Cinnamon Tree

Cinnamon Tree


Two female vocalists that experiment with different ways to harmonize and combine different styles of singing to create a unique sound.


Describing the music of Cinnamon Tree to someone who has never heard it is as difficult as trying to describe a tree to someone who has never seen one before. Putting labels on Cinnamon Tree would be like calling a tree an tall item with sticks coming out of it.

Bringing back memories of the harmonies of the Beach Boys together with a mixture of alternative rock and classical music, Cinnamon Tree strives to build something new. At least some part of the music in Cinnamon Tree is sure to bring back memories of one of your favourite bands.

It's not often that a band has the ability to express themselves as completely live as they can in the studio, but the unique instrument lineup of Cinnamon Tree permits the band to bring their songs to the stage as the intended.

We've planted the seeds. Now it's time to watch them grow..


For Christmas (CD Single), Shatter & Transform (EP)

Set List

Wagner, Kids, Climb Down, Don't go Away, Midnight Hour, In Flames, Cities in Dust, Here we go, Little Miss