Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Cinetrope have been difficult to categorize in the years they have been together.The have drawn comparisons to everything from Portishead, Siouxsie Sioux, Yeah Yeah Yeahs with a touch of Pink Floyd and a mood of David Lynch meets Quentin Tarintino.


Cinetrope translating to “film music” is a 4 piece from Atlanta.
The unique makeup of influences of its members make Cinetrope hard to classify.
They have had comparisons ranging from Stereolab to Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
The music is heavy melody driven that is dark, dreamy yet danceable with a cinematic feel. Cinetrope have just followed up the critical success of their first release “This Strange Romance” with a concept piece released in 2010 entitled “Once I Ruled The World”.


It's Love

Written By: Cinetrope

You can’t disguise yourself discovering
I may step back from you and ponder this
Although there may be something else I’m sure
I can’t unshield this fear for now I’m yours

Love It’s Love

You tell me all your secrets softly
I can’t contain myself because of this
I keep you picture in my pocket
And when you’re far from me I clutch it

Love It’s Love sure enough

So just step in relax and shut the door
I can be sure of this in all I’m yours
We step together in twisted dance
And watch the stars above This Strange Romance

Love It’s Love

Stars In My Hand

Written By: Cinetrope

Falling from you there's nothing more to do.
Stars In my hand fall to the sand it's true.
Oh what a chance we started to dance away.

Further askew, a scene once so new is though.
Pale moonlit sky reflects in your eyes, so blue.
How we remained untouched and unchanged.

Inside My Head

Written By: Cinetrope

Crazy, I’m going crazy
Inside my head going in going out going crazy
Daytime, I am so lazy
Feel like I’m drifting around on a cloud
Simply lazy
Somehow you make it easy
When I’m with you I can feel no unease
It’s so easy
Midnight, simply eludes me
Sinking within my platonic new friend
It eludes me
Give me something that I’ve never had
Lift me up from all this feeling sad
It’s dangerous, dangerous
And all this feeling very slow and week
I feel the need to always count my sheep
It’s dangerous, dangerous
And I’ve had enough of this I’m fed up with this
Feeling of unease

Lunar Hum

Written By: Cinetrope

The colonists have left to journey towards the sun
Ingenuity aboard, technology to burn
While along on this ride I have you by my side
The new frontier is calling, we’re never to return
Through the lunar hum lost among the stars
Through the lunar hum lost among the stars
There’s cause to be below underneath the lunar hum
In this mass excursion, we’re searching for our home
While along on this ride I have you by my side
That’s all I’ll ever need here, we’re never to return
Through the lunar hum lost among the stars
Through the lunar hum lost among the stars
Outside, outside the stars that pass us with these hopes of home


New Release "Once I Ruled The World" out now.

"This Strange Romance" available also

Set List

Sample set list:
Ya Ya
Lost In The World
Craters Fall
Act Part 1
Inside My Head
Lunar Hum

Past Covers:
"More Is More" by Komeda
"Isobel" by Bjork
"Running Away" by Sly & The Family Stone
"Rio" By Duran Duran
"Paranoid Android" by Radiohead
"Girl U Want" By Devo
"Sweet Dreams" by Eurythmics
"Ashes To Ashes" by David Bowie
"Changes" David Bowie
"Melt With You" Modern English
"Maps" Yeah Yeah Yeahs
"Dog Days Are Over" Florence & The Machine