Citizen of the Year

Citizen of the Year


Have you ever stuck you head inside an icebox and taken a deep breath? In those freezing depths there is a buzz that tugs at your existence. If you listen close enough then you will know Citizen of the Year. Or if Elephant 6 and K records had a mentally challenged baby that was adopted by Radiohead.


Jonathon Montgomery-multi-instrumentalist Abducted from his incubator at 2weeks old by overzealous circus aliens. Returned to earth age 11 planted in the pacific northwest. Plucked from obscurity and the dirty forest by a retired elderly couple that were traveling shoe salesmen. Learned to play the guitar while sleeping inside of an abandoned missile silo. Loves chocolate. Hates investigative reporters

Cooper Lee-multi-instrumentalist cultivated from the sperm of Otis Redding and the harvested eggs of Sharon Tate in a diabolical science experiment gone awry. Forced to hide most of his life haunting houses to make money. Discovered picking blueberries in Oklahoma and sent out west with migrate farm workers where he learned the blues and tether ball. Loves kittens. Hates asthma.


We Watch While You Sleep - EP 2005

YOU + (Gas Can) + (Match) = Citizen of the Year EP 2005 (Made for Comic-Con)

This is Our War - 2006 LP

Interloper - 2007 LP

Don't Be Sad - 2008 LP

video can be seen at

Set List

Generally our set lists consist of 6 or 7 songs formed into a cohesive dramatic event/experience. Musicians switching instruments, pseudo costumes and minimal witty banter. Sets can range from a full hour to thirty minutes in length. We do not play covers.