Cinemascope is known for their very original quirky style of hard rock. While the style is NOT your typical modern sound the band's unique sound is still often compared to some of bands like System Of A Down and Rage against the Machine and their exciting live shows make them crowd favorites!


Ever had that experience of being at a club watching some drunk, half-naked woman dance on stage with a band; during which the band is actually singing a satircal song about STD-infested groupies? Or how about the typical rock band playing Inspector Gadget and relating it lyrically to Police Brutality? No, well then you've never been to a Cinemascope show before.

Cinemascope was formed around December of 2k3 in Springfield, MO.

With a quickly growing fan base Cinemascope has gotten a reputation for being one of the best live shows around!! The band itself formed with vetaran members of other bands wanting to do something completely original. Dave (Lead Vocals) played drums for local punk band Social Stigma as well as fronted several other area bands; Rick (Drums) played drums for Prog rock band Revolution and has also done a solo album of his own. Pat (Bass) backed Rick up in Revolution as well as laid the funk for a reggae group called Finn, later to be known as Jah Roots. Patches (Rhythm Guitar) has played in many local acts here in the Springfield area. His most notable is his music with the industrial act, Labwrk. He also is an accomplised solo artist both musically and visually. Keoni (Lead Guitar) has been a veteran playing with several acts around the SWMO area. One of his most notable being the local Springfield area act, MKUltra. He brings his eclectic style of lead guitar to this already very diverse group. This blending, almost clashing, of styles is what the bands entire sound is based around.

Cinemascope is all about having a good time and putting on the best *LIVE* show you've ever seen. Within a little a small period of time, Cinemascope has already created a buzz about their highly energetic live shows where anything can (and usually does) happen. Along with this they've had the privilege of opening for many of today's hottest regional and national acts. Some of whom are: Shinedown, Angels & Airwaves, Element 80, Flickerstick, and Six Hung Sprung to name a few.

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Written By: Cinemascope

A little Lexapro, mixed w/ some depacote, it might make me sick it might make me choke,
But thats the price I pay, just take two pills a day
To keep the doc from taking me away.
With very little hope, a least Im not on dope,
Or so the doc he tells me so,
A hostage at their hands gives in to their demands, the ransom that they make, at least hundred grand.
Euphoric feelings setting in, but dont treat me like a guinea pig!
You think its all just a game, why dont you come out and play,
Your toying w/ the mentally insane, Im telling you now this means War!
You think its all just a game, why dont you come out and play,
Your toying w/ the mentally insane, Im telling you now this means War!
So the Zyprexa helped, they took it off the shelf,
But not before they put me through this hell,
So I just lay around and listen to the sounds,
Of my own voice in my own head its so loud.
So take advantage of, your lack of daddys love,
Or lack of mother milk just to make a buck,
Its time we take a stand, demand they make amends for all of their greed and all their sins.


Written By: Cinemascope

I jump back but don’t slow down; my feet keep pounding the ground.
My head was spinning so I finally had to break away.
You kept me up too late, now I’ve been spun out for days
I’m just sitting here wondering how I made it to this place.
This time I think it’s all just too predictive, the window’s open my thoughts are left so subjective.
This is the way I replay my day
As I keep moving in time, still slipping through life, I never questioned why, why, why.
This night has gotten out of hand I feel like these demands, are too hard to live up to so I don’t think I’ll use them.
Instead I will replay all events throughout my day
Each second that I live, I stop so I’ll enjoy this trip.
As these shadows keep moving up the wall I sit down but I don’t stop for a minute I could quit tonight, but I’d get so sick to my stomach.

Coping Tools

Written By: Cinemascope

Coping Tools
I wake up to a new day
Thoughts are now clearer, my mind my body and soul become one
As the seventh sun rises above my house, I’m the cat, my shadow is the mouse.
Chasing him up and down the wall.
No twelve step program has the answers they already lie within,
You keep on searching for the answer in your own self-righteous sin.
I’m telling you right now, you better go and look around
See what’s in front of you face
You are quickly spiraling backwards into your shallow grave.
This I know because I’ve lived it, this I know
This I know because I’ve lived it, this I know
I’m watching you watching me, what the motherfuck have I got you screwed, it’s not me, it’s just you and your coping tools.
I’m watching you watching me, what the motherfuck have I got you screwed, it’s not me, it’s just you and your coping tools.
That we use, that we use, it’s just all those coping tools that we use.
Instead you keep your yourself locked in head at night, keep yourself locked in your room at night, your just afraid that if I see your thoughts I might freak out tonight.
But I got this silence to lend thee, to rid those demons you’re seeing
One time or two, this may seem condescending to you.
And I, and while you’re passing on I’ll die,
Decide, and while you’re passing on I’ll die!!


2006 - Ain't Gonna Fly

2007 - Demo w/ Phil Taylor of Machina, Future Leaders of the World. (Release date still pending)

Set List

Cinemascope usually does anywhere from 45 - 90 min sets. A very high energy, hard driving set, the songs involved are largely their originals with a few surprise covers here and there.

Some of the covers they have done in the past are:

Chikn' Stu - System of a Down
Whip It - Devo
Man in the Box - Alice in Chains
I want Candy - Bow Wow Wow