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"Artist Reviews"

Pure soulful Rock music. I sat back and just took a break from my normal overwelming day to listen to the music submitted to Urban Mainstream for artist reviews. I generally don't have a technical review process. Generally, if I like your music I can honestly say I like it. To this day we have never put an artist in our magazine whose music I could not get into. CircleSwitch caught my ear in ways that just reached out and grabbed me.

I think their writing skills along with musical arrangements is the secret ingredient to their soulful almost old school Rock band musical performance. They have an even handed mix that allows you to enjoy and appreciate Rock. I look forward to a busy 2008 with this band. I think they have the musical attitude to bring music lovers closer to home to what they are looking for in a real band.

Reviews by Shinobi - Urban Mainstream

"Check Out Circleswitch"

I haven't seen them live yet but I have heard a lot of their music.
They are incredibly versatile with tunes ranging from Hard Rock to Alternative, all the way to an acoustic tune I just heard last night.

If you only check out a couple tunes, try these first . . .

Lay It Down - infectious with a great hook. I'm taking bets that you hear this on commercial radio sooner rather than later (on myspace).

Trust - this impresses me. Growning up in the late 70's and 80's we saw a lot of hard rock/metal bands to cross over songs and of course we saw the very beginnings of Unplugged on MTV in the early part of the 90's. Not everyone was successful. Circle Switch does a kick ass job of pulling off an acoustic version of their tune Trust that shows off their musicality and the range of their voices (on the EPK).

Two Fist Automatic Thrill - this tune will show you how well they have a grasp on their chosen genre yet still allows them to stretch harmonically. There are several spots where the vocal lines cross and do some excellent part harmony work, and they even work in the "obligatory keychange" we heard so much in the 80's and 90's (on myspace).

those are just the first impressions. I understand that I have been listening to some pre-mastered mixes so I'm waiting for a copy of their CD to do a full review.

Tune in tonight, Wednesday March 4th, to hear Lay It Down and Trust on Tommy D's Nutz and Wild Life Radio.
- DJ John of Tommy D's Nutz/


Currently promoting their self-titled debut on sale now at Also look for free downloads and opportunies to win merch.



In October of 2007, Kenny James (vocals), Danny Rodic (guitar), Jason Wolff (bass), and Mark Pollak (drums); put into motion a band with an artistic, melodically driven, and straight forward brand of Hard Rock.

Together they found a chemistry very unique to their previous endeavors and decided to pursue a sound that paid tribute to the old school, yet different enough to be on the cutting edge of something entirely new.

With everything in place and a new CD due in the Winter of 2009, the boyz plan on bringing all thier skill and knowledge to the fore front. Having Played the big gigs like "Summerfest" and "the Rave" with their respective past acts "MAD-J" and "Myself Alone" in Milwaukee, WI, thier ambitions are without limits.

During 2009, the band promises to bring an energy to the stage that will define the meaning of the words "Dynamic and Unleashed". With the coming of each season, we'll see the beginning of a new group formed from the ashes of old headlines and rise with the formation of a name that will be spoken on the lips of those who will discover. . . . "CircleSwitch".