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Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
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"Guitarrista peruano sobresale tocando ritmos de Latinoamérica"

Guitarrista peruano sobresale tocando ritmos de Latinoamérica - Música AP – ElNuevoHerald

Jul 23, 2010


The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES -- Han pasado casi cinco décadas desde que el músico peruano Ciro
Hurtado comenzó a tocar, a los 8 ó 9 años, una vieja guitarra que sólo tenía una
Desde entonces, su vida siempre ha girado en torno a las seis cuerdas de nylon.
Hurtado ha grabado cinco discos como solista y un cassette, dirige una banda
pionera del jazz andino, ha tocado con Strunz & Farah y ha grabado música para
películas. Siempre tocando ritmos como chacarera, triste ayacuchano, chicha,
bossa nova, flamenco, clásico, jazz, blues y rock.
"Durante mi niñez, no teníamos para más. Pero a esa cuerda (de la vieja guitarra
de mi papá) le sacaba todas las melodías", dijo Hurtado a la AP en una
entrevista reciente. "Después tuvo todas las cuerdas y mi hermano mayor me
enseñó a tocarla".
El músico promueve su más reciente grabación, "Guitarrista", de noviembre del
2009; solos de guitarra acústica que por primera vez destaca composiciones
propias. El sábado se presenta en el Museo de Arte del Condado de Los Angeles.
Su formación musical comenzó durante sus revoltosos años de adolescencia, cuando
coqueteó con el rock.
"Cuando los chicos de la secundaria formamos el grupo, el baterista no tenía
batería todavía. Golpeaba la mesa con la mano", recordó.
Tras abandonar la universidad en Lima, Hurtado emigró en 1975 a Estado Unidos en
busca de una mejor vida. Una vez en Los Angeles, decidió afinar sus
conocimientos musicales en el Guitar Institute of Technology, ahora llamado
Instituto de Músicos.
A partir de entonces inició una carrera profesional en la que resaltan sus
facetas como guitarrista solista y director musical del ensamble de jazz andino
Hurtado tocó unos años con Strunz & Farah y en el 2001 recibió la beca Durfee
para postgrado en música. Sus temas se han incluido en filmes como "Baraka",
"Dead Women in Lingerie", "Max is Missing", "Hope Street", "Monsters", "Perú: La
Gira Real" y "From Wharf Rats to Lords of the Docks".
Sus interpretaciones fluyen como aguas de río manso, aunque el músico de 55 años
dice que le cuesta fusionar ritmos latinoamericanos y modernos.
"Lo que sí, es que soy disciplinado. Practico tres, cuatro horas al día pase lo
que pase. Y cuando viajo siempre llevo una guitarra plegable, para tocar donde
sea", resaltó, dando como ejemplo su último viaje a Roma, donde usó su
instrumento acústico para dar un concierto de último minuto.
Y pese a sus éxitos y tres décadas de carrera artística dice no tener el talento
"casi sobrenatural" de algunos colegas.
"Yo veo al (peruano Raúl) García Zárate, (el argentino) Luis Salinas y (los
guitarristas de flamenco) Paco de Lucía, Manolo Sanlúcar y Vicente Amigo y digo,
'Es imposible tocar como ellos'. Pero como soy testarudo, he decidido
desarrollar mi lado artístico", puntualizó.
Entonces, ¿qué se necesita para ser un buen guitarrista?
En su caso, dice, se trata más que nada de esfuerzo y perseverancia.
"Para mí, la inspiración es la necesidad diaria de reaprender a tocar la
guitarra", apuntó. "Y claro, también necesitas feeling, swing, timing y groove,
que vienen del corazón".
En internet:

- Música AP – ElNuevoHerald

"Peruvian Guitarist Excels Playing Latin Rhythms"

