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San Jose, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | SELF

San Jose, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2008
Band Alternative Rock




"Citabria Takes Our Heart, One Note at a Time"

Citabria is a noteworthy band that has been thriving in the California music scene. Earlier this year we saw the group releasing their latest single, "Take My Heart," to the praise of fans and critics alike. One of the first of several singles the group plans to launch this year, we had a chance to sit down and chat with the band, as we talk about their past, present and future as Citabria. - Paste Magazine

"California's Citabria Takes Our Hearts"

Citabria grabs our attention and ears, with their single for "Take My Heart." Hailing from San Jose, CA, Citabria delights with their brilliant and notable brand of indie rock. -

"Citabria – ‘Take My Heart’ (Official Lyric Video)"

While Citabria pleads for someone to “Take My Heart” they have definitely captured mine. The band really have something here and I’m happy that I can support them. - Music Is My Life

"Citabria Brings Us the Goods"

Citabria is a much buzzed about band hailing from San Jose. Gaining momentum as they have opened for acts such as Awolnation and The Limousines, the group has been increasingly making a name for themselves in 2016. A massive tour and a stop at SXSW this year, have been wrapped around new pieces such as "Take My Heart," the latest song and video from the band. Releasing a series of singles this year in the follow up to their last release, "Exit Reality," we see the band starting to experiment with new territories. We took time out to speak with Citabria, as they clue us in to what the year has to hold for the band. - No Depression

"Indie 5-0: 5 Questions with Citabria"

Citabria is a band from San Jose, CA, who have been making waves with their new video and single for “Take My Heart.” Bringing a bit of electo-flare into the line up, the group delivers a punch of sound, heading into their unofficial shows at SXSW this year. Last year we saw the group release their latest record, “Exit Reality,” and 2016 is already on the rise for Citabria. This year they will be releasing a series of singles which has kicked off with “Take My Heart,” which has us eager to hear more. - Independent Artist Buzz

"Citabria – Take My Heart – Official Lyric Video"

New single and lyric video from Citabria for “Take My Heart.” The song has a funky, retro, electro pop vibe to it. For more check out their album Exit Reality. - Idiosyncratic Transmissions

"Citabria Launches Energetic Single, Video for 'Take My Heart'"

Citabria is an alternative rock band based out of San Jose, California. Currently the group have just launched their video for the infectious new video, "Take My Heart," which premiered via The Huffington Post late last week. The energetic piece is from the group's latest record, Exit Reality, which is out now. Citabria will also be playing at this year's SXSW in Austin, Texas. - Broadway World

"Citabria Wants to “Take My Heart”"

Citabria is sharing with the ComicPop listeners “Take My Heart”. This single has a heavy base rhythm and electronic sound that would feel comfortable in any club scene. So get the weekend started early and check out Citabria’s lyric video to “Take My Heart” through their YouTube channel. - Comic Pop Library

"Chats with Chaka Khan, The Rubens’ Sam Margin and Teddy Thompson & Kelly Jones, Plus Dagmar, Greg Laswell, Dressy Bessy, Maya Azucena, Michael Mazochi, Citabria, Shred Kelly, The Ragbirds and JD & The Straight Shot Premieres"

Citabria’s "Take My Heart" Exclusive Video Premiere - Huffington Post

"SoFA Street Fair: Free For All"

LUCHA LIBRE: Rising San Jose alt-rock quartet Citabria play the SoFA Street Fair. - Metro Newspaper

"Behind the Music: How local musicians are paying the bills (part five)"

Leopoldo Larsen: Citabria // Boxing Coach at Hitfit SF
Leo and his band Citabria are gearing up to release their monthly brand-new single in the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime check out their brand new music video here or download their album Exit Reality. - The Bay Bridged

"SoFA Street Fair SPRING 16 Cheat Sheet"

We walk around with the entire internet in our pockets, calling up ride-sharing services from our mobile devices and perusing menus online whilst en route to our favorite restaurants. The world is at our fingertips and waiting… well, that is so 20th century.

The organizers of the annual SoFa Street Fair certainly have gotten the memo—or email… or, uh… status update? Fans of local art and music won’t have to wait until fall for the return of the SoFA Street Fair, as an abridged installment of the annual festival is slated for this weekend.

The one-day SoFA Street Fair SPRING 16 will feature speakers, bands, DJs, opera, art exhibitions and even a few pile-drivers. And all of it is taking place on South First Street, Sunday, April 24.

With performances at Aura, BackBar SoFa, Café Stritch, The Continental, Haberdasher, Miami Beach Club, The Ritz, SoFA Market and more, there is a whole lot going on in a short amount of time. It’s all free, so the only thing you have to sweat is deciding who to check out. This cheat sheet ought to help with that.

