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Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States | SELF

Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States | SELF
Band Metal Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




Circledown is an Atlantic City-based outfit whose proclivity for making modern melodic metal places an emphasis on hooky vocal lines on their four-track EP MOBIUS. Meshing the rage of Mudvayne with the catchiness of Chevelle (“Half-Step”), this unit’s metallic heartbeat is accompanied by an electronic pulse adding radio friendly consistency to the entire affair (“Crash”). While Circledown uses all of the tools of the trade wisely, they also write solid songs that never sound blatantly ripped-off despite obvious influences of nu metal and rapcore roaming about. Packing more aggression into their music than your average modern metal band while towing the commercial rock line allows this EP to get a leg up on the like-minded pack and ultimately make this unit one to watch for fans of Sevendust, Static-X and the like. - Ear Candy Magazine

"This 4 song EP captured my ear, tied it up, and is still holding it for ransom."

Following in a post-Linkin Park world of nu-metal riffs, synth textures, clean and angry vocals, CircleDown look primed to capture that throne that Linkin Park vacated long ago. And they do it their own way. While the Linkin Park reference is the best place to start with these guys, it’s in no way where they end. Heavier than LP ever was, CircleDown toss some serious metal into the fray, along with their tight-as-nails songwriting.

“Halfstep,” brings the contrasting edges of CircleDown to the front right off the bat. Gentle acoustic guitars, ambient textures lead us, guiding us gently, or rather misguiding us to the huge frenetic burst of crashing guitars and assailing beats. Vocals interplay clean and harsh, the occasional rap, with a solid gold melody keeping the whole thing hanging together. And when I say these guys rock harder than LP, I mean HARDER. Mid song breakdown is pure metallic frenzy, which works deliciously with the contrast of the return to the sweet melody. Contrast baby. Texture. It works. - The Ripple Effect

"CircleDown, Mobius EP"

The group hails from Atlantic City but don’t be mistaken here because there is no luck involved as the music speaks for itself. You can roll the dice on CircleDown, but you are guaranteed to be a winner every time! You can’t lose; even the House can’t stop them! I say this because when I listened to these four songs I heard a style that was very catchy. This band and their distinct sound could definitely catch on in a BIG way. I can easily see these guys on the music charts right now because their songs have that certain something.

What makes CircleDown stand out in a crowd is the fact that they successfully blend together many different genres of music. From a vocal standpoint, Madore is all over the map with pop, rock, metal, alternative & rap influences all coming out at once. What I’d like to call Drew’s delivery to go along with CircleDown’s performance is a wicked mix of all-out freshness. You’re getting the best of ALL worlds here as CircleDown do not disappoint. - Skope Magazine

"Casinos usually come to mind when people think of Atlantic City, New Jersey; but betting on Circledown is far from a gamble."

The first track "HalfStep" starts off with some simple melodic guitar, and doesn't even take thirty seconds to kick into full gear. The guitars and chorus come in blasting harder than a twelve gauge shotgun. The energy is so high it's easy to miss the lyrics that are obviously drawn from some pretty deep waters. One of my favorite verses is, "Cutting ties, left misplaced. Pushed away, leaves no trace. Giving in to pain inside. A heavy soul can never fly away." After about three minutes in, the song takes on an almost muted and filtered quality - for thirty seconds or so - and then comes back with avengence ‘til the outro.

The other three songs, "AshesFalling", "Crash", and "ReConstitute" are packed with even more energy than the first number. They're all in the same vein and keep a lyrical consistency. The screams of both the guitars and vocals complimented by pounding drums and intense bass rhythms make up a groove oriented sound that's familiar from the genre's predecessors and yet somehow fresh in its own right. - Music Emissions

""Will thrash you into submission.""

4 piece "Circle Down" hails from Atlantic City, New Jersey & releases their latest EP entitled Mobius in late 2010. Full length to be released early next year. Members include Drew Madore (vocals, DJ, synth), Kevin Cansian (bass), Eric Wisely (drums) & Dean Romanelli (guitars). This is their