Peruvian Guitarist Excels Playing Latin Rhythms - Music AP – El Nuevo Herald

July 23, 2010


The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES - It has been nearly five decades since the Peruvian musician Ciro
Hurtado began playing at 8 or 9 years of age. His first instrument was an old guitar that had only one string.
Since then, his life has always revolved around the nylon stringed guitar.
Hurtado has recorded five solo albums and one cassette, leads a pioneer
Andean jazz band, performed with Strunz & Farah, and has recorded music for
films. He has always specialized playing rhythms such as: Chacarera, Tristes, Chicha,
Bossa Nova, Flamenco, Classical, Jazz, Blues and Rock.
"During my childhood, we didn’t have for more. But with just one string (of the old guitar,) I would create all the melodies," Hurtado told the AP in a recent interview. "After I got all the strings my older brother taught me how to play."
The musician is promoting his latest recording, "Guitarista", released on November
2009. It features his solo acoustic guitar compositions. On Saturday he is performing in the Los Angeles County Art Museum.
His musical training began during his rebellious teenage years, when he
flirted with rock. "When I formed a band in high school, the drummer did not have a drum set yet. He banged the table with his hand," he recalled.
After leaving the university in Lima, Hurtado emigrated in 1975 to United States
seeking a better life. Once in Los Angeles, he decided to hone his musical skills at the Guitar Institute of Technology, now called Musicians Institute. From then he began a professional career with highlights as a lead guitarist and musical director of the Andean jazz ensemble Huayucaltia. Hurtado played a few years with Strunz & Farah and in 2001 he received the Durfee Master Musician Fellowship. His movie scores have included films like "Baraka," "Dead Women in Lingerie", "Max is Missing", "Hope Street", "Monsters", "Peru: The Royal Tour" and " From Wharf Rats to Lords of the Docks."
His performances flow like gentle river waters, although the musician of 55 years
says that it’s a laborious process to merge modern and Latin American traditional folk rhythms.
"I am very disciplined. I practice three to four hours a day no matter what happens. And when I travel I always carry a foldable guitar to play anywhere" he noted, giving the example of his last trip to Rome, where he used his portable acoustic instrument for a concert at the last minute.
And despite his successes and three decades of career he modestly says that he does not have the talent "almost supernatural" of some of his colleagues.
"I see the (Peruvian) Raul García Zárate, (Argentinian) Luis Salinas and (the Flamenco guitarists) Paco de Lucia, Manolo Sanlucar Vicente Amigo, and I say, It is impossible to play like them. But I'm stubborn, and I decided to develop my own artistic side," he said.
So, what does it take to be a good guitarist?
In his case, he says, it is effort and perseverance. "For me, inspiration is the daily need to relearn how to play the guitar," he said. "And of course, you also need feeling, swing, timing and groove, coming from the heart."

Translated from Spanish by Cynthia Harding
- Associated Press

"New Age Radio Review"

New Age Radio Review

The sound of a Spanish guitar has always had something mystical and vivacious whether at a campfire, a Mexican restaurant, or on vacation. Another musician who has already launched four albums on the market is Ciro Hurtado, a Peruvian artist who now lives in the U.S. With his fifth album "Guitarrista" he has set another milestone in South American guitar music.

Whether the dreamy title "Para Amanda" and "Agua Dulce" or the more vivid "Cuentos de Chacarera", one can hear that Ciro Hurtado is a master of his trade. It wasn't nor nothing that he's shared the stage with well known musicians and composed titles for very well known movies such as "Dead Women in Lingerie" or "Monsters". Listening to his album one begins to long directly for South America and its culture. His music spans the gamut of traditional Latin-American music to fusion Latin jazz.

