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""Summer '08 is turning out to be a good one for CO5!""

"Summer '08 is turning out to be a good one for Circle of Fifths. The Green Bay rock band hooked its first Summerfest invite and now has been tapped to open for Trapt tonight at the Majestic Theatre in Madison. You can ask them all about what went down backstage when they play Saturday at Bottoms Up (former Candlestick Lounge)."
- Kendra Meinert-Green Bay Press Gazette Entertainment Writer, appeared in the 'Weekend' Section of th

"Weekend Music Live 11/23/2006"

After playing Wednesday night's Tommy 4 benefit at the Riverside , Circle of Fifths plans to take the holidays off from the live scene. The band can enjoy its downtime knowing that the song "Don't you" off its "From The Ashes" album just earned Rock Track of the Week honors at, an independent music site. - Kendra Meinert/Green Bay PRess Gazette

"CO5 Song Awards"

Down To This
Modern Rock Track of the Day

Don't You
Modern Rock Track of the Day 11/20/2006
Best Guitar in Modern Rock
Best Beat in Modern Rock

Best Guitar in Modern Rock
8/01/2005 -

"CO5 rises'From the Ashes' with record deal"

Members: Keith Pratt, vocals; B J. Breecher, vocals, bass; Lane Bashaw, guitar, backing vocals; Ben Kurowski, guitar, backing vocals; Luke Heckel, drums

Quick history: Circle of Fifths has been knockin' around the local scene since 2001 when the band played gigs for drinks. Breecher and Bashaw have been the steadies in the group through its lineup changes over the years. Heckel signed on behind the drums last July, but with his vocal abilities, the guys hope to get a mic in front of him one day.
Sound/influences: Breecher unapologetically describes CO5's original music as straight-forward modern rock, with no concessions made to pop-punk trends.
"We have a niche that's unique to what's around here, but you hear it so much on the radio with bands like Trapt, Shinedown and maybe even Foo Fighters."
The band also works covers by Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Nickelback and the Beatles into its sets.
What's new: On Saturday, CO5 releases "From the Ashes," its first CD for Dreamscape Records. The New York-based label liked what it heard on and began courting the band in February.
As talks heated up, Heckel designated himself devil's advocate, questioning everything to make sure it was in the best interest of the band. Then in March, in the wee hours of the morning, after a gig at Coaches Corner, the guys sat down in the bar and decided to ink the contract.
"It was done under the cover of darkness and secrecy," Breecher joked.
The band had been working on the CD since November, long before the call came from Dreamscape.
They laid down the 13 tracks at local guitar guru Bob Balsley's studio and emerged with a CD with a more cohesive vibe than the band's 2003 effort.
Two of the tracks are instrumentals spawned from messing around in rehearsals and ending up with riffs "too eccentric to put lyrics to."

"We're really excited about the finished product," Breecher said. "But we're relieved that we have that studio process done, and in the next few days we're going to have a pallet show up in someone's yard with some CDs on it."
What's next: For "a bunch of guys who don't take things too seriously," they're dead serious about the responsibility that comes with being on a label. They plan to be aggressive in coming months in marketing the band and pushing the CD.
"There are expectations on our end now for getting things taken care of. If we want to make it work, we have to put a lot into it," Breecher said.
"We won't lie to you, we'd like to make a couple of extra bucks off this CD. You don't make a CD just to showcase your creativity as a musician. … There are bills to be paid. It's OK to make a buck once in a while."
Label perks: Breecher hopes Dreamscape's clout might open doors for CO5 at bigger fests like Rock Fest in Cadott next year and venues like the Elbo Room in Chicago or The Rave in Milwaukee this fall. The label also has connections to music-friendly TV shows "The OC" and "The Sopranos," he said.
On getting signed: "This is a legitimate record label. We're pretty motivated to go out there and show people they need to take notice," Breecher said.
"There's more than a couple of bands in Green Bay that know how to make original music."
Pick up the CD at: Target, Best Buy, The Exclusive Co. and; songs available on iTunes and Napster
Web site:

- Kendra Meinert/Green Bay Pressgazette

"Blending of Hard Rock Edge with Newer Alternative Twist"

"Rock is their genre, but rock alone does not describe the depth of their music. Circle of Fifths blends a hard rock edge with vocals stretching for a newer alternative sound to a perfectly synchronized melody and into a solid, emotional rock-edge belt. One of the hardest working bands in Wisconsin and moving as one harmonic entity rather than individual musicians, Circle of Fifths takes risks and strives for perfection." -

