Circle Of Thieves

Circle Of Thieves


Circle of Thieves blends the style of todays modern rock music with an old school twist. With well structured, hard hitting riffs and catchy hooks, C.O.T. will leave you wanting more. For Booking info Contact C.O.T @ or or Phone 727-919-5385


Circle Of Thieves began in early 2007 simply for the love of music. High School friends and founding members, Al and Pete, became reacquainted after many years and began writing material to express their unique musical visions for a new, yet incomplete and unnamed band. Realizing they were on to something they decided they were ready to take things to the next level and went in search to find the right dedicated musicians. Soon they got word of local guitar great, Ace... Al realized Ace's reputation had proceeded him. He was a fantastic musician and a perfect compliment to their chemistry and sound. The trio then began exploring, creating and writing new material. A vote was held among friends and band members to establish a name for the band. Thus, giving birth to the Circle Of Thieves...

With all the wheels in motion, the three members decided it was time to take things to the next level with the daunting task of finding the perfect Vocalist/Front man. After reviewing and auditioning many, the band was at a stand still...They were looking for a Vocalist with the right mix of looks, attitude, talent and an eye for originality. In walks Doug. By the end of the first practice the band had already written two new songs and instantly enlisted their new vocalist on the spot. Finally, they lineup was complete.

The band with their new vocalist locked themselves away for months relentlessly writing material and a quality set list... With each session, the songs became better, stronger and tighter.

Today, Circle of Thieves has a reputation for being one of the most hard working, reliable bands in the Tampa Bay area. The band has since broadened their horizons and is now playing out all across the state of Florida with plans of dominating the entire Florida music scene.

Since then,the band has been on a major rampage, playing shows all over Florida as a primier showcase band,supporting local and also national acts such as Hand to Hand, 12 Stones, Afterglow Radio, Pulse 8, Tragic Orange and X Thirtien. The Thieves have stolen a foothold with many of the major venues in the area. Venues such as Bourbon Street, State Theater, Boomerz and Gasoline Alley just to name a few. The band has played many venues across Tampa area and has always been invited back.

This upcoming year the group has great expectations on building the same reputation outside of the bay area. C.O.T. has already began booking shows for bike week in Daytona, 8th annual music fest in Deland, and many major rock venues scattered throughout FL.

J Rock and Patty the Radio Girl, nationally syndicated FM radio personalities {The Rock Solid Pressure Show} recently quoted, "We love the Circle of Thieves! Always a fun, energetic and kick ass show! We see great things on the horizon for this band!"

The band has just inked a deal to score a soundtrack for a larger than indie movie entitled "Memories of Murder". Memories of Murder is a thriller written by Sharon Whetstone and directed by Lewis Farinella for Faultline Productions/Universal. The release date is pending.

The group will begin planning stages for an east coast tour next summer but in the mean time if you want to book a show just contact the band and they will work out the details to make it happen.

Circle Of Thieves will strive to put on the best live show every night, and do it with a friendly and professional attitude that's not always seen in rock music today!

Get ready to join the CIRCLE !


Left Alone

Written By: Doug

Deny yourself, The pain your feeling
Take a pill to keep from dealing
with your problems , you try to solve them but you can't seem to find a way

Left Alone
your getting bitter but you can't get out
Left Alone
you start to wonder, how will this turn out
Left Alone
your getting bitter from the pain you felt and I can see your getting weaker still

Verse 2:
Clinch a fist, to stop from screaming
Cut yourself, but your still breathing
you can't seem to , find a way to
hide from all , the pain inside

I feel the pressure , pressure crashing in.
I see the walls they are calapsing down again


Written By: Doug Bailey

The days are passing and I'm unlashing, my world is caving in.
My minds illusive and inconclusive I need you here again.
The time is fading and integrading, I just can't get enough.I'm imploding the goods caroding and I'm not who I was.

You know you grab me like,You were a parasite, can't get away till your Vaporized.
You know you grab me like you were a parasite I'm trapt alone and breaking, the beast in me is waking.

The nights are haunted with words unspoken, you left me here again
the days that fellow seem so hollow, where do I begin.
I had to let go, I tryed to say no , but you made up your mind. The lies between,now there's no trust,You left it all behind

Release the beast in me 6x


Self titled EP= With Singles- Vaporized, Left Alone and Choices

Set List

Throw It All Away
Man Inside
Imminent Domain
Where were you
Left Alone
Closer To The End