The precision with which he strikes the strings is true music to the ears and a delight to the listener's heart. More about Ciro Hurtado at Myspace or at his website



Issue # 97 REVIEWS

Ciro Hurtado - GUITARRISTA: Nothing suits me better than a (musical) "change of pace"... though this is (U.S.-based) Peruvian guitarist Ciro's 5th solo CD, it's my first listen to his splendid solo guitar - what's most impressive about his nylon-string guitar playing is the variety of moods he plays in... his energy for communicating the joy and beauty of life through these 11 all-original tracks is inspiring and will yield many hours of repeated listens. There is nothing "rushed" about his playing, and though pieces like the opener, "Cuentos de Chacarera" are very upbeat (in a Latin-jazz way), many of the other tracks create a more pensive mood for the listener. My favorite cut on the CD is actually "Agua Dulce" (link is for a great YIDIO video of him playing this tune), which makes me see visions of dancing the night away on a terrace looking out from high mountains over tumbling springs feeding life in the valleys. I was unable to find (direct link) sample tracks, but you can get a taste for the music at Ciro's MYSPACE PAGE; you can also buy the CD from that page. What is easy to discern, whether listening to this CD or watching him play on YOUTUBE is that he's totally in communication with the muse. He's one of the best solo guitarists I've listened to in 2009 and clearly rates my MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating. The CD gets an "EQ" (energy quotient) rating of 4.92. Get more information at Rotcod Zzaj

December, 2009

"Ciro Hurtado - Guitarrista"

(c) (p) 2009 Inti Productions

Ciro Hurtado is truly an outstanding guitarist. He easily performs in various genres from Classical/Jazz to Latin/Flamenco and even World/New Age music. His style is full of elegance and finesse.
Ciro Hurtado plays very diverse compositions on the artist’s fifth solo album “Guitarrista”. All compositions are skillfully played and they are very emotional.
Ciro Hurtado is a virtuoso guitarist. His instrument conveys smallest nuances of human feelings. And each composition is a particular life story which is told very expressively. This music seriously stirs the soul.
What can else be said about the artist? Ciro Hurtado is one of most prolific and accomplished Peruvian guitarists based in the United States. He has scored and participated musically in various feature films and documentaries.
But I want to add to aforesaid that Ciro Hurtado is a guitarist from God. His playing is very accurate and graceful. His flageolets and staccatos are a real pleasure for ears. Also, his style is very romantic and life-asserting.
The album “Guitarrista” will be the adornment of each music lover’s collection because Ciro Hurtado is a unique guitarist.

Serge Kozlovsky

"Beauty of a Versatile Guitarist"

Beauty of a Versatile Guitarist

December 28th, 2009 Author: John P. Olsen
There are a multitude of genres where an acoustic guitar enables an artist to express themselves personally. When placed in the hands of a skilled musician, this stringed instrument becomes a beautiful companion, telling everything about the artist with each passing measure.

Ciro Hurtado is one skilled solo guitarist or guitarrista from California, whose performances include Traditional Latin, American Folk, World, Fusion, Latin Jazz, and many more popular genres, becoming adapted to many forms of personal expression.
His natural talent, along with studies at the Guitar Institute of Technology have placed him in a well recognized stature as a musician, highly regarded for his artistic technical abilities and versatile rhythms for many years now.
Ciro’s musical compositions on guitar are not limited to specific categories since his adaptable styles also range from more traditional Jazz, Flamenco, Classical, Pop, Blues, and Rock, so versatility does play an important role in his music.
Guitarrista is the 5th album to explore his talents as a guitarist, where many rhythms and sub rhythms on this project are abundant, in a solo album that finds many points of interest during this thoughtful encounter with individualistic expression. Latin influences play an important factor during his many changes in style too, as both hands connect with the strings in a well versed manner.
Performing without percussion, brass, or winds, his solo touch of the strings give multiple layers of well versed melodies and nicely done sub rhythms, giving me the impression that any added musical accompaniment would be unwanted sound that just gets in the way of his unique approach to this solo guitar album.
John P. Olsen
The intricate patterns, along with a relaxed atmosphere, greatly emphasize his individual composing and performance skills, while also telling a beautiful story to his audiences.
Some of the pieces in this album were written a few years back and others were composed specifically for this project. "Each piece has a story, a place in my life, a part of who I have become on this long journey."

