Innovative, intuitive, electronic rock intended to raise the physical vibrations and create awareness within our communites.


In January 2006 Laine Pierce of Starlight Studios posted an ad searching for local Asheville musicians. Guitarist Andy Askew was one of the first to answer the ad which stated influences such as Kraftwerk, STS9, and Portishead. From the first notes played together there was a conversation developing. The two felt a common bond coming from the same love and feelings of life and music. Cd's were traded of past projects and favorite artists. With each conversation there was new idea of what this project could be. After auditioning a number of drummers Michael Lott made the band a reality. They felt that his sense of precision and his heartfelt soul was perfect for their musical vision. Within days, the band auditioned Mike McBride on keys. Mike's classical background and knowledge of modern programing completes what is now Circatree. Like the name, the band blends the analog of organic instruments and the digital of electronics. Circatree blends electronica, rock, experimental, house, hip-hop and downtempo styles in an eclectic way.

It is the band's intention to bring people together through the power of music, and to promote awareness and vibrational healing which can happen when the intention is right.


Live Active Cultures EP

Set List

All Original Set can be (50 min to 120 min)

Willi Wonka
Mountains and Valleys
Fallout Shelter
On and On
Circuits Grounded
The Lift
Capslock vs. Captain Obvious
2nd Mist