Cities and Thrones

Cities and Thrones


Cities and Thrones is a musical conversation among friends. They channel the likes of Copeland and Ryan Adams with hints of Dyland and Petty through their unique storytelling.


After years of touring the southeast and "almost making it" so many times the members of Cities & Thrones have come to one conclusion. Music can make the world a better place. These five storytellers have seen a lot of success but hang their hat on just being able to connect with people from stage. A strange combination of sweet and sour vocals, Cities & Thrones employs two vastly different frontmen. One with gritty tones reminiscent of frontmen of yesteryear and the other with the innocent quality driving independent music today. So far being called catchy, poppy and thought provoking, this band wants only one thing. To be different.


Stories from King's Park 2007