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"Press Sheet"

The commercial raunch of the Foo Fighters and Audioslave? - Dave Ling, Metal Hammer issue 158

Gagging for some no-nonsense, guttural al-consuming rock guitar? Then get your fill with Circle Of Ones latest offering The Loud Minority - 7/10 Claire Davies, Total Guitar issue 154

Overall Circle Of One are a band on the up. The Vocals strike you in the first instance and are a standout feature of the band, but they are supported brilliantly by superb playing and powerful and melodic riffage. Watch this band closely as they are destined for big things. - 7/10 Glen Butler, Powerplay Magazine Oct 06

They Show that they have the songs to make this work, the playing that drives it all along and the vocals and harmonies to give it cohesion. Automatic, however, shows that they have something else, and this is what is potentially very exciting. For now, this is hot stuff and I would recommend it, but theres more yet to come - Andy G, Dead Earnest E-ZINE

Let me tell you that the music is laden with gigantic riffs and melodic catchy choruses. - 90/100 Tony, Concrete Web, E-ZINE

These guys really deliver the goods live! Like a cross between Audioslave & U2 one of the best up and coming bands I've seen all year - Robert Westall, South Wales Evening Post

This is a modern British Rock sound and Circle Of One play it excellently - 7.5/10 Walter, Fire Alive Italian Music Magazine

The More I listened to the songs, the more wide-ranging the list of musical influences I seemed to detect, without ever being able to pin it down to one single band. That's surely a great sign for the likely widespread appeal of the band in the future. - 7/10 Paul Williams HARDROCKHOUSE.COM

Oh not another Welsh band we hear you cry. Well listen up, these guys really do have something special. And they have a rack of great sounding songs -? Incoming, Metal Hammer Issue 160

At best they Sound like a turn of the Millennium Corrosion Of Conformity -? Tarik Algin, Rock Sound Issue 91

Live B4 U Die may start off like RATM but then it breaks into something more reminiscent of Muse with typical repetitive lyrics drawing you in, a sing along classic. - Ian Atkinson, Die E-Zine

When they open up a bit and let Julian Gardner really sing that it feels like alt-rock royalty is being born. Gardner has a great voice and behind him the band attack tunes that sound like Mad at Gravity, The Police and Led Zeppelin in a none more catchy face off - Simon T Diplock,
- Various Publications

"Loud Minority Review"


In a blaze of guitars, bass and drums, the CD opens all guns blaz-ing with the hugely anthemic State Of Grace. The Guns ‘n’ Roses style riffs give way for a sing-a-long chorus reminiscent of the Manic Street Preachers at their best.
Live B4 U Die starts with yet another huge riff before the booming chorus pulls you in. This is stadium rock at its best: Big, bold and powerful.
The band slow things down a little for Your Liberty, which again demonstrates their flair for writing darn good songs.
That point is made crystal clear by the next track Automatic. This is the key song of the album. It’s fast-moving, compelling and full of catchy hooks. Many bands will go their whole careers without writ-ing a song this good.
The final two numbers Hold On and Unify again show the versatility of Circle of One. Their strong rhythm section keeps the band to-gether while the duelling twin guitars of Julian and Richard Gardner puts the flesh on the bones. Its an impressive debut.
- Jeff Collins of Classic Rock

"Tied To The Machine Review"

11 Mar 2010
Circle of One – ‘Tied To The Machine’ By SimonFuller. Posted
Download Album: [Download Now]
Our Rating:7/10

Fresh from tours with the likes of The Wildhearts, melodic rockers Circle of One hit the ground running with their first full-length. Tracks like ‘Everyday Miracles’ boast some great anthemic choruses, big bombastic affairs which will sound pretty spectacular being screamed exuberantly from a hundred sweaty fans in a mosh pit. Meanwhile, check those metal stylings and neat riffing on ‘Power Of One’. Album opener ‘Tied To The Machine’ is frantic, desperate even, and though its subject matter—governmental incompetence—may be a bit hack-eyed, it sets the scene nicely for an album full of passionate rock with vocals reminiscent of Chris Cornell. A bit of fine-tuning wouldn’t have gone amiss here, as some efforts feel overly ambitious or a little undisciplined. But what abounds on this release is sheer potential. This may sound like a cliché comment from some X Factor judge—for which this writer is truly sorry—but Circle of One really do have that ‘raw talent’ that should lead them to some success in the not too distant future. They certainly know when they’ve written a tasty hook, and it’s this craft that provides ‘Tied To The Machine’ with a host of stand-out moments.