""Something Unique""

"The "something unique" is only seen if you attend a CO5 show. A while back I had the opportunity to see the band perform at Hat Racks in Green Bay, a smaller venue to play, but the size did not deter the band from connecting with the audience and getting the attention of all present."
- Fox Valley Music Scene

"SIIIICK intro"

Review of 'Don't You,' on

Track of the Day on 20Nov2006 in Modern Rock
Best Guitars in Modern Rock, week of 13Nov2006
Best Beat in Modern Rock, week of 13Nov2006

That intro is awesome man.Tthe drums had a serious offspring feel, hitting very little cymbal.Tthe guitar(s) then came in and pulled some metallica licks that made a totally original and sick sound. after the intro I expect some grungish vocals, possibly Dexter Holland or Cobain, but you guys really surprised me. the vocalist has a finely tuned voice that sounds like he's been in bands his entire life. the chorus has a great hook because of the scream-sing that sounds a little like the Foo Fighters. But man your guitars are just the pride and joy of the song.The wah and shredding solos hit up what sounds like the entire neck of the guitar. straight up awesome song guys. I hope you guys make it big
- SUVburner from Novi, Michigan

""You Guys Rock!""

"You have to be the best band that I go to see, honestly! Hopefuly I can make it to more shows this coming up year. you guys rock!" - Jaime (Myspace)

""Crowd Pleasers""

"Meet The local music personalities that are not only setting the stage, they're stepping to it-right here in your own backyard."

Name: B J. Breecher ("He gave us back the period between the 'B' and the 'J'.")

Representing: Circle of Fifths

Band Member: Ben Kurowski, Lane Bashaw, Luke Heckel

Current CD: "From the Ashes," (though a new one is in the works")

Travel Fun: "When we travel, I love continental breakfast, where we ALL show up in our pajamas."

Dream Rumor: "Circle of Fifths caught avening 311 by giving former Creed frontman Scott Stappp a beat down!"

What he loves about the local music scene: "Everyone is very supportive. I can call or email anyone and get a reply, regardless of what I'm looking for." - Deluxe 920, Local Music Issue Spring 2008


Circle of Fifths is currenly promoting there latest album "From the Ashes" as well as working on new material.

Far Away From Here..... 2003
From The Ashes 2006
Tommy 5 Beneift Compilation 2007



Forming in late 2004, Circle of Fifths has proven that success can come from preserverance, self reliance, and some good ole' fashioned hard work. Playing Milwaukee's Summerfest (2008), opening for Trapt in 2008, two dates with Caroline's Spine (2009), 80's hair metal 'The Bulletboys'(2009), Days of the New (2009), plus appearing mid-day on Madison's 94.1 FM WJJO, 'Co5' is unapologetically a modern rock band, with a truely unique sound and attitude. With Keith Moon-esque drum work, no-nonsense bass lines, thick guitar riffs, and vocals that lend familiarity to such acts as Candlebox and Shinedown, their hard work and fresh approach to original rock music drew the attention of Dreamscapes Records out of New York City. ‘CO5’ signed with the label in the spring of 2006 and are currently promoting their latest Dreamscape release ‘From the Ashes,’ also released in the spring of 2006. The 13 track CD is available through such outlets as,,, and ITunes. While the Wisconsin act is currently transitioning to a more 'originals only format,' another marquee quality of this four piece rock act is their knack for taking other songs and giving them a modern touch, apparent in their renditions of such songs as Billy Idol’s ‘White Wedding’ and Soft Cell’s ‘Tainted Love.’‘CO5’ also plays choice covers from such acts as Led Zepplin, Metallica, Velvet Revolver, and many, many more. Circle of Fifths has collectively opened up for National Acts like Finger 11, Breaking Benjamin, Citizen King and many more. ‘CO5’ has pushed the envelope by seeking exposure to new audiences, while continuing to thrill their fans and create music which is unique, creative, and as always, flat out ‘rawks." As of the winter of 2009, the quartet have been spending time at Green Shoe Studios, working on new material for their next release. All work aside, on stage is where this band shines. Their live performances are among the best in Wisconsin's talent rich pool of peformers and are best described as relentless, authentic, and sincere.