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Cindy Palin

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A clear true unforgettable voice, haunting melodies that remain dancing through your mind forever, a sound that is soothing and uplifting like an autumn sunrise!


I've been writing since I was twelve years of age. One of my all time favorite vocalists - Karen Carpenter.
My voice and melody writing are my unforgettable attributes. My piano arrangements are woven in and around the lyrics to create perfect harmony.
The messages of my songs are insightful and see into the soul.


For What it's Worth

Written By: Cindy Palin

For What it's Worth (Marion)
For what it’s worth I’m going to miss you
I know we weren’t the next of kin, time and time again,
You made me laugh, you made me smile
You made me think about life differently awhile
And although you couldn’t beat it, you are undefeated to me….

For what it’s worth I can still see you,
In your colorful arrays, rainbow sock parades,
You made me feel, like I was your friend,
Although you barely knew me in the end,
I know you couldn’t beat it, you are undefeated to me
I know you couldn’t beat it, but you are undefeated to me

I wanted to tell you that I hated that the dark was on its way,
I wanted to hold you, but you were too strong for me to share your pain,
I wanted to whisper that I’de been prayin’ you’d hear Him callin’ your name.

For what it’s worth I’ll be believin’ that you if you can fight the fight
I can face the night, without one fear and with a song,
I guess we win a lot of battles all along
And in leaving your laughter, you beat it after all
And in leaving your laughter, you beat it after all……


A recent single, the Extra Mile.
His Love to Live - cd
In View of His Mercy - cd
Psalms for my King - cd
Christmas Hope - cd
Yes, some songs from all four listed above receive airplay.

Set List

Typical set list - five to ten songs
The songs are chosen according to the occassion
Sets are usually 1/2 hour
Cover songs I may choose to do are those like sung by Natalie Cole, Diana Krall