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2011 Wild Grown (album)
2010 Slightly mad (Tribute compilation – Goth n’ Rock)
2009 Kim Wilde "Kids in America" cover (Tribute compilation - Metropolis 79-89: Tribute to the 80's) Raging Planet, Metropolis Club and Chaosphere Recordings
2008 Aurora Core (album) Raging Planet
2007 Mão Morta " Chabala" cover (Tribute compilation) Raging Planet
2006 Born From Ashes (album) Raging Planet
2005 Misfits "Where Eagles Dare" cover (Tribute compilation) Raging Planet
2004 The Cure "Close to me" cover (Tribute compilation - Our Voices: A Tribute to The Cure) Equinoxe Records
2004 Raging Planet Sampler, A new breed of rock