San Jose, California, USA

Citabria is an alternative rock band from San Jose with stuttering, Moog bass line, soaring vocal harmonies and jet-plane guitars.


Citabria is an alternative rock band based out of San Jose, California. Formed in 2008, the band’s debut EP, The Stereo Guillotine, was released in 2010 and immediately started gaining recognition locally, as well as overseas. The Stereo Guillotine was sold on several of Germany’s top online music distribution sites and also made it possible for the band to perform in Portugal for Açor Talentos, their version of American Idol. The following year, Citabria won a gold medal for the Your Music Olympicks Battle of the Bands. Citabria has opened for acts such as Awolnation at the San Diego IndieFest and The Limousines at the Left Coast Live music festival. It has also landed spots on the online music streaming sites Pandora, Spotify, and iTunes.

In 2013, the band managed to raise a $6,000 Kickstarter campaign to fund the recording of its full-length album, Exit Reality. The LP was recorded at Jingle Town Records (owned by the band Green Day) and was released in early 2015.  In 2016, the band is releasing a series of singles, including "Take My Heart" and "Night Train."

Praise for Citabria:

"San Jose’s Citabria has turned four musical upbringings into a driving passion for perfectly crafted rock." ~Aaron Carnes | Metro Newspaper~

"Citabria has sculpted a niche for themselves like no other local band I’ve heard. They have successfully fused modern dance beats to their rock-borderline-shoegaze sound. "
~Keenan Fry | The Spartan Daily~

"The Stereo Guillotine is an album for the mind and soul."  ~Chris Popp |

"Their set was possibly one of the best performances I have seen this year; it was full of energy, passion, ambiance, and ingenuity!"  ~Barbara Wahli | 52 Bands in 52 Weeks~


Singles (2016)
1) Take My Heart 
2) Night Train

Exit Reality (2015)

1) Earthship
2) The Animal
3) In Your Eyes
4) Hey Now
5) Don't Walk Away
6) Exit Reality
7) Let Go Release
8) Existential Dimension
9) Ultraviolet
10) Desperation
11) Poison On The Moon
12) Remember To Breathe
13) Lead The Way
14) Break The Universe

The Stereo Guillotine (2010)
1) Don't Blame Your Self
2) The Wrong Way
3) Running Through The Night
4) Behind The Door
5) The Flood
6) Find Your Path
7) The Last Pyramid
8) Stereo Guillotine

Set List

1. Break The Universe
2. In Your Eyes
3. Hey Now
4. Take My Heart
5. Night Train
6. The Animal
7. Let Go Release