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"Outside Connect/Cinnamon Brown"

From her early childhood, Cindy Limon knew she would make her mark in music someday. Now after building a strong buzz and ready to make a break in her career, Cinnamon Brown is ready for a new market, the U.S. This all-around performer has already proved to the Europe market she can do it all successfully. But can she do the same in America?

What were the main points early in your career that helped you on your path to become a successful performer/singer/songwriter?
God because he blessed me with the gift to sing and to write. I have to stay focused in order to achieve what I want to become. You can never give up on your dream.

We see you have a nice successful discography. Which one stands out the most or rather did you get the most attention from?
I would have to say the songs I did for the RMXCRW album because I got a chance to do a Dutch tour with them and do some shows in Germany as well.

Since you also write your own music, what is your “style”?
Mostly R&B music but since I`m influenced by a lot of diffrent genres and you can sometimes hear that in my music, I would have to call it R&B mixed with everything.

Since you said the RMXCRW album was your stand out album, what was it like putting the album together and at the end did you think it would do as well as it did?
What was it like touring for the album?
I had the chance to work with several producers, rappers and singers. Collaborating with these artists was fun and touring with them was even nicer. I got a chance to perform in three cities in Germany and all over the Netherlands. That was a great experience.

What are some of the issues that make the music business difficult?
The fact that a lot of people are illegally downloading music and records sales are going down and the music business is not doing as well as it used to. But then again the music industry is growing, there are other ways to sell music nowadays.

We don't like surprises haha. Can we get a sneak list of who your working with?
Upcoming female rap artist Odessah, she features on my new song Gotcha Money produced by The Prince of Beatz, Atlanta rap artist Marcello Regal and New Jersey rap artist Alumni.

Where can readers go to have a listen to your music and read more about you at? - JENESIS Magazine (March 1, 2008)

"Cinnamon Brown's Spicing Things Up"

Cindy Limon was born in Amsterdam. As an R&B, Hip-Hop and Pop singer/songwriter, she is making a name for herself. She has Caribbean parents from Suriname. From the first three letters of her first name and the last three last letters of her last name, she came up with Cinnamon and added Brown later. She wants to break out beyond her European appeal. With tracks like "Say Yes", "What's Your Name" and "I Can't Breathe", her vocals are so deep in the groove, you'd think she was from New York or Detroit. Performing in school and attending various artists’ concerts strengthened her career in music. As a teen, she was freestyling on Amsterdam radio. She has connections with scenester producers like QF and Dutch rapper SugarCane and many other Dutch rappers and hip-hop producers. She was featured on RMXCRWS “Da Soundtrack” CD and hosted Innercity 2003, one of the biggest dance events on the planet. She has a secured a songwriting contract with Universal Music Publishing. She most recently collaborated with Dutch producer THEprinceOFbeatz. She grew up a talented and rebellious child and has had her share of heartbreak and struggles. In her music, you hear her sweetness in sorrow, her sorrow lingering in sweetness. Her career is just beginning and it becoming more successful. With her successful career, it’s being a vehicle for helping troubled children. Her best work is yet to come.

TFL: Why did you decide to use Cinnamon Brown as your stage name?

CB: At first it was just Cinnamon. I used the first three letters of my first name and the last three letters of my last name and just added the ‘na’ in it. I added Brown because I thought it sounded better and also because I’m brown-skinned.

That was a good idea.

TFL: Why did you pursue a career in singing/songwriting?

CB: Well, I guess I was born to do it in a way. I always loved singing and I wrote my first song at 8 yrs. old. That’s when I realized I liked writing. As a teen people found out I was good, so I said ‘why not make a career out of it?’

TFL: Who are your influences?

CB: I have a lot of influences. I would have to say Mary J. Blige, Anita Baker, Bob Marley, Lil’ Kim, Notorious B.I.G., Missy Elliot, Donnie Hathaway and Stevie Wonder, just to name a few.

I agree that they are all great influences.

TFL: How do you incorporate your cultural background into your music?

