Circle of Fate

Circle of Fate


The music news is on fire with the latest release from Circle of Fate "Back to Life". The band's energy and presence is second to none. Circle of Fate is a must see!


The Chicago based band was officially formed ten years ago and consists of four musicians with the skills, dedication, and years of experience in various different settings. The music is original. The catchy melodies and hooky rhythms are attracting people of all different age groups and musical tastes. The songs have captivated audiences all over the world.


"Shades of Gray" (Album) - 2000
"Inner Sanctum" (Album) - 2003
"Dawn of a New Era" (Album) - 2006
"Back to Life" (Album) - 2009

Set List

Circle of Fate's typical set list is about two hours of original music. Our sets usually consist of abut 25 - 27 songs if we are playing the full two hours.