Citabria: progressive, alternative; The Ritz Stage, 7pm - Metro Newspaper

"SXSW Tour Diaries: Part 1 (Sit Kitty Sit, Citabria, ruido/mm)"

Citabria "takes our hearts" at the festival this year and share their SXSW adventure. - Ethnocloud

"Citabria - "Take My Heart""

San Jose band Citabria released their new single, "Take My Heart", last week. - Quirky New York Chick

"Citabria - Take My Heart (Official Lyric Video)"

Citabria have released their new single 'Take My Heart'! - Shout It Loud Reviews


I receive so many great submissions on a regular basis and being a one man shop limits the amount of time I have to write about every artist I am intrigued by. In an effort to shine a mini spotlight and to get a bit more exposure for those artists I am digging at the time, I am going to start a hot submissions playlist on a weekly basis for everyone and anyone interested in getting to know my taste in music. These 30 handpicked songs make up Volume 1. Check it out! - Through My Headphones

"Citabria on The Unbound Sound Show"

Podcast: - FCC Free Radio

"LIVE 105’s 15 Best Local Band Songs Of Summer 2015"

I could not be more proud and impressed with the current state of our own Bay Area music scene and wanted to pay homage to it by highlighting the 15 best local band tracks of Summer 2015 – as heard on Soundcheck radio, Sunday’s 9pm-12am here on LIVE 105.

9. Citabra – Animal
On The Web: | Facebook | Twitter
Hometown: San Jose
Upcoming Show: No Bay Area Dates Announced

1. Where might we find you hanging out in your hometown on the weekend when you don’t have a gig or are at band practice?
Leopoldo (Lead Vocals/ guitar) coaching at Polk Street boxing in San Francisco.
Nate (guitar/ FX) can be found at a bar in Campbell/ Los Gatos area.
Keviano (drums/ sexy) is usually producing music fulltime or working out.
Edgar (bass/ vocals) is usually spending time with his family on weekends.
2. What Bay Area high schools and/or local colleges did you all attend?
Leopoldo went to El Camino high in south San Francisco.
Nate went to Saratoga High.
Edgar went to Yerba Buena
Keviano graduated from San Jose High
3. What charity are you extremely passionate about and would like your fanbase to make a donation?
Leopoldo highly supports Rock Steady Boxing for people with Parkinson’s disease. You can read more about how to support through their website at
4. What was your very first concert you ever attended?
Leopoldo seen the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Stone Temple Pilots year 2000 tour.
Nates first concert was unfortunately, a Sheryl Crow and Dishwalla at the Warfielf when he was 15. Favorite concert was Rage against the machine!!
Keviano’s first experience was a Van Halen Concert.
Edgars first concert was a Dredg show in San Francisco at Bottom of the Hill.
5. What are 5 bands that shaped your life and had a monumental impact on you growing up?
Leopoldo has been shaped by Rush, Tool, The Mars Volta, Mutemath, and Muse.
Nate grew up listening to Michael Jackson, Nirvana, Metallica, A tribe called Quest and Tupac
Keviano grew up listening to bands like Slipknot, Korn, A Perfect Circle, Ova Looven.
Edgar grew up listening to high energy and break beats. It wasnt until he was a little older did he start to listen to music that involved actual playing.
6. Before you were rocking out in a Bay Area band, where did you work?
Nate and Edgars first jobs were as dishwashers for old folks home.
Kevianos first job was at a drum shop in San Jose.
Leopoldo used to work at Sony as a Video game tester.
7. What is the best thing that happened to the band so far in 2015?
Getting played on Live 105 Sound check is definitely at the top. Also we are now starting to catch the attention of some top music industry promo companies including management and indie label interest. That has been so Awesome! Also, having people request us every sunday has really been a blessing. We appreciate all the support we have been receiving.
8. What is the most f*cked up thing that once happened to the band while on tour?
We went on a small tour to Portugal to play on TV show (Portuguese Version of American Idol) as a guest performer. When we arrived off the plane we found out that they wanted us to lip sink over our song and we were so against it. We stood our ground and told the company to shove it. They reacted badly about our decision and threatened that the states embassy would hold us their until they sorted out who would be held liable for the investment. Long story short, we were able to calm them down and negotiate our way back into the United States. That was scary! - Live 105 Radio

"After Long Hiatus, Citabria Return To The Ritz With Silky Smooth New Album, ‘Exit Reality’"

“For some reason things are always hard for us,” says Keviano Azevedo, drummer for the San Jose-based progressive alternative quartet, Citabria. He’s got a point. Considering the band’s fraught seven-year history, it is a wonder they’ve made it as far as they have.

After their initial formation as a trio in 2008, the band spent over a year searching for a singer. In all, Azevedo estimates, they turned away around 50 applicants before settling on Leopoldo Larsen—former frontman of San Jose nu-metal/rap-rockers Zero Mind.

