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Tucson, AZ | Established. Jan 01, 2005 | INDIE

Tucson, AZ | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2005
Solo Hip Hop Indie


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"An Honest Day's Work Review III"

"An Honest Day’s Work is a damned respectable offering to the underground from an emcee who clearly knows what he is doing."

-Sun Zoo,
- Sun Zoo,

"An Honest Day's Work Review II"

"Baptized in the trial-by-fire traditions that produced razor sharp wordsmiths like Kool G. Rap, Big Daddy Kane, KRS-One, Canibus, Chino XL, Eminem and others, this Asian microphone fiend forged a formidable reputation rocking MC battles and rhyme ciphers across the Southwest "Terror-zona" desert."

"Simply stated, this 20-track album is an underground masterpiece complete with thoughtful street corner battle raps ("TRUTHFULLY, BRUTALLY"), soul baring journal entries ("BREATH OF 100 CIGARETTES"), and state of the industry soapbox sermons ("CLONE & MIMIC")."

-St. Paco, Kung Fu Grip! Zine
- St. Paco, Kung Fu Grip! Zine

"Antique Skies Review"

"To those not familiar with James, the ink Drifter, Red Dirt, 13 Flok cat, your mind’s senses will be assaulted as soon as you pop this one in and "Forgotten Doctrine" starts playing. From "World Underground: My Humble Abode" on to "The First High" you can tell this cat lives hip hop."

You will completely believe James in "Down Misery Lane" when he says "...I always lived my life as a sick MC" and you can feel it in the music."

-Final Draft,

- Final Draft,

"An Honest Day's Work Review I"

Biggie and Jay-Z came from the East Coast, NWA and Tupac from the West, and Outkast came out of ATL – is there any room in hip-hop for Arizona to represent? According to up-and-coming emcee James Ciphurphace, perhaps there is. Already a local success in ‘Zona, Ciphurphace’s battle-driven lyrics on his official debut LP, An Honest Day’s Work, may be enough to get hip-hop’s attention.

Ciphurphace comes out swinging from start to finish with an array of punch lines and metaphors: imagine Big Daddy Kane from the ‘burbs and on a liter of Red Bull.

James Ciphurphace is a solid first representative for Arizona’s up-and-coming hip-hop scene.

-Jordan Davidoff, -

"Pure hip-hop"

This cd is one of the best I've heard in a very long time, and probably ever heard. James' music is like Einstein and Confucious combined into one with a dope beat in the background. Basically, his lyrics are the work of a genius and make you think. - Lee Wink


pure - street - raw - authentic...
lets all put our hands together
and welcome hip-hop back - RenDig


A mix between Wu-tang Clan and Jurassic Five...beautiful, classic, a breath of fresh air.
- Alexis aka DeadArm

"The Essence"

very dope, authentic, originality... bringing hip-hop back to its essence. - Sudden

"Immortal Technique, James Ciphurphace invade Congress"

Opening act James Ciphurphace is an elder statesman of the Tucson hip-hop scene, having been an artist for the last 16-years with an established battle record. I caught up with Ciphurphace after the show and asked him a couple questions.

AZNB: Where did the name James Ciphurphace come from?

JC: James is actually my middle name. Ciphurphace came from this time when my girlfriend – now wife – and I we're looking at a picture of her and I was like "look at your face. It looks like a cipher face." Like when you're in a cipher of emcees. The way I apply it to hip-hop, like in athletics you got the game face, the coach says give it 110 percent, that's how I do it. I'm 110 percent dedicated and focused and that's what a Ciphurphace means. When an emcee sees that face, it tells him that cat means business.

AZNB: Tell me a little about the new album, An Honest Day's Work?

JC: Basically 20 tracks of some of my best work ever composed. It's battle driven. I'm taking it back to skills on the mic, the overall theme of it is displaying my lyrical wordplay. I'm just letting them know me as a lyricist with this one and the sophomore LP next year is going to be more of a concept album. My camp put An Honest Day's Work out with no distribution or nothing on Flux Jargon music, a label that my friend has got in the works

AZNB: You've been a figure in the Tucson hip-hop scene as long or maybe longer than anybody, how long have you been doing this?

JC: I've been doing this, at least in Tucson, since 1991. I've been in hip-hop since '88. I started emceeing, tried to dabble in some b-boying since the beat street craze but I never really molded that craft because the art of emceeing pulled me in and I realized that's where my gift was. In '88 I was actually in West Germany, father was in the service, that's where it popped off, and that's when I headed to the states, to Arizona. I've been doing' it since '88 in Tucson and came out as an artist in '91
- - AZNightBuzz

"Interview with James Ciphurphace"

Kt213: Describe to us what your rapping style is like…what can our viewers expect?

JC: My style is like taking Big Daddy Kane, Kool Keith, Ras Kass, Redman, Chino XL and mixing them all together. It's pure hip-hop laced with raw energy and life....thought-provoking lyricism...punchlines, battle rhymes, concept songs, socially-conscious material...I am versatile....I can touch a lot of subjects.

Kt213: So how did it all start for you?

