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"Electrocardiograma / cineplexx"

The raw muscle of human emotion meets the cold circuitry of modern anatomical medicine, courtesy of Argentina´s Sebastian Litmanovich, whose songs come packaged with a disembodied red heart on its cover and a sequence of electrical pulses on the accompanying insert cards. Subdued meditative compositions, delicately strummed on an acoustic guitar, are enhanced by a melancholic universe of electronic effects. Slide guitar echo and chime deep into the darkness, while korgs drift in and out of the crepuscular mix. Sounds to accompany the slow death of feelings once fondly remembered.
- THE WIRE, january 2002 #215, Ken Hollings

"RESTAR (CD REVIEW)" a neat kaleidoscope of clicks and tones that recalls the early days of low-impact Techno when minimalism could still be counted out in minims. About two tracks in, this gives way to brittle swirls of sound and slowly flickering emotions, just lively enough to hold the attention longer than you´d expect on "Edredon", one of two tracks to feature rough beats and treated guitars. The tempo starts building again on "Desagüe" and the full-bodied pulsing of closer "Bosque"..
- THE WIRE, Ken Hollings (september 2006)

"Picnic (CD review)"

warm and friendly pop for a springtime picnic. April 17th, 2008 by Knut
“Picnic” is Sebastian Litmanovich’s fifth overall album and his debut on Portia, and here he is helped by Duglas Stewart (BMX Bandits), Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub), Jad Fair (Half Japanese) and Federico Aubele (all of them have co-written songs or performs on the tracks on the album). Sebastian’s music has a lot in common with especially Stewart’s and Blake’s music, so they seem to be the perfect collaboration partners for Cineplexx. If you like Belle and Sebastian, The Radio dept, BMX Bandits, Camera Obscura, Little Name, Jens Lekman, Flaming Lips, Teenage Fanclub or the Beach Boys, you’ll love Cineplexx. It’s a wonderful album, and a perfect companion to the coming days of Spring. The albumtitle is perfect. “Picnic” is the exact image I get in my head when I’m listening to this album. I see myself resting on the grass on a warm spring day, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and Cineplexx is playing somewhere in the background. Mmmm! “Picnic” is a wonderful collection of pop songs, with Sebastian’s warm and almost whispered Spanish vocals in front (except on “Tiger Trap” where Duglas Stewart sings). The album is full of pretty melodies, lush strings and harmonies, but far underneath all the niceness, you’ll discover more noisy, fuzzy and strange elements, - sometimes also darker - , which makes the album more interesting in the long run. The title track, where Jad Fair is involved, is almost psychedelic in its playful and dreamy arrangement. Wonderful! This is one of the album’s really strong sides: The more you listen to it, the more you’ll discover. - Knut, Ear Drums Music

"Picnic (CD review)..."

Perfect for that surreal Sunday in the park. - Ed Morales,

"Picnic (CD review)"

"You may not have heard of Argentinean-born Cineplexx (a.k.a. Sebastian Litmanovich), but that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t spent the majority of his 34 years making music. His ninth full-length, Picnic, features simple pop music with little inner complexities (think: The Beach Boys meets Belle and Sebastian). Tracks like “Droga Paliativa” infuse with ’80s style synths and electronic-driven pop, while the title track (which features Half Japanese’s Jad Fair) masterfully layers a folky organ with twitchy guitar and chimes. Like dreamy landscapes sung in Spanish, Litmanovich’s melodies evoke all kinds of emotions" - XLR8 - XLR8

"Nuevahola (CD review) ...4/5 stars ****"

The sunny weather manages to bring out a surprise summer soundtrack. Sebastian Litmanovich is an Argentinian in love with indie-pop with a latin lilt. What you get here is a compilation of his best bits and some new stuff, with help from Teenage Fanclub’s Norman Blake and a couple of BMX Bandits, so you can sense where his music’s going. There’s a chilled-out cover of the Stones’ Paint It Black too. / - Sunday Express, July 26, 2009


Some Spanish loveliness... Mejor is a top summer jam. - BBC6 Lauren Laverne show

"Video Première: Cineplexx – “Cosas de la Vida Normal”"

As far as musical trends are concerned, I thought we were all going to be trapped in the ’70s for a while, but Bam Bam’s latest LSD trip and this new video by Argentina via London’s Cineplexx have given me hope. It looks like the ’60s have come back into sonic fashion, but let’s pretend that the return to bell bottoms never occurred in the late ’90s. If we set aside the rumbling psychedelic rock influences of both decades, and the shift toward trendy or even more reactionary and radical affinities, there are huge differences between the two. But where does that leave the work of Francois Peglau and other throwback artists who groove along the waves of nostalgic sounds and catchy, pop-treading tendencies?

The quirkiness of this video (dir. by Tea Time Studio), and Sebastian Litmanovich’s performance on the upcoming, full-length album Perfume, due out on Saturday, October 20th, are darling. The endearing qualities of that epoch are displayed in this premiere of “Cosas de la Vida Normal.” Somewhere between our longing for those druggy, hippie, casual sex, vocally rebellious youth culture driven days and our actual circumstance of over-commodified inauthenticity lays the answer to all of our questions. Maybe it’s in the contrast between the dull and the dance-crazed rapture presented here. -

"Latest slice of infectious pop from Argentina’s Cineplexx"

In 2012 they will release their next release Perfume, an album that will surely carry on the infectious, dreamy pop. -

"Cineplexx – “Crawl o Mariposa”"

