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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Maserati / Cinemechanica / We Versus the Shark: Three Way Split EP (review @"

...Cinemechanica, on the other hand, are positively brutal, and stand out thunderously, as though they were making up for the restraint of Maserati’s tracks. “The Professor Burns Vegas” is a balls-out destructive force of a song that nonetheless incorporates a surprisingly delicate interlude of melody and hooks. But its multiple cathartic releases are ferocious stomps of dual-guitar, incinerating riffs, which, at breakneck pace, still manage to tackle some nifty fretwork. “I’m Tired of Paul McCartney” (click to hear) not only wins points for its cheeky title, but makes The Mars Volta look like a pack of mewling babes --- it may very well be the EP’s strongest track. Not only does it effortlessly smash several phenomenal hooks through your torso, it fucks with its own dynamics with ridiculous aplomb, switching time signatures so confidently it would make a lesser band (and most bands are, compared to these guys) cry.... - Amir Karim Nezar

"Maserati / Cinemechanica / We Versus the Shark: Three Way Split EP (review from Movement Magazine)"

...Sandwiched between Maserati and We Versus the Shark is Cinemechanica. I would love Cinemechanica just for titling a song "I’m Tired of Paul McCartney," but thankfully I can also love them for their guitars, which sound like they’re rap-battling each other over drums that sometimes abruptly switch time but wouldn’t cause anything more dangerous than a dance move paused in mid-air....
- Movement Magazine


Maserati/Cinemechanica/Weversustheshark - 3 way split EP - Hello Sir Records 2004
Cinemechanica - "EP/1" self-released 2003
Upcoming: Cinemechanica "A/B" LP - Hello Sir Records - release date - October 14th, 2005
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