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Citizen 16


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The best kept secret in music


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Construct 2013



After his involvement with several other bands of varying genres, in early 2010, Wolf Neve felt that it was time to begin his own project; he wanted to create something that felt right, something with a purpose, an outlet in which his soul could truly speak.
After hours upon hours of heartfelt experimentation, the Citizen 16 (C16) project was finally born.
Together, they hope and strive for the betterment of society as a whole- be it flesh or machine, through song, and through action.

Our Mission:

Believing that society’s evolution has fallen into a downward spiral, both intellectually and fundamentally, Citizen 16 rises from the ashes of social dissension to unite the lowest of the oppressed. Faced with an epidemic of apathy, complacency and tyrannical corruption above, a hero must rise to confront those who would stave off those who would exploit the decaying reliance of a failed society. Not just one hero must emerge, but several.

Citizens of an oppressed society must ascend past the bonds of the human condition that hold them back and embrace the only hope for the lowest class; the future of the sufferer relies on the willingness to discard the “natural” for the “supernatural” – to recognize that left to its own devices, society will continue not in evolution, but devolution into a state of perpetual poverty.

The only hope for mankind to overcome the stigma of the social exile within society derives from the willingness of the masses to fight, not for what little they have, but to prove that they are not defined by what they do not.

In its current course, the world is left not to God, but to those who would steer the course of evolution to their own interests. The evil of the world lies not with those who would enhance themselves, but with those who would amputate the only hope a suffering people have to survive.

Now is the time to rise above those who would control you through the cross and words, money and bureaucracy. Now is the time to take arms, take aim and take heart. Now is the time to embrace these weapons that remain the only hope for those who are manipulated by the status quo, for without it, mankind stands to destroy itself.

Now is the time to become a Citizen, and fight for the fundamental human right to dignity, development and freedom. Do YOU have what it takes to be a Citizen?