JC: The madness all started when I first heard Run D.M.C. back in 1983. Also when I was first exposed to Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, Melle Mel, Afrika Bambaataa...the pioneers and pavers of the road! That is when I first fell in love with hip-hop music and culture. It wasn't until the '87-'88 era with artists like the Juice Crew, BDP, EPMD, Public Enemy, Ice-T, Eric B. & Rakim that I first started writing scrolls and reciting rhymes.
- John Lee -



- James Ciphurphace - Sick Leave (official sophomore LP)

- DJ Grapla presents The James Ciphurphace Mixtape

- T.E.S - Straight Outta Tucson - Tha Mixtape



- 2008 - The Effin' Sumbodies - Cactus Stew - E.E.E.
- 2007 - Ciphurphace - South'NotTheDirtySouthNotTheEastCoastNotTheWestCoast' West - E.E.E.
- 2007 - Ciphurphace & Scorpioflo present...Time & A Half: The Overtime Remixes
- 2006/2005 - An Honest Day's Work - Flux Jargon Music
- 2004 - Antique Skies - Flux Jargon Music
- 2001 - RedDirt Specimenz - The Monsoon Cometh: Season Of REDemption - EyeSoulated Legendz Ent.


- 2008 - Arkatek - Book Cover Judging - Espionage Records
- 2008 - Change - Hate To Love You Legacy Vol. 1 - Modern Organic Music
- 2008 - Jake Palumbo - District Selectman - Space Lab Recordings
- 2007 - Lendo Duggan presents Bubblegum Populace 3
- 2007 - Bombatomik presents Nuclear Holocaust (collabos w/ Chino XL - MainFlow - Copywrite)
- 2007 - JBL presents Alien Warfare Mixtape Vol. I - hosted by Vinnie Paz of JMT
- 2007 - 007 Musik presents The Breakin' Word Mixtape Vol. II
- 2007 - S Class & Steve Willz presents The Enclosed Documents Mixtape Vol. I
- 2006 - Random - The Call: The Re-Mixtape
- 2006 - Easta Cali Crew presents Car Tunes
- 2006 - 007 Musik presents The Breakin' Word Mixtape Vol. I
- 2006 - DJ Grapla Mixtape - 99 Problems But A Mix Ain't One
- 2006 - Pen Pointz presents Midgets Among Giants
- 2006 - DJ Balance presents Official Bootleg Vol. II
- 2005 - Jump Mobile presents Hometown Heroes (Tucson) - Rebel Organization/Native Son Media
- 2003 - Louis Mercury presents The Mercury Project Vol. I - Chicken Salad Recordings
- 2003 - Blaze City Mixtape - Durty Worldz Productions
- 2002 - The Alpha Project - Vol. 1 - Shaman Work Recordings



Imagine Confucius and Shakespeare in the recording booth reciting ill 16's after consuming four Red Bulls. To truly comprehend his style and to put this into a "Hip-Hop" perspective, visualize the old school braggadocio of Big Daddy Kane, the witty punchlines of Lord Finesse and the infectious enthusiasm of Redman. Add a touch of Kool Keith's ludicrous creativity with Chino XL's fierce delivery and you have a bona fide MC named Ciphurphace aka "The Asian Pierce Brosnan With A Beard Problem." New Jersey based, Arizona raised artist who hails originally from the city of Tucson aka "The Soul Pueblo" loves to murk wack rappers.

Ciphurphace makes raw hip-hop that your friends like. Ciphurphace makes music that you will remember. Ciphurphace is living proof that true emcees still exist in this lifetime. Ciphurphace represents the 13th & 3rd letter element with the devotion of a respected Hip-Hop pioneer and the hunger of an underground rhyme warlord. He labels himself as a W.R.I.T.E.R. (Working Realist Illustrating The Everyday Rituals). "If my music had to be classified, it would fall in a category called 100% pure hip-hop laced with Raw Energy And Life," Ciphurphace says with heartfelt conviction. 

He is the leader of the mighty Effin' Sumbodies crew...he is one of the founding members of former Arizona based collectives 13 Flok Skrolls and Seec Mellikew...he formed a group called RedDirt Specimenz back in the days...he won a Tammies award back in 2001 for best hip-hop group...he had the song 'Green Evil' selected for a compilation which featured MF Doom and Styles Of Beyond...he is the two time back to back battle champion of 'Mic Fights' in Tucson...he's shared stages with Cypress Hill, Too Short, DJ Quik, Pharcyde, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Raekwon & Ghostface Killah, Fat Joe, Immortal Technique, R.A. The Rugged Man, Ras Kass, C Rayz Walz, Clipse and Little Brother...he has repped at the Good Life Cafe in Killa Cali to the Nuyorican Poets Cafe and End Of The Weak at the Pyramid in NYC to Jack The Rapper in the ATL to How Can I Be Down in South Beach, FL...his song 'Pour' was selected to be featured on the Adidas website and he's rocked collabo records with L.E.G.A.C.Y. of Justus League, Copywrite, MainFlow, and Chino XL. 

Alter Egos: Phaced God, Murk City, Douglas GoodBeard, Ciph Dawg, Rabbi Cacti, Phace Manchu, R.A.W.thentik, John Diss 
Affiliation: The Effin' Sumbodies, SpaceLAB Recordings, Moonshine Burrito