Cinnamon Chasers

Cinnamon Chasers

 London, England, GBR



Welcome to the world of Cinnamon Chasers, a name that you’ll be hearing a lot more of from now on.

Pleasant sounds from the Cinnamon Chasers. Watch this space for plays.

Really like the new Cinnamon Chasers. Supporting.

We like! Played it already!!!

Great tune.

Cinnamon Chasers is the alter ego of Russ Davies, a man with an extraordinary musical background. As the son and nephew of Dave and Ray Davies, the two founding member of The Kinks, Russ has lived the equivalent of a fairytale life for music lovers. Not only directly related to one of the most influential bands to ever come out of the UK, he’s been artistically influenced since a young age, where hanging out with Joey Ramone in LA whilst living in John Carpenters house was just another day.

Russ Davies has strong musical roots and cites early pioneers like Giorgio Moroder, Vangelis, Jean-Micheal Jarre, and KLF as key influences and leading to modern talent such as Alax Braxe, Rex The Dog, Junior Boys.. In 2010 Cinnamon Chasers gained major notoriety with their hit tune and video Luv Deluxe, which won the award at the 2010 SXSW Conference for Best Music Video. The video has been a major viral hit on the web with over 3 million views on the web and screened on over 30 film festivals world wide, including best Dance Video catagory at the UKMVAs.

Cinnamon Chasers is inspired by films like Flight Of The Navigator, Never ending Story. “I try to create music that gives me the vibe those classic films gave me as a kid”. Rather than create pretentious moody dance music Russ wants to create music that has an honest heart, and good intentions, and feels like a good friend. Cinnamon Chasers achieves this with a perfect blend of crisp electronics, Pop based song structure and melodies, and an Indie feel. Russ also works under the Alias of ABAKUS, and released the album “That Much Closer to the Sun”, which was subsequently published to Jazz Summers' BIGLIFE Music, and released on Liquid Sound, label of Killing Joke and the Verve producer Youth, and had tracks licensed to over 40 CD albums. Youth is also a good friend of Russ and they have worked on several collaborations together including a remix for The Orb in 2007. In 2010 Russ was especially commissioned to remix some classics from the Roxy Music vault. He has Dj'd the globe for the last four years with his unique hybrid sound across all continents, South America, North America, throughout Europe, and Asia from experimental electronic festivals in the mountains in Japan to warehouse parties in Russian city outskirts.

The Cinnamon Chasers live perfomance show is a mind-blending explosion of mutant italo and electrofied disco house and features a world of underground party inflused remixes and dubs of CC tracks.


Jetstreams EP - Modus Records 2008
Jetstreams (Faze Action Remix) Single - Modus Records 2008
Modern Love EP - Modus Records 2009
The Elements EP - Modus Records 2009
Modern Love / End Story EP - Modus Records 2009
A Million Miles From Home LP - Modus Records 2009
White Flag EP - Modus Records 2009
Be Active Remixes - Florian Kruse - Be Active (Cinnamon Chasers Remix) - Brown Eyed Boyz 2009
Luv Deluxe (Remixes) EP - Modus Records 2010
Roxy Music - Remixes By Cinnamon Chasers - Virgin 2010
Roxy Music - Remixes (Blue) - Always Unknowing (Cinnamon Chaser Remix) - Virgin 2010
So Hard To Say Single - Modus Records 2010
V.A. 3 Years - Florian Kruse - Be Active (Cinnamon Chasers Remix) - Brown Eyed Boyz 2010
Future Disco Single - Modus Records 2010
The Bomb Single - Modus Records 2010
Sunset Drive EP - Modus Records 2010
Two Hours Time - Modus Records 2011
Science LP - Modus Records 2011