From there, they recorded The Stereo Guillotine EP—an energetic and highly technical set of eight songs. After releasing the EP on July 1, 2010, Citabria quickly earned a local following and started gigging like crazy. But still something wasn’t quite right.

“We wrote that album way too fast and out of excitement,” Azevedo explains. “It wasn’t getting recognized the way we wanted it to. We weren’t getting any radio play. It wasn’t socially friendly enough.”

And so they set out to write simpler songs. Or, as Azevedo puts it: “Something that we thought grandmas could rock out to—something girls would want to dance to.”

They began working with Bill Cutler—older brother to John Cutler, the Grateful Dead’s longtime sound engineer. Cutler became like a fifth member of the band, helping the group shape their songs.

Azevedo wasn’t into it. “I felt that we were losing our individuality and our identity,” the drummer says. “I started to feel like I was just going to practice as a job—but not getting paid.”

Azevedo had a falling out with Larsen and quit. He started playing for other bands—Anya Kvitka, Los Hotboxers and Eyes on the Shore, as well as accompanying DJ sets with live drumming.

Things eventually cooled off between Azevedo and Larsen. The two ran into each other after a show and got to talking and texting. Soon they were sending each other song sketches via email, and other band members got involved. After scrapping most what they had come up with while working with Cutler, they had 18 demos.

The next big hurdle came when they all got together in the same room for the first time to play the songs they had written using electronic music production software. “That was a challenge,” Azevedo says, but they eventually figured it out.

Citabria then took to Kickstarter to ask their fans for money, ran a successful campaign and headed into the Green Day-owned JingleTown Recording studios in Oakland to record what would become Exit Reality.

They tracked the album’s 14 songs in just eight days. But Exit Reality was far from being realized. After laying down all the music, the band found itself trapped in mixing purgatory. They went back and forth with JingleTown for an entire year, but the mix never came out right.

Finally, they requested the raw tracks from JingleTown and took the album home to mix it themselves—a process that would take yet another year of layering on effects and other general tinkering. They finally released the album on Feb. 24.

“It was exhausting,” Azevedo recalls. However, as long as it took, and as difficult as the road has been to get to this point, Exit Reality goes down as smooth as buttermilk.

Take “The Animal,” for example. Aaron Axelsen, program director for Live 105, recently played Exit Reality’s second track on his Sunday-evening new music program, “Soundcheck.” With a stuttering, Moog bass line, soaring vocal harmonies, jet-plane guitars, the song sounds like a cross between Muse, Depeche Mode and Dredg.

“The Animal” is directly followed by “In Your Eyes,” which takes cues from sultry PBR&B crooners like The Weeknd and Frank Ocean. Where The Stereo Guillotine was built upon dry guitar spasms and technical drumming, Exit Reality, is soaked in codeine-laced syrup and propelled by dance-ready rhythms.

Azevedo says the band is totally stoked on the new album and ready to hit the road. He says they are especially excited to share all their new tunes with their hometown fans for the first time live. “I know there is going to be really good turnout for this show,” he says. “I feel it.” - Metro Newspaper

"SoFA Street Fair 2015: Six Can’t-Miss Bands"

The SoFA Street Fair is returning for its second straight year since awakening from its decade-long hibernation last September. The Fair’s original reign, which lasted from 1992 until 2001, bookended one of the most exciting eras in the history of downtown San Jose—at least for fans of alternative art, music and culture.

It was a time when the South First Street Area arts district—SoFA—was thriving. The street was home to a glut of music venues, including Marsugi’s, the Cactus Club, F/X and Ajax. Nirvana, Helmet, Sublime, Green Day and No Doubt all played shows in the SoFA district.

But then the dotcom bubble burst, the Twin Towers fell and the SoFA district went into a decline—along with the rest of the country and downtown San Jose. Fil Maresca, organizer of the SoFA Street Fair, turned his attention to different ventures, but he never gave up on the district; he’s always kept an office in downtown San Jose.

Last year, seeing the effects of Silicon Valley’s second big tech boom—the new restaurants, bars and young professionals filling up the newly built apartment towers—Maresca felt that the time was right to “reupholster” his beloved SoFA Street Fair.

His instincts were spot on. With veteran ska-punks Fishbone headlining, and more than 50 local and national acts supporting, the festival was a success—drawing large crowds and garnering favorable press from a number of local outlets.

This Sunday, the festival returns with more than 70 bands performing on three outdoor stages and scattered at 13 venues around town. That’s a lot of music—literally more than any one person could hope to listen to on a given day.

Don’t let #FOMO send you into a tailspin. We’re here to help. Here is our list of six can’t-miss acts at the SoFA Street Fair. Follow this to the letter, enjoy your beer and the total absence of needing to make any kind of decision.

