Circle the Wagons

Circle the Wagons

 Nelson, British Columbia, CAN

Circle the Wagons may just be the world's most handsome and talented band. Although it's hard to gauge their overwhelming skills at the break-neck speed that they perform at. They're like watching a spastic child at a wig convention.


Circle the Wagons was formed in 2002 by beauty school dropouts, Mike Hodsall and Paddy Duddy in the sleepy little hippie town of Nelson BC. Like bad mannered little children they lashed out at the local music school funk/jazz/jam band scene with a combination of blistering fast old school punk and thick Sabbathy riffs, rife with intelligent lyrics and wit. You won't hear the words 'beer' or 'party' in any of their songs...I think. CTW has toured with many top Canadian acts such as Nomeansno, DOA, Dayglo Abortions and Hanson Brothers. After a five year hiatus, they are back on the touring scene, kicking the world up the backside. A new 7" and full length album are in the works.


"We're Not Old...Just Old" Full length album.
"Chopper May Be Dead" 7"
"Forbidden To Eat Worms" Full length album.