CB: My family is from Suriname, South America and I was inspired to do reggae. My single “What’s Your Name” has a reggae influence to it. I do want to make more songs in the future with a reggae influence.

Wow, ok, so you already had that music flowing through your veins, lol.

TFL: With so much fame and recognition so far, how do you stay humble?

CB: I have to say that God giveth and God taketh away. I appreciate the love I get from fans and I’m so thankful God has blessed me. Being arrogant is not my thing.

TFL: What was and is your biggest hurdle to overcome breaking into the industry?

CB: Honestly, I don’t really have any difficulties. Right now, just trying to get signed I guess would be the hardest part and it is really hard, believe me.

TFL: What's your view on hip hop artists and the struggle they have?

CB: I feel that with hip-hop especially, artists express their emotions in their music. Sometimes, they’re not able to say what they want. Underground artists have a say but because they are not commercial enough, they aren’t heard and they really need to be heard. People criticize hip hop and they shouldn’t because artists are just expressing themselves.

TFL: Any upcoming performances, events, etc.?

CB: No, right now I’m just working on performances and collaborations. Although the date isn’t set, you can definitely expect me to perform soon.

TFL: Do you have any advice for future artists?

CB: Yes, stay true to yourself. Make the music you like and the important thing to remember is don’t always buy what the industry is trying to sell.

That’s some great advice! - The Flow (March 1, 2008)

"Cinnamon Brown"

Plant erstes Debüt

Auf Hollands und Deutschlands Bühnen kennt man sie bereits. Jetzt will Cinnamon Brown auch die Staaten erobern.

Die in Amsterdam aufgewachsene Soulsängerin hat bereits eine EP sellbst produziert. Darauf zu hören sind Lieder wie "What's Your Name" und "Say Yes." Demnächst soll ihr erstes Debütalbum, eine komplette CD, erscheinen. Beispiele ihrer Musik kann man auf ihrem offiziellen Profil unter hören. - Soul (March 26, 2008)

"Cinnamon Brown: Ready to Shine in the U.S."

LI: So what has been going on since we last talked?
Well I recorded a couple of new tracks, one of them is Gotcha Money featuring upcoming female rapper Odessah, and we're actually planning a tour for me. I`ve also got a lot more media exposure in the meantime, did a couple of radio and magazine interviews so I guess I`m going in the right direction.

LI: Tell us about your transition to the U.S. Market, how’s that going?
I have to say that it's going better than I expected, the American people are extremely positive about my music and that is a very good feeling.

LI: Now I’ve heard your tracks, and it’s been hard to choose which one I want on LI Vol.II cause they’re hot! but for you, which one was your favorite and why?
I would say I Can't Breathe and Just So You Know. When I write songs I always listen to what the beat tells me. For instance, I can't write a club song if the beat tells me that the song is supposed to be about politics. But the reason why I choose these two tracks is because I put a lot of emotion in those two tracks. I guess it's cause I can really relate to them.

LI: What was the turning point in making the decision to try the U.S. Market?
I `ve always considerd myself an international artist, I feel that music is universal and I want everybody to enjoy my music not just the people in Amsterdam.

LI: Do you feel your sound matches with what’s being played now?
Yes I do, although some of my tracks might sound a little different from what's on TV or on the radio it doesn't clash with music from today. I've also noticed that people are open for something new and refreshing and I can't wait to give it to them.

LI: What do you think your response will be from over here?
Well like I said they have responded pretty postive so far.

LI: When I hear your music, I think Floetry, Zhane to name a few, what category do you place your music in? Soul? R and B? Neo Soul?
I would say R&B maybe Hiphop/Soul, but I have a lot of diffrent influences so you could actually hear a Cinnamon Brown track with a reggae influence or some funk or Soul in it.

LI: Let’s talk about upcoming projects, albums and such: What’s going on with that at the moment?
Well I`m recording new tracks, working on setting up a small tour and doing some collabo's. I know I willl be working extra hard in 2008!

LI: What have you learned over the years singing?
The love that you have for the music keeps you going in this business and that hard work usually pays off.