Citabria, San Jose
After taking a few years off to let intra-band tensions cool down, Citabria have returned with a blazing-hot mashup of psych-soul and alt-rock. They recently brought down the house at The Ritz, where they performed most of their excellent new album, Exit Reality. Key track, “The Animal,” absolutely rips with its stuttering, Moog bass line, soaring vocal harmonies and jet-plane guitars. - Metro Newspaper

"New Local Music: Citabria"

The South Bay Music scene continues to impress with this latest San Jose 4-piece Citabria joining the parade, that includes the likes of The Limousines, Picture Atlantic Beta State, The Trims, Curious Quail, Dredg, and Anya Kvitka.

I just debuted Citabria’s music last night on the Soundcheck radio show to a big listener reaction and I’m excited to catch them live this Friday night at The Ritz in San Jose.

— Aaron Axelsen, Live 105 Music Director - Live 105 Radio

"Santa Cruz Music Festival Is Set To Take Over The City [Event Preview]"

These days, the words ‘music festival’ bring to mind images of sprawling compounds, a long journey, and enough tents to fill a small city. And while we absolutely love that style of partying, it’s far from the only way to do it. What if a festival was taking place right in your own backyard; not just in a field your town has to offer, but as a part of the town itself?

For Bay Area locals, that idea has become a reality in the Santa Cruz Music Festival. A joint effort between Euphoric Styles, Good Times, and a host of other Santa Cruz organizations, SCMF will transform the iconic Pacific Avenue in downtown into a gathering of music and art comparable to none. Attendees will have access to 15 stages spread across over 12 venues, including the Blue Lagoon, MOTIV, and the quintessential SC concert hall, The Catalyst. The talent ranges from local to larger than life; over 70% of these DJs and producers are from around Santa Cruz County, while the headlining performances include legendary acts like RJD2, Delhi 2 Dublin, and Pep Love. Phase 2 of the lineup was just released earlier today, adding stellar artists like Mihkal, Psymbionic, Magic Bronson, and TV Broken 3rd Eye Open to the already eclectic assortment of musicians. And there’s still more to come!

So, if you’re looking a new way to experience a music festival, SCMF is where you want to be this October. More info on what you can expect, as well as the full lineup (thus-far) can be found after the jump; we hope to see you on the dance floor! - Your EDM


San Jose's Citabria has turned four musical upbringings
into a driving passion for perfectly crafted rock

KEVIN AZEVEDO can't remember when he started playing drums. According to his parents, it was some time around his second birthday.One moment that the drummer for San Jose rock band Citabria does remember is when he decided to make music a serious pursuit. "When I saw Van Halen on MTV, I knew I needed to find some good musicians," Azevedo says. He was 8.

It took a while, but in 2008 Azevedo and bass player Edgar Fernandez found Nate Dias, a guitarist with just as much talent and drive as they had. Like them, he was a person willing to spend every spare minute of his time sculpting their songs till they came out right.

The trio spent the next year and a half auditioning lead singers, which might seem like a long time, but when it comes to music, Citabria doesn't believe in cutting corners. "We are perfectionists. We are picky as hell," Azevedo says.

The one person who was able to pass the scrutiny of the audition, Leopoldo Larsen, was no beginner. Originally trained as a flamenco guitarist at age 6, Larsen would eventually join nü-metal band Zero Mind and sign to a major label. The band fizzled away, but Larsen left it wiser and with a few good connections in the music industry.

Once Larsen joined Citabria, the group played just one show before taking an entire year off to make an album. The Stereo Guillotine was recorded during the off-hours of the recording studio Larsen worked at. The band members had long nights at their disposal to lay down their parts, which they took full advantage of, each member recording their parts separately. "I spent, per song, eight hours by myself usually," Dias recalls.

The result was a highly polished alternative-rock album in the vein of Tool, Muse, Dredge and Mars Volt. It was full of lush, pop-inspired vocals; intense drumming; and gorgeous, complex guitar work. Though the songs are well-crafted, they are also densely packed with mood and feeling.

All the members of Citabria have been playing music their whole lives. "I grew up around Spanish music," says Fernandez, whose father played in a classical Spanish guitar trio and taught his son to play flamenco when he was just a boy.

Dias also grew up with a musician father who played in several cover bands. Dias picked up the guitar at age 12. He had big dreams of being a professional musician, but he considered himself a realist, so he went to "real school" after graduation. When it didn't work out, he enrolled in the Musician's Institute in Los Angeles to study recording engineering. "I already knew how to write songs. I wanted to teach myself something I knew nothing about. I don't like relying on other people to make myself successful," Dias says.

Azevedo's father, a Portuguese immigrant, played in several traditional Portuguese dance bands, something that Azevedo did too when he was in junior high school.

"Music is in all our blood," Dias says. What is also in their blood is ambition and a passion to carefully craft music. This patience and attention to detail has allowed them to create some technically proficient, dynamic rock.

