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Had a listen to Circuit and was quite impressed. Thanks for letting me hear some great new Canadian rock.

Barry Stewart - Music Director - CHUM - Toronto, Ontario
Mediabase Market Rank - 1
- Self


Great sound- very Fray sounding...
Marc Bergman - Montreal, Quebec - Mix
Mediabase Market Rank - 2 - Self


Just listened to Circuit. It's a nice song...well crafted and produced.
Ben Jeffrey - CJAY - Calgary, Alberta
Mediabase Rank - 5 - Self


Tuesday was another gigantic night for voting on the Battle of the Beats. Circuit - "Better Part Of Me" took on Pretty Ricky f. Sean Paul - "Push It Baby" (remix). Circuit - "Better Part Of Me" won with a grand total of 92% of the votes. It was pretty insane because they had 160 votes by the time Pretty Ricky and Sean Paul's song was finished.
Cash Connors, Hot 89.9FM
Mediabase Market Rank - 4

*Better Part Of Me was eventually retired and put into the Hall Of Fame. - Self

"From A Local High School Band To Casey Kasem's Front Door"

Ottawa's music scene owes a vote of thanks and praise to one of this it's hardest working, most determined and talented bands, Circuit... - Nepean This Week

"Circuit Signs US Deal"

Ottawa' s Circuit whose song titles range from the academic, "Helen Of Troy" to the beer-swilling "Teenage America" have just been signed to big U.S. record label Top Sail Productions/WEA and are currently working with producer Dale Penner who also worked with Nickelback. 'Nuff said. - Chart Attack

"Diving into the Circuit"


'Diving Into The Circuit'

To borrow a song title from the famed South Park movie, we can “Blame Canada!” for all the new blisteringly honest and emotional modern rock vibes coming from CHR and Hot AC stations around the U.S. who are quickly jumping on “Complicated,” the explosive single from Eau de Humanity, the debut CD by the Ottawa, Ontario based Circuit.

The highly anticipated 11-song collection — which includes five tracks the band had been selling as an exclusive EP at their concerts as the disc was in production — was finally released this past January through Top Sail Productions and WEA Distribution at a developing artist price of just $9.99.

Circuit are: Michael James (lead vocals), Jobber (lead guitarist), Woody (rhythm guitarist), Dave MacDonald (bass), Jason Woodley (keyboards), and drummer Jadon Bailey.

Chatting recently with lead singer Michael James, I first noted that as they had averaged @ 100 dates a year, at what point did they manage to also work, eat, sleep, and spend time with their family and friends?! "Our old adage was we'll sleep when we're dead. But sooner or later we had to stop and smell the roses. We are just gearing up to do it again; if only to pay my gigantic cell phone bill from calling home all the time!"

(Q) Your album title suggests a suggestive nod towards the smell of our society, but is this true or do you have your own explanation?!

(A)"Our society smells? I wish it smelled like bacon. 'Eau de Humanity' was originally just a simple pun; now, it can mean a whole bunch of things. Our album represents a wide ranging gamet of human emotions, so I guess, you can look at it like that way. We are representing humanity's frailty and emotions."

(Q)You've already experienced a lot of success throughout Canada, so what is it gonna take for you to break into the American market?

(A)"Hard work, touring, a bit of luck, and millions of people buying our album!"

(Q) It's also been noted that your band name originates from a joke about "the crappy circuit of dives" you used to play, but what were you named before these dives were encountered?

(A) "Believe it or not, our first show was at a crappy dive, so the name Circuit originated at the beginning, knowing we were going to playing those type of bars at the beginning....and we did.....alot of them!"

(Q) Out of the 11 songs on this new album which one truly stands out to be your go-to favorite when recommending it to first time listeners ... and why?

(A) "I would say 'Complicated' and 'Just Like Heaven'.....they show both our harder and softer sides. We are a Pop/Rock band....we aren't re-inventing the wheel. Both these songs show we can play, and we have fun. YAY!!!"

(Q) The band has stated that "... if you can touch one person's life through music, it's all worth it," but which song was the one that first touched you at a young age?

(A) "'God Only Knows' by the Beach Boys...even as a teenager, this song was beautiful. The harmonies at the end are still some of the greatest things I have ever heard."

(Q) For fun, and taking the titles of a few of your album tracks, please let us know:
'Broken Window' - When was the last time you broke a window and was it by accident?!

(A) "I think I chipped my windshield when a pebble fell from an overpass...does that count!?"

(Q) 'Helen Of Troy' - Are you a lover of history and if so, to what degree?

(A) "I was a History major in university, and still go to Museums and the like on the road. The rest of the guys make fun of me. It hurts alot inside. In all seriousness, I wish people took more of an interest in History, and the lessons it teaches us everyday. Nothing happens to us that hasn't happened before in some way, shape or form."

(Q) 'Complicated' - What is the most complicated aspect of life as a band at this present time?

(A) "Paying the bills. Balancing fiscal responsibility, with musical responsibility."

(Q) What '80s (and possibly cheesy!) song would you love to cover today if asked ... and why?!

(A) "All of them, and I resent the word cheesy. They are classic examples of sonic art. 'Take On Me' by A-HA, just so I could do a pencil crayon video too!"

(Q) If you were asked to record a single for charity, and had to choose 3 other known musicians (and no one from your own band!) to aid you in the project, who would they be, what instruments would they play, and what would the name of the NEW song be?!

(A) "Let's see, Trent Reznor on Keyboards and Samples. Rich Robinson on Guitar and Noel Gallagher on Guitar as well. (I would hire session musicians for the other parts.) And the song would be called "The Oasis of Nine Inch Crowes." Or maybe Eleanor Rigby....or has that been done before?!"