LI: What tone are you trying to set with your music? Especially with a generation that snaps their fingers and two steps?
Not to mention does the Soulja Boy?
I mean I do the Soulja Boy as well but I want to make music that will last forever not just "marketable" music. I wanna bring back that old skool feeling, you know that feeling when you listen to a song and 10 years later you listen to it again and it just gives you that same feeling you had when you first heard it.

LI: Anything you want to add?
Yes, keep on supporting Cinnamon Brown in the '08!
- Lyrics Inc Magazine (April 1, 2008)

"Music Interview: Cinnamon Brown"

Check out this newest interview/spotlight with Cinnamon Brown who was kind enough to take time to fill out our questions that we sent her recently. Not only is Cinnamon Brown extremely beautiful she is equally talented. She is a 25-year-old Amsterdam artist who is aiming to take the US by storm.

Music Now: When and how did you first become interested in music?
Cinnamon Brown: The first time I heard music playing in the background when I was a baby.

Music Now: How long have you been playing music?
Cinnamon Brown: I have been recording tracks and performing professionally for about 8 yrs now.

Music Now: What are your musical influences?
Cinnamon Brown: From soul to funk , R&B to hip hop, and dancehall to reggae.

Music Now: Does anyone in your family play music?
Cinnamon Brown: My father's little brother is a singer, and my mother's brother is a songwriter and composer.

Music Now: When you are making music, describe how you are feeling?
Cinnamon Brown: Creative ...

Music Now: Why did you write or decide to play any of your songs?
Cinnamon Brown: I just wanna get things out of my system so I write to get things off my chest , whether it's a happy, sexy or sad song.

Music Now: Why did you choose to play this kind of music?
Cinnamon Brown: It's the kind of music that speaks to me.

Music Now: What do you feel is missing in the music industry today?
Cinnamon Brown: A lot! I can't tell you; you might use it against me someday! lol

Music Now: Do you feel like you are a role model to others?
Cinnamon Brown: I could be someday; just as long as people keep in mind that I am a human being and I do make mistakes, I am not perfect.

Music Now: What keeps you going even when times you feel like giving up?
Cinnamon Brown: My family and friends .. they've always supported & believed in me even when I didn't believe in myself.

Music Now: What can we expect from you in the next several years?
Cinnamon Brown: A whole lot of innovating music , probably a style you think you've heard before but you never did.

Music Now: Any new releases, updates, or anything else you would like to tell our audience?
Cinnamon Brown: Be as real as you can be and believe in yourself !

Music Now: Thanks for this great Spotlight - Junior's Cave Online Magazine (April 4, 2007)

"Say Yes to Cinnamon Brown"

I'm going to tell you right now, when I heard "Say Yes," I immediately thought of Zhane, "Saturday Night". It has that type of sound mixed with Floetry. What sound were you shooting for with that?
Cinnamon Brown :

It's funny you should say that because I wrote this song in about 10 min. and recorded it in about 1 hour. I actually wrote it for another singer... it was basically meant for a project for underprivileged teenagers and I wrote it and realized that they weren't really going to do anything with it but just put it on a compilation album out here in the NL ( it was not officially released or anything like that .. it was sort of like a mixtape ).So I decided to adjust the lyrics a little bit and use it as a demo for my own because for some reason people really liked the song . . . I figured it would be a waste for me not to use it.

But to answer your question; the feeling that I was trying to create is a sexy kind of mysterious vibe -- lol , I hope that worked ;). And I was actually trying to put my own sound out there and not sound like anybody else.

Tell us about music in Amsterdam and how it's doing over there.

Cinnamon Brown:
To make a long story short : for me to sing R&B in Dutch , that would probably work but for me to make the music that I`m making right now and that is singing R&B in English that is NOT gonna work out here. But the funny thing is U.S & U.K artists are doing pretty well out here. So the funny thing is IF I was to get a record deal out there in the U.S and release an album in the U.S I would probably do better out here .

Who were some of your inspirations?

