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Cities and Skylines

Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom | INDIE

Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom | INDIE
Band Rock Pop


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"Cities & Skylines"

For fans of: At the Drive In, Twin Atlantic, Lostprophets

Jim Says: Continuing the wave of amazing rock acts emergine from Scotland at the moment, Cities and Skylines are all set to take the leap to the next level.

Epic Alt Rock, packed with hooks, the boys' EP Hurdles oozes class.

It's perhaps predictable that I liken any rock act with a Scottish accent to Biggy Clyro. Truth is, Biffy are the benchmark, with Twin Atlantic the pretenders.

I'm rather proud of the fact I gave both their first ever radio play.
These two acts are paving the way for countless others, and if that assocation gets new talent some profile, I've not got an issue with it. The whole singing in a Scots accent thing is old hat, anyway.

For me it's about national identify and being proud of where you come from. Hearing so much new music coming through, Scottish singers with American accents now seem the exception. I think that's brilliant, and it really shows a change in perception.

It really came to light meeting up with the other panelists for STV's Scotland's Greatest Album. Aside from the obvious exceptions like Alex Harvey and The Proclaimers, it seems that our stars wanted to disguise their identity in the past.
Perhaps bands have felt it necessary to get taken seriously before, but that's all changed.

American has lapped up Scottish acts like Frightened Rabbit and WE Were Promised Jetpacks. If anything, a group like Cities and SKylines now have more of a chance to crack the States.

With the growth of the internet and music being more accessible than ever before, bands really have the whole world at their feets.

There;s no need now to pump out a wee release locally and hope it builds. All these bands have access to a global market. With the right exposure, Cities and Skylines' new EP could easily be a landmark release.

With big producation courtesy of Bruce Rintoul at Lofi Studios, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was a major label, huge budget affair rather than through rising Scots indie label Ignite Records.

A wonderful amalgamation of power and melody, Cities and Skylines are set to grab the spotlight and become one of the country's biggest bands. - Jim Gellatly - The Sun

"Ready For a Bigger Stage - Cities and Skylines set their sights on breaking through in 2011"

Evening Times Times Out Feature Tuesday 26 April 2011
A decade of turbulence in the music industry hasn’t been kind to Cities and Skylines, but things are looking up for the Glasgow rockers.
The post-hardcore five-piece released their first single, Holes in the Snow, on iTunes in January and after months in the studio they’re now ready to unleash their first EP.
After rocking the stage in front of an 800-strong sell out crowd at the second annual Scottish Alternative Music Awards, the band is tuning up for its busiest month yet.
“We’ve never performed in front of a crowd like that,” says front man David Napier, 22, “so when we took to the stage we had to pretend they were there to see us, and us alone.”
The band’s modesty was unfounded and ultimately short-lived, as the packed out Classic Grande ballroom echoed the singer’s vocals.
“April is a pretty busy month for us,” continues the band’s bassist , David Gosling, 22, “ we’re back in the studio and playing the O2 ABC on Friday.”
Things have definitely moved on for the group.
The Glasgow boys have been playing in bands together since school and are thankful that their friendships have lasted longer than some line-ups.
As David Gosling explains: “Napier and I has an acoustic act way back in the, and, over the years, we’ve just naturally evolved into Cities and Skylines.
“The band’s original bassist left the night before we were due to record down in Longwave Studios, so in the heart of the moment, i had to write four bass lines in a three hour practice session before recording.”
As time went on, childhood friends Bryan McGuire, 23, and Dougie Millar,20, were adopted into the Cities fold, bringing with them racing guitar and blitzing drum parts respectively.
The band’s new guitarist Bryan Thompson, 23, or ‘BT’, joined the group in August 2010, and they’ve enjoyed success with the same line-up since.
“We’re a new band with an old name,” said David Napier.
Like his idols before him, the front man has been tempted to try his hand at playing guitar with the group, but his name-sake band mate isn’t so keen.
“I can’t imagine Napier with a guitar,” chimes in gosling.
“His energy adds so much to the band – we wouldn’t have the same energy without him throwing himself around the stage – it wouldn’t be right.”
The staggered rise of Cities and Skylines had matured the band for what inevitably lies ahead.
“The old demo EP has too much going on in it,” complains Gosling.
“Five people were playing five parts until BT came through for us and we naturally progressed to playing and writing more as a band.”
At the height of their creativity, the band was completing one song every two weeks – not bad going for five twenty-somethings who are still clinging on to the security of day-jobs.
“I’m taking a year out of an English Lit course and working in a call centre to pay our way,” explains Gosling.
“Napier and Bryan McGuire are in call centres too, while BT works in traffic management.
“Dougie has it sussed – he works as a drum teacher and as a shop assistant the rest of the time.”
Unfazed by media hype, the group still value excitement and accomplishment above all else. The band has gone for a more mature sound for their forth-coming untitled EP.
“words like ‘emotion’ and ‘vibe’ are overused in music,” as far as Napier is concerned, “but connecting with a crowd on that level is a big incentive to do what we do, and Bruce is instrumental to that.”
The Bruce he’s talking about is EP producer, Bruce Rintoul, who has worked with The Ting Tings, Twin Atlantic and Lo-Fi, but is now helping Cities and Skylines to get the most out of their instruments.
His efforts have been rewarded with a nomination as Sound Editor of the Year at this year’s Scottish Music Awards, to be held in September.
But there’s no sense of urgency with the group to release their latest offering.
“We’re all part of this great community in the Scottish Music Scene,” continues Gosling
“We all share common interests, band spots and we’ve all risen through the ranks together,”
From all the turbulence, Cities has come to learn a thing or two about the industry.
Gosling adds: “ It’s ironic that this year’s X Factor winner’s song was a Biffy Clyro Track – a Scottish three-piece who were places where we are now only a few years ago.
“it’ll be the biggest selling single of the year and it’ll make more money for Simon Cowell than it ever did for Biffy – It’s unbelievable.
“The Correlation between money and the arts is a catch 22 situation – we all need money to progress, promote and record, but we’ve seen it take over the creative process for some really great musicians.”
However, Cities and Skylines pledge to keep playing their punchy, alternative pop-rock, irrespective of chart success or big money deals.
Their first single, Holes in the Snow, is now available on iTunes, they also played West of the Moon even last week with fellow Scots, The LaFontaines and Fatherson.
They will also be raising money for Mary’s Meals at a charity gig at Bat Bloc on June 8 as well as releasing their forthcoming EP on Ignite Records later in the summer.
Cities and Skylines, O2 ABC, 310 Suchiehall Street, Friday, 7pm. £6.
Tony McGuire
- Evening Times - Times Out Feature by Tony Mcguire

