A contemporary worship band from Citipointe Church Brisbane, Australia. With intimate worship and passionate praise our sole purpose is to draw people into the presence of God and to see our Saviour lifted high over all the earth and seeing Justice prevail in this love robbed world.


This is our heart,
To see our God glorified all across the globe
and to see people live in the freedom of Jesus Christ.

Citipointe Live is the worship team of Citipointe Church Brisbane.
We are passionate about the local church.
Devoted to our vision to
unmistakably influence our world for good and for God.
Citipointe Live travel internationally bringing life changing worship
and training to churches and conferences worldwide.


Love prevails

Written By: Aaron Lucas/ Joel Ramsey/ Citipointe Music

Love prevails
Where the world has failed
Broken hearts broken lives
Restored through your eyes

Our world can change
With love we will not remain the same
I know the world can find
Hope in You for this life

Our world can change
When You and I begin to care
Not for glory or for fame
But to live and die for His name

Love prevails
Father show them the way
The time is now
Let Your love rule and reign
Over us
Over all the earth

This is Your day
This is Your day
In this world
Your love prevails

All for the one

Written By: Joel Ramsey/ Citipointe Music

Verse 1:
We’re gonna live in the power of freedom
We’re gonna stand in Your ways and Your truth
All of my life I will give over to You
My soul and my heart I’ll keep nothing from You

Let every knee bow, tongue confess
Confess to the world let them know
That we are

All for the one whose love is for all
You gave Your son to save the world
We Your people are going to stand and lift Your Name so high

All for the one who gave it all
Gave up His life and freed my soul
We your people are going to stand and lift Your
Name so high

Verse 2:
We’re not gonna sit back and just go to heaven
We’re letting the world know that they can come to
Our one sole purpose is loving You Jesus
Loving You more and sharing Your truth

You Reign

Written By: Aaron Lucas/ Citipointe Music

Over star filled skies
Over all created life
What was always meant to be
Your glory reigning over me

You’re above
Anything thrown my way
I live to stand in You always

You reign
Over all the earth we sing it
You reign
Justice and peace You bring it
You reign
Holy one You reign

Your kingdom come
Your will be done
Jesus reign over me

Amazing Love

Written By: Aaron Lucas/ Citipointe Music

Can You take me there?
Where truth can heal
Where my soul can fly

Can I run with You?
See miracles
See the nations rise

Yes I know, Yes I know
Love died for me
Love died for me
Yes I know, Yes I know
Love set me free
Love set me free

All You are
Is all I need
Take me now
I am Yours

Amazing love
Hope to all
The reason why
We live again


Written By: Joel Ramsey/ Citipointe Music

Emotion stirring
A love that’s turning this world
Upside down
Heart beat pounding
Your love surrounds me
You are all things great

We stand in one accord
Bringing praise to our heavenly Lord
Joined in one heart we cry out Lord

You’re the love above life
In all we lift You high
We’re raising Your banner
All to glorify
Your name

Shine Your glory
Shine Your glory


Anthem of Our Heart - 2006
You reign - 2007
Devoted (coming soon) - 2008

Set List

All that I am
Statement of Love
Break the Silence
You Reign