Your Rating: 9/10
- Shout For Muisc

"Circle Mini Album Review"

Review The Mag -

Circle of One - The Loud Minority EP (Self-Released ) 8/10
- A must-listen.
- Circle of One Right, I'm on a roll today, and not one made of bread, butter substitute and dairylea. So following a quick cup of tea, toilet break and moderate peril, Circle of One goes in the stereo...and then I turn it on...dammit. Okay! 'State of Grace' gets started straight away, no messing. Good start. I'm sure they can feel the bass in Newport y'know, its not heavy, just 'intense'. But that wouldn't fully describe it still, it ebbs and flows, and you can see why The Wildhearts are quoted in the 'For Fans of' section of the press release. It's very much in the vain of mid-nineties rock, which is not a bad thing. The guitar solo in the middle sounds out of place, but that's part of the charm. It really does cover such a wide sonic spectrum that you really have no idea what they are going to do next. 'Live B4 U Die' again starts off with plenty of energy before slowing down for the verse. Nice catchy lyrics abound and then the pitch ramps up a notch ready for the chorus. I can see why they have been likened to lots of bands, they do have a variance in sound which gives them their own sound (kinda) and hard to pigeonhole, and that's good! There is something strangely catchy about them, and each song has an underlying vein of energy which carries you through. 'Automatic' is probably my stand out track, punchy, lively and has some real nice breaks which just make you 'air-drum' summat chronic. Their riffs are real nice and chunky when they want to be, and quiet and melodic when its called for as well. The solo is just manic, like the Duracell bunny on speed. 'Unify' is the final track and starts off a lot more sedately than its predecessors. It sparks into life for the chorus, and is very Audioslave-like in sound. Definitely impressed, it reminded me of a lot of bands that I used to listen to over the past ten years or so. Categorise them at your peril, as they would probably come back with an opera, using only scrapey fish and spoons. Written By: Duncan B
- The Mag (

"Hard Rock House Review"

Hard Rock House Review

Circle Of One - The Loud Minority_ *Casket Music* * Rating - 7/10* *Review Paul Williams* ------------------------------------------------------------------------
The Loud Minority is a 6-track EP by promising new band Circle Of One. The band have already been seen on stage supporting the likes of The Stranglers and Hundred Reasons and on this evidence it shouldn’t be long before they are headlining in their own right. Two things particularly impress me about this EP – firstly the production and packaging is a cut above the vast majority I’ve come across. More importantly however, is the quality of the songs. I’ve always believed that song quality is the ultimate defining factor in how good a band is…far more than image or even musical ability. In this respect Circle Of One have made a great start to their career with some genuinely good songs on offer here. The playing is good, the singing very good and the no-nonsense style, huge riffs and great melodic choruses will appeal to a wide rock audience…from melodic fans to hard rockers and also alternative type bands a la QOTSA and Foo Fighters. There really is a little something for everyone here. The press blurb states that Circle Of One will appeal to fans of Foo Fighters, Audioslave, Muse, The Wildhearts, QOTSA and Therapy but I personally think there’s even more to them than that and fans of bands as diverse as The Cult and Jorn will be really impressed too. The more I listened to the songs, the more wide-ranging the list of musical influences I seemed to detect, without ever being able to pin it down to anything like one single band. That’s surely a great sign for the likely widespread appeal of the band in the future. The EP is available via Casket Music and I heartily recommend it to one and all. Alternatively head over to or and check out the latest news…I’m off there right now to check out tour dates as I reckon they’ll be brilliant live. See you there !!!!!!!! * Let us know your views on * *'The Loud Minority'* _*Track List*_ State Of Grace Live B4 U Die Your Liberty Automatic Hold On Unify _*Line Up*_ Julian Gardner - Vocals/Guitar Rich Gardner - Vocals/Guitar Scot Carey - Bass Mike Harper - Drums

