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"Lakeland Act Circle of Two to Release First Album"

After over a year of recording, the first EP by Circle of Two is almost here.

Circle of Two, a solo-acoustic project by Tim Hutchins, will launch its five-song EP, titled "The Eponymous Pseudonymous," at an album-release show at The Venue in Lakeland on Dec. 2.

Hutchins, a 34-year-old Lakeland native, is a married father of three who balances family life with passion for music.

Normally not one to label his music, Hutchins refers to this album as acoustic grunge pop because he said it captures all the elements he was going for with this project. The album features one solo acoustic song and four songs with other musicians.

You can listen to one song on the EP titled "Some Kind of Bargain" at

"Eponymous Pseudonymous" will be available on CD and digitally on iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon.

Below, Hutchins talks more about his new EP and being a musician.


How did you decide which five songs to put on the album?


I have three or four additional songs, some I've played live, but I didn't feel like they were stylistically what I wanted to do and I'm not sure I'll ever play them again. They were different styles; acoustically I could maybe get away with them. These five songs, just the way they were written, were right where I wanted to be, at least for the most part.


Being a family man and a musician with a job seems more like a juggling act. Is that the case?


You're exactly right. (The family), they come first and sometimes it is a challenge to make sure I don't put too much time and effort into the music. Sometimes I don't feel like I put enough into (the music), but it's fun. I enjoy being productive, so I have a family, I have my job, then I have music. I play in church, and I do a little running. So I feel like my life is full of good things, and music is one of them. - The Lakeland Ledger

"Acoustic Musician Making His Debut"

Tim Hutchins is going for it.

Born and raised in Lakeland, Hutchins is the 32-year-old behind Circle of Two, a solo acoustic project.

His adventures in music began as a student at Lake Gibson High School when he was lead vocals in a band.

"I've always been musically inclined," he said.

After the band broke up, he picked up his brother's guitar and learned how to play. Since then, Hutchins has been writing and performing his own material.

And recently he decided to get serious about it.

"I got this desire to play and sing more."

Hutchins has been playing around town, but he says his show on Saturday at Evolution Records is somewhat of a debut.

"I think (it) will be my first opportunity to share my own music," he said.


Where does the name come from?


I heard it one time in the context of a marriage. I think it signifies what a relationship is supposed to be.


Where do you think your music is taking you?


I would love to record a CD. I can't say I have aspirations to be famous, but it'd be a lot of fun to record an album and keep playing live.


You've been married for 10 years and have three kids. How does that influence your music?


There's a new perspective and a growing up that has to occur when you have kids and get married. They influence my state of mind. - The Lakeland Ledger


"Eponymous Pseudonymous" - 5-song EP released December 2012. Currently writing and performing new material, in addition to these 5 songs.



Circle of Two was formed in 2010 in Lakeland, FL as an acoustic solo project by front man Tim Hutchins. He recorded the 2012 EP "Eponymous Pseudonymous" with help from some friends, including Corey Ellerbe, who was added to the CO2 lineup in 2013, along with Jimmy Burd on bass. Now we're a plugged-in (non-acoustic) alternative 3-piece (sometimes 4-or 5-piece, if friends are available). We're influenced by artists such as Bleach, Anberlin, Biffy Clyro, Sunny Day Real Estate, Jimmy Eat World, Further Seems Forever, The Juliana Theory, and Common Children.