The EP kicks things off with “Half Step” a melodic intro piece that serves up driving rock rhythms against aggressive guitar segments, & flowing melodic vocals from Madore that flow & ebb their way through emotional fruition. Track 2 “Ashes Falling” keeps things pushing with hard hitting guitars, dynamic vocal segments & harmonies that twist & turn like a violent flood. I especially like well placed vocal reinforcements & sonic harmonies from Madore on track 2. Track 3 “Crash” serves up yet another passionate, full tilt Emo groove, with impressive double bass accents, against a solid low end punishment that takes no prisoners. As the CD slowly unfolds I can hear many different musical textures reminiscent of classic Linkin Park, Blue October, Dashboard Confessionals, with perhaps a dash of Fear Factory & Paramore. Fans of all things Emo Metal will thoroughly enjoy this EP. - Indie Music Digest

"CD Review: CircleDown's "Mobius" Gets It"

East coast-based CircleDown has four tracks to bring their A game in the EP "Mobius." And, while the first two tracks cater to the speed metal crowd, and will be familiar to Linkin Park and even a bit of Sum 41 fans. -

"We here at NeuFutur have been lucky enough to snag the earliest tracks that Circledown has released as part of their “Mobius” LP."

The album, which is slated to come out in February, 2011, showcases an absolutely intense band. “Re-constitute”, for example, is a track that ties together musical references as diverse as Static-X, Linkin Park, Fear Factory, and even Machine Head in one furious and intricate metal track. The melodies brought the track by Circledown’s vocalist really bring the band to another plane, while the band cuts some of the grittiest and hardest rock I’ve heard this year. “Crash” begins in a much more nuanced way, as the band keeps things instrumental for a moment to drill in to the listener base exactly how musically adept Circledown can be. - Neufutur Magazine

"CircleDown Seeks Big Time With Alternative Metal Style"

-"CircleDown has a set that carries the band through a 45-minute frenzy on stage befitting of the hard rock/metal scene."

-"This is a true working mans band." - At The Shore, Atlantic City NJ


Trust No One (EP) 2007
Mobius (LP) 2011



When they’re not onstage, blistering through their explosive, sonically innovative vibe that’s the ultimate hybrid of alt-rock/metal with edges of rap/rock, Drew “Diode” Madore (vocals, DJ, synth) and Kevin “Cansh” Cansian (bass), the founders of CircleDown, along with Eric “Reebus” Wisely
(drums) and Dean Romanelli (guitars) can usually be found hard at work on their music publishing company “SoundGraffiti Publishing LLC.”, writing new songs or watching countless hours of anime and cheesy 80's action and kung-fu movies.

Beyond the usual accolades you might hear from a group on the rise in the region—The Starland Ballroom in Sayerville NJ, The Saint in Asbury Park NJ, Le Grand Fromage in Atlantic City NJ, The House of Blues, The Hard Rock Cafe, Arlene’s Grocery and Don Hills in NYC — CircleDown has a growing legion of metal-hungry fans in Russia, China, Japan and Eastern Europe. Besides using the resource of the internet to grow audiences in exotic places, CircleDown’s percussive alternative sound has become a huge presence on, a site that uses algorithms comparing submitted songs to past and present hits to determine which tracks have hit potential.

The band has so far earned two Auddy™ Awards, given to songs that score high. “HalfStep” won the highest honor - Platinum Auddy™ (A Platinum Auddy™ denotes clear mathematical hit potential. The underlying musical patterns of this song are similar to songs that have been hits for a long time.) and “Crash” won a Gold Auddy™ (meaning that the underlying patterns of this song are similar to songs that have become hits in the past). Two other tracks from Mobius, “AshesFalling” and “ReConstitute”, won “Honorable Mentions” and were very close to silver status. CircleDown’s rise is all the more remarkable considering the ongoing drama of arriving and departing guitarists and drummers in the years since the bands inception. The creative puzzle was complete with Dean, whose instant chemistry with the others upon his arrival in 2007 helped propel the group to an exciting new musical level. To reflect the evolving band dynamic and higher level of musicianship, Mobius includes completely new versions of five tracks that were on their 2006 EP Trust No One.

Highlights include:

- Playing the Skate and Surf Festival (currently called Bamboozle)
- Working with the hip-hop duo Bleach Brothers (who have worked with Fat Joe and Kanye West) and Dj Paul Castro (Dj/producer for grammy winning latino hip-hop group Tres Coronas) on a Promo track named "BattleFlag".
- Opening for The Agonist and Threat Signal.
- Opening for Stereoside in Ocala Florida
- Opening for Yellow Card at the Skate and Surf Festival
- Playing the annual "Turn Up The A.C." in Atlantic City NJ

This video was put together by an independent filmmaker during one of our shows. The song used is "Ambrosia" from our 2007 EP "Trust No One"