"Room Thirteen Review"

The Loud Minority *Find out more about Circle Of One here * *Circle of One - The Loud Minority* Thu Aug 24 03:48:31 2006 11 Rated 11 out of 13 [details ] The Loud Minority Click the image for a full gallery *by Tara Couper* Click here for more reviews by this writer. 'The Loud Minority' is the new single from welsh rockers Circle of One, this release is twenty minutes of gigantic guitar riffs and catchy riffs. Circle Of One have a sound that is heavy as well as melodic. The have a classic rock sound on 'Live B4 U Die' a song which could quite happily be played along with AC/DC and Thin Lizzy, which is in contrast to the opening track 'State Of Grace' which sounds like it could have come straight out of a Fall Out Boy back catalogue. The potential that these guys have is obvious they play very well together, and just be listening you can tell they're confident with their instruments. 'Automatic' sees epic guitar solos over a snappy pop/rock song, I think that this is the best song vocally for Julian Gardner as he covers a variety of different styles but remains clear and strong through out. Circle Of One could very well become the next bid with a release like this and having already shared the stage with The Automatic and Hundred Reasons I'd say they're well on their way. *Track Listing* 01 - State Of Grace 02 - Live B4 U Die 03 - Your Liberty 04 - Automatic 05 - Hold On 06 - Unify Room Thirteen - Where Music Rocks © 2003 - 2007 - thirteen .com

"Glasswork Review"

*Reviews ** \\ **Circle Of One - The Loud Minority* Written by Priyanka Attapatto 14th August 2007 (196 views) *Tags: **Circle Of One * Label: Casket Music *Search for Circle Of One tickets * *Hailing from the South Wales area, this rock four-piece, Circle of One are hitting out ?The Loud Minority? EP. Julian and Richie Gardner, Scot Carey and Mike Harper are a British rock band with six tracks that scrub up pretty well.* ?State of Grace? works in the current rock sensibilities with bands hugely successful, like Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco. The Colour of One lads have a stand-out sound that?s powerful and lies within classic influences. Namely heard in the guitars, heard on ?Live B4 U Die?, their classic rock sound that is echoed in their influences, Thin Lizzy and AC/DC. Their unique sound is embodied in Julian Gardner. As he chooses to sing, as opposed to shout in the stereotypical rock manner! He sounds best on the totally wild ?Automatic?, as he sings ?I?ve found a new religion? above a hybrid of different influences and styles, with the epic guitar solos over short, but snappy rock/pop songs. There a sense of good, strong instrument interplay on their second to last track, ?Hold On? letting you hear how well they play together. There?s clear rock potential with this band and, as it goes, 'The Loud Minority' is well constructed and produced. Keep ?em coming guys. * -

"Concrete Web Reveiw"

CD REVIEW *CIRCLE OF ONE* *CIRCLE OF ONE: "The Loud Minority" /(Casket Music – Copro – PHD) /* 6-track mini-CD **This relatively young British quartet (no idea when they were formed, but they already have 2 demo-EPs out prior to this debut official release, and they were already playing around the UK in 2006) is made up from twin vocalists/ guitarists *Julian *& *Rich Gardner*, plus bassist *Scot Carey *and drummer *Mike Harper*. Their music has been described as "*Zep *style riffs with *Foo Fighters *style choruses, *Audioslave* style vocals, *Queens Of the Stone Age*'s sense of the Avant-Garde, while retaining the Pop sensibilities of *U2*"...and somehow, having listened to the album before reading the bio, I can agree with that. Occasionally, the singer also has a *Klaus Meine *(*Scorpions*) quality (listen to the slightly calmer track /"Your Liberty"/). If you don't quite understand what the description is supposed to sound like, let me tell you that the music is laden with gigantic riffs and melodic catchy choruses...and if you still don't quite get it, that's no problem either, because you can get a whiff of the band's music, listening to a couple of mp3s from tracks off their demos (plus an unreleased track) on the band's website One of the tracks on the mini-album (/"Live B4 You Die"/) was already heard on both those demos (both of which are still available), by the way. Album closer /"Unify" /starts off as a ballad in a softer mode, but also has somewhat more intense passages, sliding off into the world of the semi-ballads. A modern Metal album with that British touch which has caracterized so many bands of that country in the past. Nice stuff! 90/100 * Tony. * -

"Label Press Release"

Turn On, Tune In, Move Me!

