BandMetalNew Age

A marvel of technical progressive metal, combining groove, layers and textures, brutal melodies, soothing sounds, and mathematical architecture. All instruments mix their own influences to create an original mix of the classic to the extreme. If you are looking for something new, this is it.


It all began in the Fall of 2000. Guitarist Cameron Conyer was scheduled in the same biology class as drummer Nick Tyleshevski in their sophmore year of high school. After some small talk the two decided to get together and jam. The writing chemistry exposed was on a very high level. The two began immediatley writing song after song. By the time they found their first temporary bass player in late of 2000, they had already written 10 songs. This ability to rapidly produce so many technically incredible songs at such a young age proved to be intimidating to many of the players who sought to join their project. For six years straight the two auditioned countless singers and bassists from their local Oklahoma City metro. Just as the two began to plan to move away from the seeming dead music scene they were contacted. Billy Mullanax had been recording songs in his home studio, programming all of his drum sequences. The material he was developing was similar in nature to that of which these two were writing. After Billy wathed a live rehearsal he was sold. The three began writing much of the material to be featured on the upcoming release, Nexxus Omni. A previous encounter, Adam Gagnon contacted Cameron, after a two month silence peroid. The bassist had been in another project with a mutual friend, which caused some stress for Adam. After accepting that he was more interested in Circumstance, he joined on full steam. Adam has brought a great deal of chaos to the stylings of Circumstance's metal music. All four of the instrumental players are a writing power house. Russel Pace joined the band withing two months of Adam. pace, a former member of the locally legendary band, Manifest Destiny, proved to be an incredible metal vocalist with a strong presence. The band is recording material as of now and plans on releasing their collective, Demonstrations of Sonic Phenomenon, later this year.


Demonstrations of Sonic Phenomenon-Due to Release late 2008.

Set List

We have an 30-45 minute long set. It consist of 8-10 songs. We play all of the material off the upcoming album.