Circumference of the Sun

Circumference of the Sun


My music is a mix of hip hop, reggae, rock, and funk. It's also very pyschedelic and experimental. The drums are souped up as they are the aspect binding the music together and really giving character to the type of style that I am even now still forming based on flowing stream over steady mountain.


My influences range from bands like Tool, Mars Volta, Incubus, and Red Hot Chili Peppers to various composition by Nobuo Uematsu and Hitoshi Sakimoto who compose music for the video games of Final Fantasy. What sets me apart, is what sets us all apart in my beliefs that music speaks from a part of us unable to be expressed in words. They bring us closer to the world of emotions and can make us realize the true power in our hands as living, breathing, speaking human beings.


I have not officially released any material, but I hand out rough recordings of things for free at my shows. The last tape I finished I called Odyssey and was a half hour long consisting of three songs.

Set List

My next set, anticipating a forty-five minute set or so would consist of Tunnnel, Bobby's World 2, Hyperdash, Odyssey, Sat June 26, and Egytian surf. I have about two to three hours of material I could bring onstage, that I'll switch up from show to show if the sets are shorter.