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"The best local albums of 2006"

As is my tradition this time of year, I’m listing my choices for the Top 10 local albums. There were nearly 30 CDs released, by my count, and creativity continues to bubble over within the local scene.
1. Amsterband, “Buckle In the Bible Belt.” The Ozarks’ best local disc in 2006 seamlessly combines roots and indie rock aesthetics.
2. Sweetwater Abilene, “The Giant Ate the Rainbow.” Songwriter J.R. Top and his stripped-down rock trio continue to floor me with their creativity.
3. The Rugs, “The Rugs.” A straight-ahead rock album that features tight songwriting and even tighter musicianship.
4. Cinemascope, “Ain’t Gonna Fly.” Maybe the most original local album this year, with its mix of frenetic rock riffs and biting sarcasm.
5. Jonathan Bentley, “Sue.” Another off-beat original. Bentley is a modern-day rambler with an ear for the esoteric. - Springfield Mo - NewsLeader

"Cinemascope Thrashes, Satirizes"

I've long thought that if there's a common thread running through rock music made in Springfield, it might be a sense of irreverence. That theory doesn't fit every band, of course, but from the Skeletons and Fools Face to the bands out there now the unstated connection is an attitude that if we can't laugh at the world around us, then we'll cave in to all the B.S. that's out there.

Cinemascope's first full-length CD, "Ain't Gonna Fly," is in that same lineage. The band's five members have been influenced by a wide variety of sounds. Drummer Rick Steel is into prog rock and jazz. Bassist Pat Brewer is a funk and groove guy. Guitarist Keoni worships the classic rock and blues guitar gods. Singer Dave Steel is into punk and other politically-charged music. The sum of the parts for Cinemascope is a sound that is precise yet full of fury, driven by liquid-mercury guitar work and lyrics that have decidely satirical worldview.

In "War", Steel sings about his first-hand experiences being force-fed medication as a kid being diagnosed with ADHD. He plays it up by acting crazy. The song starts with lip buzzing that suggests he's off his rocker, and flows into a hyperactive guitar line that recalls an 8-bit NES game. If there was a video for this song, it would feature a doped-up kid in a Mega Man costume scooping up Ritalin pills for power-ups. "You think it's all just a game/ why don't you come out and play/ you're toying with the mentally insane/ I'm telling you now, this means war."

"Your Voice" takes on Gates' past marriage (at 24 he's been married and divorced.) "Herpegonosyphliaids" and "Prancing Politicians" take on STDs and lying leaders. Those may be easy targets, but, like Jon Stewart of "The Daily Show," Cinemascope can still put a smile on your face while nailing the bull's eye. Unlike Stewart, they've also got the ability - and the chops - to draw you into the mosh pit, too.

- Mike Brothers - music editor, Springield NewsLeader. - Springfield Mo - NewsLeader


2006 - Ain't Gonna Fly

2007 - Demo w/ Phil Taylor of Machina, Future Leaders of the World. (Release date still pending)



Ever had that experience of being at a club watching some drunk, half-naked woman dance on stage with a band; during which the band is actually singing a satircal song about STD-infested groupies? Or how about the typical rock band playing Inspector Gadget and relating it lyrically to Police Brutality? No, well then you've never been to a Cinemascope show before.

Cinemascope was formed around December of 2k3 in Springfield, MO.

With a quickly growing fan base Cinemascope has gotten a reputation for being one of the best live shows around!! The band itself formed with vetaran members of other bands wanting to do something completely original. Dave (Lead Vocals) played drums for local punk band Social Stigma as well as fronted several other area bands; Rick (Drums) played drums for Prog rock band Revolution and has also done a solo album of his own. Pat (Bass) backed Rick up in Revolution as well as laid the funk for a reggae group called Finn, later to be known as Jah Roots. Patches (Rhythm Guitar) has played in many local acts here in the Springfield area. His most notable is his music with the industrial act, Labwrk. He also is an accomplised solo artist both musically and visually. Keoni (Lead Guitar) has been a veteran playing with several acts around the SWMO area. One of his most notable being the local Springfield area act, MKUltra. He brings his eclectic style of lead guitar to this already very diverse group. This blending, almost clashing, of styles is what the bands entire sound is based around.

Cinemascope is all about having a good time and putting on the best *LIVE* show you've ever seen. Within a little a small period of time, Cinemascope has already created a buzz about their highly energetic live shows where anything can (and usually does) happen. Along with this they've had the privilege of opening for many of today's hottest regional and national acts. Some of whom are: Shinedown, Angels & Airwaves, Element 80, Flickerstick, and Six Hung Sprung to name a few.

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