Besides his solo projects, and performing with Strunz and Farah, he founded the popular group Huayucaltia, touring in the U.S. and other countries while opening for Sting, Jackson Browne, Carlos Vives, and other highly regarded artist. His numerous movie and documentary musical score credits are recognised in the film industry as well, since producers have also taken note of his versatility as a guitarist.
Ciro Hurtado’s prior albums In My Mind & Tales From Home both have accompaniments that blend just right with acoustic guitar, and expert performances are shown in all of his albums.
This comes from a person who recognizes that the guitar is really just a pretty instrument, and that a beautiful outcome is always dependent on whose hands the guitar is placed.
- New Age Music


Ciro Hurtado

Acoustic guitarist Ciro Hurtado always wanted to compose and record an album to showcase the many genres that have influenced his life - Latin American Folk, Jazz, Flamenco, Pop, Blues. On “Guitarrista” he surely accomplishes that goal. Not just another Nuevo Flamenco recording. This CD “sings” with many voices and, as such, is a must have for acoustic guitar fans. Hurtado, is not only a supremely talented player but his compositions across a wide spectrum reflect an astoundingly broad understanding of the myriad genres.

Bill Binkelman
New Age Retailer Magazine
March, 2010
- New Age Retailer Magazine

"Album Review: Guitarrista by Ciro Hurtado"

Collected Sounds
Album Review: Guitarrista by Ciro Hurtado
posted in Album Reviews |

Album Name: Guitarrista
Artist: Ciro Hurtado
Year/Label: 2009 / Independent

Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds
I maybe didn’t go into this one with a completely open mind. I tend to dread reviewing instrumental music because I am so much more drawn to lyrics and stories and poetry in music. In many cases the “music” is just the delivery system. (though not all…Radiohead for example, I have no idea what he’s saying most of the time, but I love love love it)
That said, this album enchanted me much than I expected it would. Not only do I struggle with instrumentals, I’m a fan more of piano than guitar. But there’s something about that flamenco/Latin frenetic guitar sound that energizes me and this album has that by the truckload.
Ciro Hurtado is clearly a very talented guitarist. There’s so much emotion in each note.
While I’m not going to do into the intricacies of this record (because I am sorely lacking in knowledge of all that) I’m going to say that it’s a great accessory for setting the mood whether it be a nice dinner party or just cranking it up with headphones and daydreaming.
- Collected Sounds


Guitarrista is a gorgeous solo acoustic guitar album of original compositions written and performed by Peruvian native Ciro Hurtado. This collection is a reflection on the many styles of music that have influenced Hurtado over the years, including Latin American folk, jazz, flamenco, classical, blues, pop, and rock. Hurtado has been actively performing since the early 1970s and came to the US in 1975 to study guitar privately and at the Guitar Institute of Technology. He was with Strunz and Farah for a few years and went on to become one of the founding members of Huayucaltia. He has recorded and co-produced seven albums with that group as well as touring extensively. Guitarrista is his fifth album as a solo artist. Completely at home with his nylon-string guitar, Hurtado casts a spell of warm reflection as he tells the stories of his life with his unique, quiet, and very personal musical style.

“Cuentos de Chacarera” begins the set with a piece that is both upbeat and somewhat mysterious. A variety of musical influences and styles can be heard from the very first notes, as can Hurtado’s mastery of the instrument. “Para Amanda” is as gentle and sweet as a spring breeze. “Para Mi Amigo” feels like an intimate and tender conversation with a very close friend, speaking without reservations and from the heart. “Agua Dulce” flows gently and freely with occasional sparkles dancing on the water. “Spanish Heart” has a flamenco influence, but the passions here smolder rather than bursting into flame. “Ayahuasca” has some fascinating rhythmic patterns and almost sounds like two or three guitarists playing together - very beautiful and deeply emotional. “Rayito de Sol” is as warm and soothing as the sunshine it depicts. “Un Adios” is a brief but very meaningful “goodbye.”

