Cinephile are from Glasgow, Scotland. Their unique sound has succesfully crossed the genre divide, a factor reflected by their diverse fanbase. Although unsigned, Cinephile recently made the leap onto the silver screen with recent useages on the hit US TV drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


Cinephile's sound is derived from and inspired by the atmosphere created on the silver screen. Their music has been described as "the soundtrack to a film which doesn't exist", the eerie sonic reflection of a visual medium.

Yet, what makes Cinephile different from their peers is not only the dramatic, tragic, seductive, haunting vocals or the unique production dynamic of the music and compositions, but the level of interaction that the overall output creates in the audience's collective psyche.

Cinephile see their compositions as a means of getting away from just writing music. They are inspired by the thought that their work generates an atmosphere and depth of feeling that instills something beyond visual interpretation, appearing differently to each individual listener.

Music, melody, vocals, samples, incidental parts, all merge together and evolve unplanned. Cinephile construct, deconstruct, reconstruct, feeling out the interaction between the sounds, creating a fluid mix, building it in layers until the final composition couldn't be further from it's origin.

Film would be nothing without music; music is everything without film. Cinephile's sound is an audio storyboard with faceless actors - it's music for the ears, the eyes, and the mind.


Limited Edition Comatose EP self-release September 2004.
Consistent radio airplay on local (Beat 106, BBC Radio One Session In Scotland) national (BBC Radio One The Breezeblock) and international (various internet and college stations) networks since 2001

Set List

Set length from 30 minutes to 45 minutes.