Cinnamon Brown:
A lot of artists have inspired me but to make it quick I would say :

Bob Marley, Mary J. blige , Donny Hathaway , Bill Withers , Ce'cile ,
Missy Elliot , T.I , Whitney Houston & many more

Now you're about to check out the U.S. Market--Do you feel your style is attractive in a market that has an everchanging sound? What do you bring to the table that will be different?

Cinnamon Brown:
Well I try to be as innovating as possible , luckily I have not yet heard another singer sound the way I sound . . . well at least not yet --lol .

When did you decide to try the U.S. Market?

Cinnamon Brown:
I know that I will reach more people with my music in the U.S than I will out here in the NL . . . I don't want to limit myself to just one country

What are some of the challenges of an independant artist overseas that many people might not know?

Cinnamon Brown:
Even if you have made a name for yourself out here in Europe, you still have to start all over again in the U.S

Will the album be diverse in style and sounds from the islands and such?

Cinnamon Brown:
Well yeah , growing up I wasn't just influenced by R&B and hiphop music I was also influenced by reggae music and since my parents are originally from the Caribbean you probably will hear some of that on the album as well.

Anything you want to add? Contact info? - Lyrics Inc Magazine (May 1, 2007)


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The 27-year-old Amsterdam artist has never been more focused as she prepares to explore the U.S. market.

Artist Cinnamon Brown is destined for a fulfilled life in music. Born Cindy Limon, May 21, 1981, in Amsterdam, the R & B, Hip Hop and Pop singer/songwriter is the daughter of parents who hail from the Caribbean nation of Suriname. She derives her artist moniker from the first letters of her first name and the last letters of her surname. Cinnamon’s exotic allure finds its source in the mix between her mother’s Indian origins and her father’s Afro-Caribbean roots. Her talent, ambition, and focus are inwardly driven, though she credits her father’s love of R & B and her parents’ support for her career as fundamental to her success today.

Cinnamon has come a long way since the days of her childhood, absorbing all the funk and soul her father played for her especially on Sunday afternoons. Those early positive musical experiences have grown into the powerful and promising tracks you’ll hear on her site today, as well as the burgeoning career she has already carved for herself in Amsterdam, including live gigs in England and East Germany, as well as MC radio work at leading dance music firm ID &T.

Now, all roads point to the U.S. for Cinnamon as she is poised to break out beyond her European appeal to make inroads into the U.S. market.

Listen to tracks like “Say Yes”, “What’s Your Name” and “I Can’t Breathe”, and you’ll find Cinnamon’s vocals so deep in the groove you’d think she was born in Detroit, Los Angeles or New York City, but in fact Cinnamon’s command of English, and her effortless and easy execution, come from a long apprenticeship listening to and emulating American music. Her older sister, for example, first discovered little Cindy trying to write Pop songs in English—as opposed to Dutch—when Cinnamon was only eight years old.

Performances in school and attending concerts by touring mega-stars Mary J. Blige and Boyz 2 men, only strengthened Cinnamon’s resolve to pursue a career in music. While only in her teens she was free-styling on Amsterdam radio and was making connections with local scenester/producers like QF as well as Dutch rapper SugaCane.

Cinnamon was also featured on RMXCRW’s “Da Soundtrack” CD, and hosted Innercity 2003, one of the biggest dance events on the planet. In fact, Cinnamon hasn’t stopped penning Pop since she was a kid and has also secured a songwriting contract with Universal Music Publishing. Most recently she is collaborating with Dutch producer Prince of Beatz.

Like many R & B or Hip Hop artists, life’s challenges, and enduring them with grace and determination, are at the core of Cinnamon’s music. She grew up a talented, but rebellious child, once even landing in reform school for her unorthodox ways, and has had her share of heartbreak and struggle. The end result, however, is that like the best vocal performers, you’ll hear the sweetness in her sorrow, the sorrow lingering in the sweetness. And Cinnamon is now devoted to turning her successful career into a vehicle for helping troubled children.

The best work from Cinnamon Brown—including a full-blown display of her formidable vocal range—is yet to come, while the many sides of her artistry are only just beginning to be known. Stay tuned for more musical offerings and news as Cinnamon focuses on making the leap from Europe to the U.S.A.