Guitarrista is an exceptional solo guitar album that creates a tranquil, reflective mood. It is available from, Amazon, CD Baby, and iTunes. Highly recommended!

Kathy Parsons



"Peruvian Guitarist Ciro Hurtado - CD Guitarrista"

Peruvian Guitarist Ciro Hurtado CD Guitarrista
By Barbara Cronin
What a delight to listen to the Latin American music of Peruvian Guitarist, Ciro Hurtado.
His previous releases and performances express a wide range of artistry from Folk, Classical, Flamenco, Jazz, Blues, Pop, and Rock music.
His latest solo release, Guitarrista is a blend of compositions that reflect his many accomplished styles. Anyone who appreciates the artistry of the guitar will not be disappointed.
What is most impressive is the feeling you get while listening. There seems to be no limit to Hurtado’s skills in composing as well as performing his musical artistry.
You will find his CD’s in the South American World Music section, eagerly awaiting you to take a musical tour through various genre’s of expressive guitar. Ciro Hurtado shared that in Guitarrista “each piece has a story, a place in my life, a part of who I have become on this long journey.”

Read a Rave Review of Guitarrista
Looking for an acoustic guitar CD by an artist who has mastered the guitar as well as a wide range of musical genres?
Check out Ciro Hurtado’s Guitarrista. This fifth solo CD is a true reflection of the musical genius’ talent and expert ability to play melodic, harmonious acoustic guitar in various genres. These include traditional Latin American rhythms to more modern Latin-Jazz fusions.
As this true Guitarrista explains for years he’s wanted to create an album that showcases his musical talent in various genres. Here’s how Hurtado relates in his own words what this CD, Guitarrista, is all about;
“For many years I have wanted to produce an album of my solo guitar compositions, a reflection of the many styles: Latin American Folk, Jazz, Flamenco, Classical, Pop, Blues, and Rock, that make me the Guitarrista that I am today.”
A Harmonic Combination of Traditional Latin American and Modern Fusion Music
A listen to this CD takes you on a magical, peaceful journey into another world. A world characterized by peace, harmony, and melodic rhythms that transform your day to one of relaxation and enjoyment.
Eleven different tracks take you on a trip that is true to Hurtado’s goal of creating a CD that brings together all of his various musical talents. This CD is easy to listen to any time of the day during any event of life. Start your morning with a gentle wakening with the melodies on this CD, relax into the end of your day and feel the tensions of the day slip away as his smooth, mesmerizing sounds fill the air and soothe your soul.
Each of the eleven tracks on this CD is a must hear, a tune that will touch your mind with peace and harmony, gently ushering you to more peaceful and calm places.

Hurtado’s Musical History
Hurtado began his musical career in the seventies in his native land of Peru. In his high school years he played at music festivals, weddings, funerals, birthdays, and the like. During this time in Peru there was a strong return to traditional Latin American music and a parallel draw to rock and roll. These are the two most influential sounds heard in Hurtado’s music today.
Arriving in the United States in 1975 Hurtado studied guitar at The Guitar Institute of Technology. He’s extensively toured both the United States and Peru on his own, as a member of the group Huayucaltia. He’s also opened for such artists as Sting and Jackson Browne.
He’s played with numerous renowned artists such as Strunz and Farah. Hurtado has also participated in creating soundtracks for numerous films and documentaries.

- Circles of Light

"Ciro Hurtado - Guitarrista"