For their second album, they have recruited producer Bill Cutler to help out. Dias convinced Cutler to work with them by telling him, "We are not rock stars. We are musicians. My idea of success is to not have a day job. I just want to play music." Cutler appreciated their determination and was comforted knowing they wouldn't quit a few years down the road.

While the members of Citabria want to go far in the music industry, they don't want to lose control in the process. "I don't think we want a label unless it's on our terms," Azevedo asserts. After only a short period of playing together as a four-piece, they've had a steady stream of local gigs to growing crowds, and have secured a spot in the San Diego Indie music festival. Perhaps strangest of all, they are going to be playing live on Portuguese TV on April 16. "It's the Portuguese version of American Idol. We are playing during the half-time event on the season finale," Azevedo says. - Metro Newspaper


Citabria is a Progressive Rock band from San Jose, California formed in 2008. Founded by drummer Kevin Azevedo and bassist Edgar Fernandez, they later united with guitarist Nate Dias and Guitarist/vocalist Leopoldo Larsen, to develop the powerful and unique sound of Citabria. The band incorporates elements that derive from the 1960’s to early 1970’s psychedelic rock but, also deliver a gravitational sound of todays pop hooks. With well written arrangements and orchestrated layers of sound texture, they explode with their heavy driven Latin Rock riffs that have caught the ears of some of todays top industry professionals like legendary Producer/Mixing Engineer Dave Schiffman ( Red Hot Chile Peppers, Weezer, System Of A Down, The Mars Volta, and Johnny Cash ) who recently in 2010 completed mixing their debut EP named “The Stereo Guillotine” and Mastering Engineer Howie Weinberg ( Deftones, Circa Survive, Beastie Boys, Limp Bizkit, Nirvana and Muse ). Wherever Citabria performs, they play like there’s no tomorrow, gaining amazing reactions from all different ages and listeners from different genres of music. - Broke Ass Stuart


Citabria, a local San Jose progressive rock band, was formed in 2008 by drummer Kevin Azevedo and bassist Edgar Fernandez. Later they united with guitarist Nate Dias and guitarist/vocalist Leopoldo Larsen to create their powerful and unique sound. The bands music incorporates elements of 60′s and 70′s psychedelic rock with the clever addition of modern pop hooks.

With well written arrangements and orchestrated layers of sound texture, they exploded onto the bay area music scene with their heavy driven Latin Rock riffs, playing shows like there’s no tomorrow, and gaining a loyal following from all different ages and backgrounds. - Left Coast Live

"Citabria at The Caravan 8/13/10 Review"

2010 San Jose Your Music Olympicks winners Citabria sure know how to pack a place out. Even with many of the surrounding streets closed down for an SJ event, the bodies were crammed in shoulder-to-shoulder at The Caravan, a San Jose rock club located at Almaden and San Fernando. It was getting close to 11:30pm when Leo, Nate, Edgar and Kevin picked up their instruments, and everybody went nuts as they opened with "Stereo Guillotine," the title track from their July release. Not only were people squished together on the floor, but a number of brave rock fans climbed up on chairs to get a better view. The 45-minute set even included a new song the band had been working on.

This band really knows how to perform, and the balance they strike between the rigors of emoting and tight musicianship is electrifying. There simply aren't any wrong notes or missed beats, and the captivating result is drawing people out to see them. It will be interesting to see where this band goes in the coming year. The day after the Caravan show, the guys headed down to Los Angeles to (I believe) shoot a music video. If there was one band (out of many talented bands in the region) that was going to go all the way, I'd have to say these guys are it. - Your Music Magazine

"Week 12 Review: Citabria"

Local music lovers are discovering the progressive rock sounds of Citabria (pronounced si-tah-bree-uh) this year, and let's just say that this talented foursome is taking the Bay Area by storm! Citabria rocked the X Sports Bar + Music Lounge at Homestead Lanes this past Saturday, impressing the masses and making many new fans. Their set was possibly one of the best performances I have seen this year; it was full of energy, passion, ambiance, and ingenuity!

Fresh off their 1st place win at the Your Music Magazine San Jose Edition of Your Music Olympicks, Citabria has been making more and more of an impact on the local scene. They are one of the few bands in which everything works together harmoniously; their music is powerful and unique, their stage presence magnificent, and their energy contagious! Kevin Azevedo is a solid drummer and powerful backbone with such relentless resilience on percussion; Nate Dias is an exquisite guitar player that's fun to watch as he integrates with the rest of the band; Edgar Fernandez grooves on bass, showing off his fervent technique that ties the music together; and Leopoldo Larsen is your quintessential front-man, with a compelling presence on guitar and vocals that dominates the stage.

