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The Best Thing Coming Out of Chicago in a very long time.....


Growing up in the night club atmosphere at the 50 Yard Line in Chicago, Citi Boi developed a trendsetting style of his own. Already being featured in XXL Magazine, on numerous Coast 2 Coast mix tapes, heavy radio rotation on stations like 107.5 WGCI, Power 92 Chicago, 88.9, Jammin 107.5, Hot 107.9 FM, Jango and many others. As well as performances at popular venues such as The 50 Yard Line and Giovanni’s in Chicago. Citi Boi says he added substance and energy to his style by patrolling the gritty pavement of the Chicago streets. He recognized that the only way to escape the bleak surroundings was to immerse himself in it and shed some sort of light. He says he wants to be a good male guidance by being a positive force in the hip hop community. Going from ‘Gutta to Clean’ Citi Boi has created nothing short of an up and coming monumental movement. Hitting the scene with his different appeal and fresh style which can be vividly heard in his hit single “Sip on 24’s”. Be your mind, your emotion. ” In a friendly battle, a challenge led him into rap when he realized his best piece of the puzzle was good. He’s a visionary, whose inspiration was Chicago bred. He raps about his pain, family, and what he went through in life. He’s a “street thug” like anyone you know, just an opportunist. Citi Boi takes his business seriously, and with that comes “Shorty Got a Body,” which you could have heard played on both 92.3 & WGCI, “Everyone can replay when a woman has a beautiful body,” and this song is just a drop of the creativity Citi Boi is about to bring to Chicago, or maybe seen his clothing line Chick Magnet. Citi Boi and Chic Magnet represent the lifestyle and swagger of a young man. A young man’s strength, integrity, wit, intellect, knowledge, sophistication, style, essence and aura of a man. Hear the strength in the music, and the positive angles he’s trying to take. Citi Boi hopes his voice will be a “movement to condition young makers to hustle” and follow his path


Shorty Got A Body LP released 2010

Sip on 24's LP released 2010

Set List

Shorty Got A Body
Sip on 24's
Club Kings
Shorty Got a Body