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"Impressive Album..."

I love this album! The opening track LoveDrug is an instant hit with a chorus that sticks in your brain for days. The range of musical styles is unusual in today's corporate, carbon-copy, pop-star world yet, deftly combined into a cohesive album. Other notable tracks are Rage, Killing You Alive and the wickedly sardonic X-Ray Vision. Very impressive for a debut album...I can't wait for more. - CD Baby

"deep lyrics/timely subject matter/beautiful rhythms"

Rarely does a record this diverse show consistant quality and likability from song to song. The melodies, beats, rhythms, and lyrics are outstanding. I was mesmerized! - CD Baby

"Circle Syndicate String Theory"

The artist known as Circle Syndicate (aka JP) has a unique sound and lyrical send off in every one of his tracks. Although String Theory was released in 2006, it sounds fresh and relevant, just as if it was released yesterday. In addition, most certainly the real life relevancy of this artist and his songs resonates with validity.
There is a smart mixture of hip-hop and rock that I found intriguing with this recording. It takes a lot to pull me in if an album has strong elements of hip-hop or rap so I have to give the “hats off” to JP for doing a great job of keeping my interest and flat out fascination with his artistry and clear multitude of talents. This gent did the entire album by himself including production and all the instruments and lyrics. What we have here is a work of brilliance and lyrical cynicism and an interpretation on a gut level that cuts right to the chase. This is my kind of in your face lyrical prose that I just love. Some of the lyrics are so profound.
On “Killing You Alive” he sings…
One foot deep is how we all start off
Two feet deep is just breaking the law
Three feet deep is half way to hell (trying every escape someone's got for sale)
Four feet deep slightly ahead of the pack
Five feet deep slightly addicted to crack
Six feet deep, with one more in the hand, put it away or put it all to an end

And he speaks very loud and proud on “M16s & AK47s” by saying…

Liberated by the hated so they want to forget
That their cities were burning, death was served and if it wasn't for Americans they'd all be speaking German
Look, I love the people of the world who don't hate me
So, don't take this as a rebel with his poison ink
For some, its hard to see its World War number three and every battle ends in victory by defeat

The lyrics have to be prolific for me to quote entire passages and this is some “to the bone” stuff that you must hear and process.
The musicianship needs mention as well, throughout this recording it is exceptional along with strong vocals. When you get right down to it, String Theory is a treat for the ears and senses all the way around, it cannot miss.
Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-September 10, 2008 -


The debut album from Circle Syndicate is "String Theory" featuring 11 original tracks. The music is widely available across the internet from iTunes to Rhapsody, Napster, MySpace and more. There are 4 music videos from the album like the one for "Profit" which has been viewed more than 28,000 times on Yahoo. The second album from Circle Syndicate "The God Particle" is now available and shows the incredible range and progression of this recording artist. With tracks like "Dr. Greedy", "Take It Back" and "That Girl" Circle Syndicate has demonstrated a development and maturity that few performers reach in their career yet alone the span of 2 albums.



He was born the illegitimate son of a blues guitarist and a Mississippi delta queen in 1981 and spent his early childhood traveling in the back of a '76 El Dorado from one nightclub to another across the mid-west and deep south. However, at the age of 10, he could not take his parent's nomadic existence any longer and ran away from the life on the road. On his own and without anything except a guitar he stole from his father JP began to perform on streets, bus stations, subways and any other public place he could make a dollar to survive. JP continues to perform solo as Circle Syndicate combining strong songwriting skills and cutting edge technology to deliver a live performance rarely equalled by other bands.