I wish I knew all the song titles to give you a play-by-play of their set, but sadly I'm still discovering each song myself as I listen to their album The Stereo Guillotine in my car every day. What I can tell you is that it was impressive to see the audience crowd into the venue to watch Citabria with awe and amazement! There must have been close to 100 people that couldn't take their eyes off the stage, bobbing their heads in unison while this accomplished band gave them everything they had. It was an euphoric experience that took the venue by force with an unforgettable performance that will linger in the minds and souls of the audience for weeks, if not months! - 52 Bands By 52 Weeks

"CITABRIA - The Stereo Guillotine"

CITABRIA from San Jose California calling with their first EP The Stereo guillotine the attention of listeners, without overstretching it: easier said easily progiger psychedelic rock of the sixties and seventies combined with modern indie rock of the emotional variety: 30 Seconds to Mars. Playful guitars switch between delicate, shimmering and rocking riffend. Drums and bass meet the sometimes difficult task not only behind the characterful guitar playing, but in the course of seven songs themselves to gain profile and to almost take the lead. Singer and guitarist Leopoldo Larsen is vocally compare quite well with Jared Leto, between soulful whispers and emotional shouting for joy, he presses the pieces unmistakably his stamp on. Interesting is the almost thirty minute EP in its development: is the entry with "Don`t Blame Your Self", "The Wrong Way" and "Running Through The Night" still quite unremarkable but not bad, so take CITABRIA with "Behind The Door "only really ride on, races at" The Flood, "jump over" The Last Pyramid "and tear the energetic title track really upwards. One has the feeling that the band plays to similar hot then really to gamble like at a gig at first himself into a rage. Was mixed, the private pressing the way of star button pusher Dave Schiffman (including SYSTEM OF A DOWN, Red Hot Chili Peppers) and mastered by the no less famous Howie Weinberg, who has made a name for his work with Limp Bizkit or the Beastie Boys , That speaks for the potential of the group. Can check them out to the tunes on Myspace, it's worth it. One question remains: why the quartet named after a small American two-seater plane?

(translated from German) - FFM Rock

"Citabria - The Stereo Guillotine (2010)"

The five guys from San Jose gambled interesting alternative rock and debuts with the half-hour mini-album 'The Stereo guillotine'.

The voice of Leopoldo Larsen and diverse song structures reminiscent of The Mars Volta, only goes to the thing in the house Citabria something thoughtful to. The alternative guitars whir not so hectic and the songs themselves take it easy rather quiet. Dismiss Citabria than one copy of Bixler-Zavala-Rodriguez-Lopez-Connection, the band, however, does not do justice, but the music is more towards prog rock and bring the matter more to the point. In addition to the striking rhythm section of the opener, the powerful bass track enthusiastic even when varied 'the wrong way'. Alternative prog rock with great vocals and many sound ideas. Although the title loses through the inspiration loose guitar towards the end of something, it can convince in total. And also the following items are well managed. So shines the unusual 'running through the night' that support the chorus with great background, as well as 'behind the door' with strong percussion and just such a song. The first abundant chaotic acting 'the Floot' increases, although in the second half with snotty Drive and a great vocal melody, then forms but only the rear of the album. The remaining titles are, however, again in the green zone. In 'find your path' rumbling drums again so nice and cool guitar licks combine with the rock riffs to a strong overall sound. The title song is finally initiates through a fitting prelude and offers a great Plott with as much singing - and, important is not unnecessarily protracted.

The first release of the Californians provides very interesting songs and can be absolutely recommended. Despite the somewhat dull acting production make the prominent drums and the great bass really fun. The bright singing voice comes pretty good effect and fits perfectly with the modern arrangement Progsongs. That leaves you wanting more.

(translated from German) - Rock Album News

"CD-Review: Citabria The Stereo Guillotine"

Five man band from San Jose, California; the Sunshine State. However, the music is not quite as sunny, although they do not delight in all-encompassing melancholy - there was then but the Silver Surfer before.

However, it is very ... agile; cynics would call nervously. Take the entire YES Combo, it relies on ... hm, if it works? So over strong Chilean coffee, the one who makes a sober so that one stumbles into madness at the other end of sobriety (copyright this idea at Terry Pratchet; I just do not know how the coffee was there). And then you have CITABRIA, wherein on the trip a lot is lost in sophistication from YES-universe in favor of quite a inflow of energy. One can not have everything, and who thinks of "Topographic Oceans", know - that one must also not ..

The basis of the song is the Hard Rock, which is then refined with punky energy, melodic songwriting, often a ska rhythm moderate and good voice of Leopoldo.