(Q) Lastly, I like Penguins ... do you?!

(A) "Who doesn't, in fact, I also like Puffins, Albatrosses and many other assorted sea birds. 'March of the Penguins' (btw) is a must-see movie. My favorite penguin is Opus the Penguin from the Bloom County comic strip. If anyone remembers that, I am duly impressed!"

Interviewed by Russell A. Trunk - Exclusive Magazine

"Complete The Circuit"

Eau de Humanity

Let There Be Rock!
This music is becoming increasingly rare these days!
What's that?
Rock and Roll.
Complete the Circuit.
END. - Michael Capozzoli

"Circuit set to ignite hard rock on fire"

Ottawa based sextet Circuit are set to ignite hard rock on fire with their venomous guitar lines and throaty vocals. Produced and recorded by famed Dale Penner who crafted the Nickelback sound, “Eau de Humanity” is a charging brilliant piece of hard rock and alternative perfectly fit for mainstream radio in their home of Canada and in America. While still building their fanbase by opening for such names as Vince Neil, Finger Eleven, The Headstones, and Jeff Healy, Circuit knows that they have the cuts, the sound, and the look to make it big, now it’s only a matter of time before that realization comes to fruition. A hilarious pun for an album name never hurts either. - J-Sin

"Listening to this makes me feel like a small, warm, furry love vole..." Indeed!"

Leg work, all bands have to do it starting out, it sucks, it’s dull and more often than not, plain irritating. Circuit, named originally as a joke after the “crappy circuit of dives” they played when first starting up seem to be the masters of leg work, topping an average of 100 shows annually in their native home of Can to the ada. Only their gigs have seemed to be slightly more rewarding than the usual half an hour spot in the back of a stinky pub. Performing as opening acts for Finger Eleven, Jeff Healy, Vince Neil and fellow Canadians, The Headstones to mind blowing audiences of 18,000 in Ottawa’s own prestigious Corel Centre (which bands as huge as U2 and Coldplay have filled out), 30,000 at Ottawa’s Hope Beach Volleyball Tourney and were even the house band for the Ottawa Senators hockey team during the play offs of 2003-2004 season. Come on!

Having received airplay everywhere from Sioux City, Iowa to Grand Junction, Colorado, from Joplin, Missouri to St. Croix, Virgin Islands (phew) the six course meal that is Circuit, now has the much needed confidence boost that is needed to conquer South of the border…

Listening to this makes me feel like a small, warm, furry love vole, it’s almost familiar, but not in a “oh man, not another -fill in the blank- band, it’s more the fact that they’ve got a more classic style, they’re playing what comes naturally to them and this is quite clearly pleasant, rock music. I think part of what makes it so comfortable for me personally is the fact that it kind of reminds me of the “soft rock” and “satin and steel” tapes my dad used to keep reserved in his car for those long journeys. Although not strictly speaking the most original sound, it is a very long time since I’ve heard smooth rock music to gently rock out to, so maybe this is a good way for music to be heading, tapping into the subconscious of everyone everywhere…Apart from countries where rock music is banned, obviously. The musical backdrop is simplistic in sound, cut through with the powerful vocals of Michael James, the lead singer and song writer.

Self confessed easy goer James, who admits that while being pretty well balanced, like anyone he still gets the occasional troubling issue, but when they do occur, he gets through them by writing songs about them. All the songs on this album are snapshots of what and who they are.

The collection of songs on this album are all heartfelt and have important messages behind them- the ironic Just Like Heaven depicts the damage that heroin can do to you, a small insight to what James has had to deal with. But mostly the songs represent every day things, Complicated is a long distance love song detailing if you think it’s worth it, you’ll do everything in your power to have it. Helen Of Troy refers to the mythical lass and taps into your perception of a flawed lover as the perfect one and oddly enough, Style To Be, which a song about “wearing the one you love”, sounds a bit Silence Of The Lambs to me…

All in all, Circuit are very talented. If like me you’re a subconscious rock chick or chicken then you’ll probably like this an awful lot without really knowing why. “Look out, you know that I’m down, but soon I’ll be on top, ‘cos what comes around goes around” yeah.

- Rachel King


Chapter 11 (Independent) - 2000, Produced by Peter Gilroy

Circuit (Top Sail) EP - 2003, Produced by Dale Penner

Circuit (Top Sail/WEA) - 2006 - Eau De Humanity (Full Length)



Not too many bands have the resume that Circuit has. The band has performed along side Kansas, Buckcherry, Everclear, Finger 11, Vince Neil (Motley Crue), Candlebox, Cinder Road and so many more. Circuit has had three tracks in MTV productions including Real World Denver and Road Rules. They continue to amaze audiences by the thousands with performances for the Chicago White Sox, Cincinnati Reds, Memphis Redbirds, the IRL, The NHL, Six Flags and more.

How many bands can claim that they were discovered by radio legend Casey Kasem and made a record with Dale Penner (Nickelback, Holly McNarland, Matthew Good and many others).

The band is gearing up for a great 2008 with foreign licensing deals for their debut "Eau De Humanity" coming in at a feverish pace. The record will move any listener on an emotional roller coaster with driving songs such Deficiency to great heartfelt, sentimental ballads as "Helen Of Troy". The band is one of those rare finds that offers something to every music lover.

Circuit won the title of "Best Canadian Band" by Z-98 last year in Sioux City, Iowa (Clear Channel) and have been nominated again this year.