"Cities and Skylines soar"

Glasgow band Cities and Skylines’ latest single Holes in the Snow is full of promise
- soaring vocals and heavy guitars, done with every bit as much precision and
power as their contemporaries Biffy Clyro or Twin Atlantic. Napier’s soaring vocals
are the real treat throughout the track. As he announces “sweetheart, I’m safe/
I’m scared, and I think about you every day” just before launching into the chorus,
there’s a real sense of belief and passion behind his words. That’s not to say that
the rest of the band’s efforts are fruitless - far from it. They carry Napier’s vocals
on a harsh and thundering melody right to the bitter end of the track. If Holes in
the Snow is an indication of what’s to come, I eagerly await Cities and Skyline’s
next release. - Katie Campbell - Freelance journalist (Daily Mail)


10.1.11 - SINGLE
'Holes in the Snow' (Ignite Records UK)

03.10.11 - EP
'Hurdles' EP (Ignite Records UK)

'Lizard House' Video - October 2011
Directed by Oscar Sansom.



Cities and Skylines are a five piece band from Glasgow who have been away for a little while, with various bad breaks and line up changes but are now back and making up for lost time. The bands current line up was quickly signed up by Ignite Records UK, a small independent label, whilst cutting their teeth on the Glasgow circuit with some introductory gigs of their new material.

The band’s sound comprises melodic "vocals and heavy guitars, done with every bit as much precision and power as their contemporaries Biffy Clyro or Twin Atlantic," blending an alternative rock sound with pop hooks that's sure to win over fans of both genres.

In the past the band have shared a bill with various bands such as Think:Fire, Yashin, Dividing the Line, Tommy Riley, The Xcerts, The Magic Numbers and The Stranglers. The band have worked with some big names in the music industry including Romesh Dodangoda(Lostprohets, Funeral for a Friend, Kids in Glasshouses, Twin Atlantic, The Blackout) of Longwave Studios, Cardiff who worked with them on their first demo.

Their current single, "Holes in the Snow," produced by Bruce Rintoul (Twin Atlantic, The Ting Tings), is now available through iTunes Worldwide released through Ignite Records UK. The track was featured on BBC Radio 1's Introducing show.

The band have already played GoNorth and Wizard Festival, and have been tipped as "ones to watch" on the festival circuit this year.

Their debut EP 'Hurdles' was released on 3 October 2011, with a launch show at the infamous King Tuts Wah Wah Hut (with Young Legionnaire). A supporting video for the track 'Lizard House' is now available for viewing at

The band plan to record and release another single Summer 2012, while playing as many festivals as possible.

"Epic Alt Rock packed with Hooks, the boys' new EP Hurdles oozes class...A wonderful amalgamation of power and melody, Cities and Skylines are set to grab the spotlight and become one of the country's biggest bands." - Jim Gellatly, The Sun Oct. 2012