In "Do not Blame Yourself" and "The Wrong Way," the Rhythm Guitar Plinkert because so lonely sounds in front of him, is gripped violently into the strings and keys to the chorus. Leopoldo sounds a little bit like Jon Anderson in a recent and tangible version, which is good; The dramatic quality is the same. Friend Edgar on bass holds the thing together, even if the clapper swings Kevin even wild and nervous sentiment still one uses it. "Running Through The Night" is not afraid before a Classic Hard Rock Riff Approach and represents whether perhaps even the title, especially since that is decked out with a strong chorus, and the Oh-Oh and Shubiduwa- choirs do their thereto. Leopoldo sets on lead strong accents - very well done, the track with hit potential in alternative radio (if there is somewhere)
Rather gloomy and melancholic but then it goes to where equipped with flat riffs "Behind The Door"; is, as far as I can trace that, lyrically rather crossly. Toward the end, however, the Riffhammer is unpacked again - good built the thing. "Find Your Path" has more than just traces of ska on, plus a stoic bass backbone and wonderfully flexible riffs and over again a very catchy chorus, plus staccato wah Lead Guitar. Another highlight. "The Last Pyramid" is an instrumental, and deserves the name - it is as such and it has not the impression that the verses would be missing.

So, who can make friends with the nervous-quick mood, has here an alternative prog album with high appeal, which you can listen very well and that combines the claim between art and commerce effortlessly into itself.

(translated from German) - Home of Rock

"Citabria / The Stereo Guillotine"

From San Jose, California USA, reached me with "The Stereo guillotine" of the Progressive rockers Citabria an EP that initially some unease evokes in me by title, who would want to put his 'turnip' in a double guillotine? I pull initially prefer my headphones on the 'spoon' and am curious what the EP has a good thirty minute offer.

First Leopoldo Larsens song, which seems to know about all high vocal ranges. Sometimes he climbs the scale is so high that I suspect a number of times a woman. Opening song "Don't Blame Your Self" ripples so to himself and merges seamlessly in "The Wrong Way on". Both parts are dominated by Leopoldo diaphragm. Sure, he can sing, but if he is well received by everyone? Although plague me some doubts, I like it. Instrumental song is not so bad, what to leave without grandiose posterity. Nevertheless, the band repels no means and offers with "Running Through The Night" an audition, which captivates with a catchy melody and slightly catchy chorus. The piece is one, the more often you can hear it, as catchy by! Anyway, I got the song all day not out of my head. Properly demanding Beyond with "Behind The Door", both instrumental, as well as vocally. Out tip number two!

With "Flood" takes the disc properly on driving. Premium tempo changes, great guitar runs, strong Bassgezupfe and some fusion, yes, so I Progressive Rock of high standard is on offer! Also "Find Your Path" is crocheted by the same pattern and is provided by me with another plus point! That there is no Larsen, demonstrates the band with "The Last Pyramid", even if only for one and a half minutes. Not bad, but far too short! For the final they have their title track "stereo Guillotine" canceled. In just under four minutes, they cut something extra. Stick-Spezi Kevin Azevedo plowed his skillfully hides and drives the band relentlessly. The can not splash out and drives the thing as out tip number three home skillfully.

Conclusion: The Americans have thrown no outstanding, but a good prog rock album in EP format on the market, in which I would like to at least recommend a preview. The songs they have created, despite some understandable melodies, quite varied and interesting. With extraordinary singer whose talent consists in the high vocal ranges buttersoft to sing, a superb drummer, good bass player and two respectable guitarists they have a good album produced. I can imagine that you get in the future still a lot to hear from this chapel.

(translated from German) - Rocktimes

"Citabria: The Stereo Guillotine (Review)"

It's nice to see that there are always times bands that under progressiveness not textbook compliant, masturbatory rattle off of Scales, chords and "We play now very doll crooked bars!" and "Look what we are for advanced skiers!" understand but actually act progressively.

In the case of Californians CITABRIA This means that elements of indie, rock, Britpop, post rock and alternative processes, but their respective genre stereotypes are completely undermined. Instead, Leopoldo Larsen and his compadres can simply guided only by their feelings and their intuition. This gives the music an exciting Citabria's uncertainty about what might come next - if you dance, dream, dream dance, relax, grooving, raising their fists or the hospitality close simply present only banned and should swing back.

CONCLUSION: "The Stereo Guillotine" is an album of soul and spirit, the band compares like a wet bar of soap. So much musical substance, so many facets and so a lot of creativity, is as present here in just half an hour, would have so many "conventional Prog band" like on their bloated 78-minute album.

(translated from German) -

"Citabria Takes Our Heart, One Note at a Time"

Citabria is a noteworthy band that has been thriving in the California music scene. - Paste Magazine

"Nelson Ponta-Garça is Juror for Açor Talentos"

The Citabria Band will play live with and the finalists will present their latest single. Actually in Açores, Citabria will work together with NPG Productions with the aim of creating a song with the winner of Açor Talentos. Citabria is a band progressive rock, formed in 2008 in San Jose, California. Founded by drummer Kevin Azevedo and bassist Edgar Fernandez, later incorporated guitarist Nate Dais and vocalist Leopoldo Larsen. These are the elements that created the powerful and unique sound of the band Citabria.