Ciro Hurtado is an American-based Peruvian guitarist of some note, providing music for many movies and documentaries in the USA. Guitarrista is his third album of acoustic guitar pieces penned by himself. With just a solo nylon string guitar, no accompaniment, Mr. Hurtado conjures up a selection of wonderful vignettes harking back to his Peruvian homeland. What you have is a mixture of idioms: Latin American, Latin-jazz, and traditional folk. One can understand why Guitar legend Ry Cooder is a fan. Far less frenetic than the equally impressive Mexican duo of Rodrigo and Gabriela [no tributes to Led Zeppelin here], the style on this album is more reminiscent of classical guitarist John Williams, where the fingers and the guitar simply become one. The whole album just emits a gentle ambience throughout, calming and rejuvenating, so it can be listened to on many levels. It is easy to forget how beautiful the acoustic guitar sounds without all the electronic fripperies that most musicians use today - and dare one say, rely on. But I suggest you try the gorgeous Para Amanda as an example, or the opening track Cuentos de Chacarera to hear what I mean. I suppose if I was a guitarist myself I could describe in more scholarly language just how good Guitarrista is, but really all I can say is if you love acoustic guitar music then buy this album. At the very least sample any downloadable tracks from the website listed below and then buy direct or try the usual on-line sales outlets.
For more information about this artist and album and availability visit:

December 2009
- The Borderline Review


Ciro Hurtado Ciro is a well-known artist
and is a guitarist-composer from Peru who has just put
out this delightful album. His guitar work ranges from
the very traditional Latin American genres to the more
sophisticated fusion Latin-Jazz idioms. His guitar work
is the most contemporary sound heard today on the
nylon string guitar. He truly has a beautiful way of
expressing his musical vision and there is no limit to
his composition skills.
- EAGLEyeOne Magazine


Guitarrista - Inti Production Recordings - 2009
This album was released at the end of 2009, it has gotten significant airplay wordlwide. Guitarrista has been nominated as "Best Instrumental Album" by the ZMR in 2009. It is available on

Guitarra - Inti Production Recordings - 1996

The Magic Hour - Inti Production Recordings - 1995

Echoes of the Andes - METACOM - 1994

Tales from Home - ROM Records - 1993

In My Mind - ROM Records - 1989



Ciro Hurtado is a guitarist-composer from Peru who has been actively performing since the early seventies. His early musical career started during his high school years in Lima, performing in music festivals, theater recitals, weddings, birthdays and even funerals.

He arrived in the USA in 1975 where he studied guitar with private teachers and at the Guitar Institute of Technology. Later he joined Strunz & Farah, for a few years performing at the Montreaux Jazz Festival in Switzerland,Vancouver Folk Festival in Canada, Havana Classical Guitar Festival in Cuba, Kennedy Center and a tour of Peru.

Ciro is one of the founding members and currently the musical director of the group Huayucaltia. He has toured extensively in the United States and Peru with them, sharing the stage with artists such as Jackson Browne, Holly Near and Carlos Vives. He has released seven albums with Huayucaltia. As a solo artist he has produced and recorded five albums where he leads a Latin Jazz band comprised of top L.A. musicians, featuring notable players such as Alex Acuna and Justo Almario, among many others. His solo effort includes "In My Mind," "Tales from Home," on ROM Records; "The Magic Hour," "Guitarra," under his own label; "Echoes of the Andes," on the Canadian label METACOM and his latest solo guitar release, "Guitarrista," on Inti Production Recordings. In addition, he has produced and recorded albums for Huayucaltia, LA Law's Michele Greene, Conjunto Jardin, Rosalia Leon and many other talented artists. Most recently he was awarded the prestigious Durfee Master Musician Fellowship.

Ciro has scored and written themes in various feature films and documentaries such as "Baraka," "Dead Women in Lingerie," "Max is Missing," "Hope Street," "Monsters," "Peru: The Royal Tour," "From Wharf Rats to Lords of the Docks."

What the critics are saying about the music of Ciro Hurtado:

".. an elegantly polished guitarist, who can evoke flourishes of flamenco or .. jazzy staccato runs .. with consummate ease."
Richard S. Ginell - Los Angeles Times

"Combines the dexterity and elegance of the Spanish Classicists with the romantic imperative of South America."
Mark Rowland - Musician Magazine

"The melody line transports you to a different world"

"Music that ranges from plaintive and bitter sweet to borderline rageful... a genuine find."
David Silverman - Chicago Tribune