Citizen Joe

Citizen Joe

 Newport Beach, California, USA

Citizen Joe is an original rock band with an Americana Rock and Blues sound that is fueled by hard driven acoustic guitar, mandolin, melodic lead solos, and stories.
We are headquartered out of Costa Mesa, CA at the Rathole studios.


Citizen Joe was founded by Kurtiss Lystne who leads the band. Kurtiss is the writer, lead vocals and plays Guitar, Mandolin and Harmonica. His early inspiration came from artists that include Eric Clapton, Joe Walsh, the Eagles, Tom Petty and John Mellencamp to name a few.
One of the unique sounds comes from Kurtiss's mandolin. He has created a style that is unlike any other. Kurtiss is self taught and his style is all his own. Its neither Celtic or Blue grass, its Kurtiss! The sound is Americana Rock, with songs written about our troops, Katrina and some other good stories.


Citizen Joe - America's Son released 2008
America's Son
Darkest Day
Copperhead Road
Dreamer Boy
I'm in Love
Is it Over
Di in my Arms
Fisherman's Blues
Stir it Up

Singles (rel 2011)
First Your Money

Set List

I'm in love
Is it over
You might say
Running down a dream
Sooner or later
Who'll stop the rain
Darkest day
Working girl
Feel like makin love
Fast as you
Dreamer boy
Americas Son
The way
Sexy Girl
American girl
Don't Pass Me By
Fishermans blues
Brown eyed girl
Keep your hands to yourself
Should I stay or shoud I go
First your money
We deserve the right to be old
Copperhead road