(translated from Portuguese -- see page 9) - Tribuna Portuguesa

"AçorTalentos the end this Friday in Portas do Mar"

The Sea Pavilion will host the Grand Final of the contest Goshawk Talent, on Friday, from 21.30 at one event supported by the Eastern Azores and RTP / Azores.
Daisy Cabral, Carlos Baião, Jessica Sousa, Joana Cabral, Fabio Baganha, Sofia Amaral, Rodrigo Rego, Stephanie Raposo, Helga Melo and Marina Silva are the finalists of the contest and the winner will be awarded a trip to the United States for recording one single CD.

The party continues the next day, April 16, with the concert of Citabria, to 22.00.

This is a band formed in 2008, Pop Rock, coming from San Jose, California that will work in conjunction with the NPG Productions with the aim of creating a song with the winner of Goshawk Talent.

(translated from Portuguese) - Açoriano Oriental

"Your Music Olympicks"

Holy Crap San Jose you really came out in full force to support your favorite Bands! After last nights stellar show at The Avalon we have been checking and double-checking the vote counts and are ready to announce the winners of the 2010 South Bay Your Music Olympicks Live Performance Event.

The Gold Medal goes to CITABRIA.

The Silver Medal was won by DIMIDIUM.

And the Bronze was close but CADENT took it.

The Avalon was an awesome host and we appreciate working with such a top-notch venue. All the bands played amazingly well, I enjoyed every last one of them. You will be seeing these bands doing big things in the future. I am putting together video from the show so look for that on the web site by Friday. And of course the full review and photos will be in the next YMM #81. - Your Music Magazine

"Citabria - The Stereo Guillotine"

Citabria come from San Jose and offer with their debut EP at a pretty indie rock album. It could make simple and say that the band as unexcited Mars Volta sound and exude a touch powerpop a la The Dear Hunter. Jo! This part is though only 30 minutes and here and there it could be something curiouser go, but all in all this is very funny.

The start has been made, the five boys are allowed to come back. Slightly more autonomy it needs to have, and a touch of experimental it should go. Then we still have a lot to expect from the band. I'm looking forward already.

At there the Downloads relatively cheap (s Link. Right, who desperately needs the CD, which was the relevant known as specialized dealers visit).

At best you get with the downloads on their page away. There you can also listen to the complete album completely.

(translated from German) - Progrock-DT


Singles (2016)
1) Take My Heart 
2) Night Train

Exit Reality (2015)

1) Earthship
2) The Animal
3) In Your Eyes
4) Hey Now
5) Don't Walk Away
6) Exit Reality
7) Let Go Release
8) Existential Dimension
9) Ultraviolet
10) Desperation
11) Poison On The Moon
12) Remember To Breathe
13) Lead The Way
14) Break The Universe

The Stereo Guillotine (2010)
1) Don't Blame Your Self
2) The Wrong Way
3) Running Through The Night
4) Behind The Door
5) The Flood
6) Find Your Path
7) The Last Pyramid
8) Stereo Guillotine



Citabria is an alternative rock band based out of San Jose, California. Formed in 2008, the band’s debut EP, The Stereo Guillotine, was released in 2010 and immediately started gaining recognition locally, as well as overseas. The Stereo Guillotine was sold on several of Germany’s top online music distribution sites and also made it possible for the band to perform in Portugal for Açor Talentos, their version of American Idol. The following year, Citabria won a gold medal for the Your Music Olympicks Battle of the Bands. Citabria has opened for acts such as Awolnation at the San Diego IndieFest and The Limousines at the Left Coast Live music festival. It has also landed spots on the online music streaming sites Pandora, Spotify, and iTunes.

In 2013, the band managed to raise a $6,000 Kickstarter campaign to fund the recording of its full-length album, Exit Reality. The LP was recorded at Jingle Town Records (owned by the band Green Day) and was released in early 2015.  In 2016, the band is releasing a series of singles, including "Take My Heart" and "Night Train."

Praise for Citabria:

"San Jose’s Citabria has turned four musical upbringings into a driving passion for perfectly crafted rock." ~Aaron Carnes | Metro Newspaper~

"Citabria has sculpted a niche for themselves like no other local band I’ve heard. They have successfully fused modern dance beats to their rock-borderline-shoegaze sound. "
~Keenan Fry | The Spartan Daily~

"The Stereo Guillotine is an album for the mind and soul."  ~Chris Popp |

"Their set was possibly one of the best performances I have seen this year; it was full of energy, passion, ambiance, and ingenuity!"  ~Barbara Wahli | 52 Bands in 52 Weeks~

Band Members