With a focus on guitars and synth-infused pop, his sound is a blend of psych-pop, culturally eclectic folk, and post-rock; it’s not too distant from the engrossing DIY pop of R. Stevie Moore or Ariel Pink. ”Cosas de la Vida Normal”, the first track on Cineplexx’s upcoming album Perfume, it resembles traditional dance-pop of the ’60s, like polka on psychedelics, and the video for the tropically lush “Crawl o Mariposa”, a mellow piece of paradise also on the upcoming Perfume. - OBSCURE SOUND

"Lovely Hearts Club Presents: Cineplexx"

You will surely find yourself compelled to swing your hips and snap those fingers while streaming 'Cosas de la Vida Normal'. - Lovely Hearts Club

"Cineplexx. 'Cosas de la Vida Normal'"

'Cosas de la Vida Normal' is too good a track to miss out on. Litmanovic plucks elements from all over the place on this song. You can hear the quirky ye-ye pop from the 60s, you can hear sunkissed psychedelia, you can hear Stereolab, you can hear dreampop and overall you can hear an elegantly gliding pop track of the kind that not enough people make. It has hooks, class, rich and exotic instrumentation, it has all the elements that should constitute great pop records. - SoundsXP

"Cineplexx 'Cosas de la Vida Normal'"

Right from the start of this track, the beat is sure to get you moving. The instrumentals are vibrant and flowing while beautifully complementing Sebastián's relaxed, airy vocals. Imagine you were driving to the beach on a bright and sunny day in a convertible with an ice cream cone, your dog and some of your favorite people. This song would have to be playing. - Indieshuffle


Perfume (CD/MP3) 2012
Nuevahola Records (digital release) / Molécula Records (CD)

Tiger Trap - SINGLE (Digital Single) 2010
Cherry Red Records

Nuevahola (CD / MP3) 2009
Cherry Red Records. A compilation album of new, old and unreleased songs.

Mejor - SINGLE (MP3) 2009
Cherry Red Records

Picnic (CD / MP3) 2008
Cherry Red Records (re-issue) / Portia Records (US & CA) / Molecula Records (MX) / Universal Rec. (Philippines)

Restar (CD + FREE DOWNLOAD) 2006
Testing Ground (Spain)

Pequeños Accidentes Domésticos (miniCD / MP3) 2003
Cherry Red Records (re-issue) / ZigZag Records (SP/AR)

Capacidad máxima:1 persona (LP 12") 2003
Cherry Red Records (re-issue) / Ruga & K Industria (Spain)

Electrocardiograma (CD / MP3) 2002 Produced with Daniel Melero
Cherry Red Records (re-issue) / Everlastin Records (Spain) / Krovha (Argentina)

Posología (CD / MP3) 1999
Cherry Red Records (re-issue) / Caipirinha Music (USA)



Cineplexx is the brainchild of Sebastian Litmanovich - born 1973 in Argentina, musician-remixer-producer-visual artist that lives now in London. Growing up at a time when the sounds of punk clashed with the short-lived wave of disco and the singer-songwriter was contrasted by the album-centric epics of bands like Pink Floyd, Sebastian found himself somewhere in the middle. "The Velvet Underground were the first band that really blew my mind… and I've been a fan of ABBA ever since I was four," he admits.

For Sebastian, his life and career have been as varied and exciting as his musical influences, some of them are: Velvet Underground, BMX Bandits, Flaming Lips, The Ronnettes, Beach Boys, Melero, Cerati, Tanguito, all Tropicalia music, Joe Meek, The Pastels, The Vaselines, Teenage Fanclub, Magnetic Fields, Belle & Sebastian, Lemans and others...

In 1998, after a few bands, Cineplexx was born when Sebastian and his brother and frequent collaborator, Martin, bought themselves a four-track. In somewhat of an obsessive nature, Sebastian recorded a slew of material that ranged from electronic driven pop to full on instrumental landscapes of blips and beeps. His first release came through Caipirinha; an experimental electronic label based in NY.

Soon thereafter, Cineplexx began playing shows - in Argentina, USA, UK, Spain, Italy and Japan, appearing at the Lowlands Festival in Holland and the Sonar Festival in Barcelona, just to name a few. Soon after finishing his next release in 2002, he took off to Barcelona where he established his design studio, Tea Time and himself as a performing musician. He played around Europe and Asia both as Cineplexx and as part of the audio-visual duo, Cacahuetes Inc, performing at film festivals around the world. In 2006, longtime friend, Federico Aubele (ESL Records) invited Sebastian to join his band on a European Tour.

In 2007 Cineplexx began work on Picnic, enlisting the help of friends Duglas Stewart (BMX Bandits), Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub), Jad Fair and Federico Aubele to flesh out the 13 song record. The press said "truly beautiful - with a throng of strings, wall-of-sound-like arrangements and Spanish language vocals, Cineplexx has delivered to our shores an instant classic."

In 2009 the cult label Cherry Red Records release Nuevahola, a thirteen track introduction to Cineplexx containing old, new & rare Cineplexx songs and reissue all the Cineplexx's previous albums.

His music works includes some collaborations with Jad Fair, Duglas Stewart (Bmx Bandits), Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub), Stealing Sheeps (UK) Cathy Claret, Ally Kerr, Nigel Baillie (Camera Obscura), Stu Kidd (The Wellgreen), Lupe Nuñez-Fernandez (Amor de Días, Pipas), Federico Aubele, Natalia Clavier, Conveyors (USA), Listing Ships (UK), Sweet Tooth (UK), Onward Chariots (USA), Wechsel Garland (Germany), Olga, We Were Evergreen (France), Daniel Melero, Glaznost, Leumann, Wevie Stonder, Jaime sin Tierra, Giradioses, Jackson Souvenirs, Earzumba, Sami Abadi.