill an empty soul
Only God can fill the role
Of making broken people whole


Tribute (To my Grandma)

Written By: Cindy Marro

Well my Grandma's name was Pickens
A good Ol' southern name
She lived the southern lifestyle
While her Daddy rode the train
Her sisters started singing and they sounded like angels
Blending perfect harmonies
Those Georgian southern belles

Then one day little Patti
Joined her sisters Helen and Jane
And they became a singing trio
That rose to radio fame
In the glamour years of Hollywood
Right up to 1940
They sang of Autumn in New York
To rise to fame and glory

But you can't take the south out of her heart
She always know just where she got her start
Her roots are from that Macon, Georgia line
And you'll never get that Georgia off her mind

Now I might be a Jersey Girl
And I don't wear cowboy boots
And I might be a Yankee fan
But I still know my roots
You might say she's not a country girl
But she knows there's no better place in the whole wide world


Now my Grandma's watching over me and I've got her singing genes
This peach is ripe on the family tree
and it's time to write my own history


Last Laugh

Written By: Cindy Marro

All my life I've been knocked down
By jealous girls or men who were proud
Didn't want to fight so I just backed down
'til the day I got tired of being pushed around

Thought they'd look bigger if they pushed me down
Tried to make me nothing tried to wear me down
Always talking out of two sides of their mouth
Well who's got the last laugh now?
I opened my eyes and I turned it around
Time for me to follow me own dreams now
Hey! There's a brand new girl in town
Singing who's got the last laugh now?
whoa, who's got the last laugh now?

Daddy made his point by using his fists
Ooh, wow, yeah, it really made him look big
By pushing around a woman and kids
Daddy needed to see a psychiatrist


I forgive you all I set you free
No bitter root will grow in me
When I look back I feel pity
'Cause forgiving you has set me free



Cindy's CD Destiny was released in the summer of '08, and is beginning to get airplay on Southern Rock radio in Florida, and beginning to hit Country radio stations around the nation.

Set List

You can visit my MySpace page to view videos of gigs with my Jersey cover band.
Here is a sample of some of the songs I do:
I Hate Myself for Loving You-Joan Jett
Light of Day-Joan Jett/Bruce Springsteen
Black Horse and a Cherry Tree-KT Tunstall
Sweet Child O'Mine-Sheryl Crow/Guns n Roses
Soak up the Sun-Sheryl Crow
Heartbreaker-Pat Benetar
Walk Away- Kelli Clarkson
Behind These Hazel Eyes- Kelli Clarkson
Running Down a Dream-Tom Petty
Love Me Like a Man-Bonnie Raitt
Something to Talk About- Bonnie Raitt
Gimme All Your Lovin'- ZZ Top
Sharp Dressed Man- ZZ Top
I'm the Only One- Melissa Etheridge
Black Velvet
Piece of My Heart- Janis Joplin
Night Life- great blues tune by Willie Nelson

Before He Cheats- Carrie Underwood
Something More- Sugarland
I Feel Lucky- Mary Chapin Carpenter
Shut Up and Kiss Me- Mary Chapin Carpenter
My Give a Damn's Busted- Jo Dee Messina
It's A Little Too Late- Tanya Tucker
Kerosene- Miranda Lambert