City Boy Records in association with TKO Records, Japan, is pleased to announce the forthcoming release of Tied to the Machine from Welsh alternative power rockers Circle of One.

Led by the dual guitar attack of the Gardner brothers, Julian and Rich, and featuring the explosive rhythm combo of Chris “Suv” Lewis on bass and Mike Harper on drums, Circle of One bring big, melodic hooks to crunching riffs, producing an edgy sound reminiscent of the “raunch of the Foo Fighters and Audioslave” (Dave Ling, Metal Hammer, Issue 158).

Standout cuts such as “State of Grace,” “Automatic” and the title cut bristle with energy, while more reflective pieces such as “Everyday Miracles” and “Watch Her Fall” add a commercial sensibility rarely heard in today’s rock. “This is a modern British Rock sound,” declares Italian Fire Alive magazine, “and Circle of One play it excellently.” And when Julian Gardner’s voice rises above the music, “it feels like alt-rock royalty is being born” (

In an unusual move, Tied to the Machine will be released in three different CD versions, offering variations in artwork and different track sequences for the UK, US and Japanese markets, including cuts unique to each one. “While we believe that downloading will continue to be the future of music,” explains Bruce Pegg, CEO of City Boy, “we also believe that there will always be demand for a physical product. The recent comeback of vinyl is a strong indication that people want the whole package--artwork, liner notes, lyrics as well as music--and we plan to give that to them with this release.”

“We also believe that people should hear the songs the way they were intended to be heard: as a sequence, and not just as individual tracks. Circle of One work a number of different musical veins, and they master each one superbly. This release will let everyone hear three different ideas of what they are all about.”

Go to the following for updates on Tied to the Machine, slated for a mid-March release, as well as information about upcoming Circle of One dates in Europe, the US and Japan.

- City Boy Records


The Loud Minority: Copro/Casket Records 2008

Tied To The Machine:
Japanese Release - TKO Records - 2009
US Release - City Boy Records - 2009
UK & Europe - 25th Hour Music/Zimbalam - 2010

Automatic: Single release autumn 2010

Airplay in the US and UK with the songs -

State Of Grace
Watch Her Fall
Everyday Miracles



Circle of One are a band armed with gigantic riffs and melodic hook laden choruses. The groups songs have evolved from a variety of ever developing influences yet still they carve a sound all of their own, instrumental & skillfull, fierce yet melodious. The guy"s have shared the stage with acts as diverse as Biffy Cliro, Hundred Reasons, The Stranglers, Skindred, The Wildhearts and The Automatic and won over the crowds at all the shows with great enthusiasm.
Each member of the band are inspired by their love of music, and driven by the high level of musicality that binds them together, thus creating a unique musical bond. In the summer of 2008 Circle released their debut Mini Album "The Loud Minority" through Copro Records. This raised the bands profile picking up some great reviews along the way, with the press describing the bands music as Zep style riffs with Foo Fighters style choruses, Audioslave style vocals, with Queens of the Stone Age"s sense of the avant-garde, while retaining the pop sensibilities of U2, 30 Seconds To Mars and the Police. The momentum from the national album release culminated in a successful UK tour at the end of 2008.
2009 saw the band touring the UK once again with their full debut album released in the Autumn/Winter via Indie label TKO Records in Japan and in the USA via the small independent City Boy Records. The Album is being self released/launched by the band in the UK and Europe (with a different track listing) on April the 5th 2010, with Automatic also being released as a single in Autumn 2010.