Cinema She

Cinema She


A six-piece indie/jazz/pop band from Melbourne, with a unique line-up featuring vibes, trombone, double bass, guitar and drums, fronted by bluesy scat and soul vocals. Songs by Cinema She explore lyric, melody, mood & improvisation- with a sense of humour.


Cinema She is a mixed bag of players and influences. We all listen to very different stuff, but somehow we bring our own tastes to the group and they blend easily when we write and play. Our music has been likened to that of Stereolab, Paris Combo, Jolie Holland & we're big fans of Garage A Trois, Bobby McFerrin, Yann Tiersen.

Our first gig was in the first round of heats in the PBSFM 2006 Festival of Song- fortune saw us get through to the semis and win the grand final. As a result, we've since played Queenscliff Music Festival 06, Federation Square, Melbourne Women's International Jazz Festival, Bennetts Lane, The Corner Hotel, The Empress, Manchester Lane, The East Brunswick Hotel, Gertrudes. We've played live sets on PBSFM on two occasions, one of which we have for sale on CD.

Our sound is pretty unique, a fusion of jazz nuance and folk-style sentiments. When songwriting, we strive for beauty in melody, inventive arrangements and originality in lyric. We definitely try to keep things interesting, for ourselves as players and for our audience. Being a six-piece, our sound can get pretty big- at times overwhelming- but our live gigs always create a sense of intimacy as well.


Forming about a year ago, we are yet to release an official recording. However, we've had our demo played on 106.7PBSFM and 102.7RRRFM, as well as played an hour-long live set on popular PBS program, Studio 5 Live. One of our first live gigs is also streamed on

At this point we sell copies of our live radio appearance at gigs, but plans to record early in the year will see us with an official release by mid 2008.

Set List

Typical set list:

Bone Marrow (indie/pop)
Serendipity (folk/pop)
Black Dress (folk/jazz/world)
Bells and Birds (folk/pop)
Rob's Song (indie)
Possessions (folk/pop)
History of the World (jazz)
The Dots (pop/indie)
Sunny Day (folk)
Evening & Hour (indie/pop)
Creeping Creeping (indie/jazz)
For You (indie)
Japanese Love Song for an English Speaker (indie/world/jazz)

Our set list is all original, though stylistically diverse. Our material is sometimes pop-folk based, lyrically driven and very accessible. However, other songs are more musically complex, and hold greater appeal to jazz/alternative listeners. We generally play 50 minute sets.