The fusion of noisy hardcore punk and melodic instrumentals. Sometimes angular and strange, but often groovy and interesting. As a band we have toured the UK and Europe so far and have upcoming tours in the UK, Europe and festivals in Scotland and Germany.


I believe what sets us apart from other bands is that we don't sound quite like anyone. The mix of influences are subtly weaved into our songs making them sound different and interesting.The band was started by brothers Craig and Neil McIntyre, and the lineup was completed by drummer Ewan Macgill and vocalist Owen Batchelor. The idea was to play music influenced by what we all liked, which was predominantly heavy punk and hardcore music. However none of us are ever happy playing just one specific way and other influences began changing the sound. The songs became very melodic, but still retaining the harshness of the hardcore style.
We played around Scotland predominantly at first then went on our first small tour around the UK. Around this time there was some lineup changes and Owen moved onto bass duties, remaining vocalist as well. Dean Inglis became our new drummer completing the lineup. Since these changes we have self released two EPs, continued to play varying sizes of gigs all over the UK and continued to improve our songs and live show.


Right now we have two self released EPs under our belts, with the help of indie labels in the UK.
We have also been played on Vic Galloway's Radio 1 show several times and played a live session on the show, as well as several Subcity radio shows.

Set List

We typically play for 30 minutes, and have 8 songs which fits this. However we have more songs we can add to the set, and are always writing new material. The set usually includes the songs;
Horse Is The Plural of Horse,
Don't Be Late,
Shit Whistler,
The Seventh Day,
Self Indulgent,
The Opressor,
Scarab Miner