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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Radio adds as of 5-08-06"

state city station format tw lw peak comments
PA Allentown WMUH COL H M H 5/2 doing well here 4/18 hangin out here 4/11 rockin medium 3/27 out for play here
NY Schenectady WRUC COL H M H 5/9 has been getting some good play 5/2 getting some action 4/25 good medium play
PA Shippensburg WSYC COL H M H 5/9 getting some good play 4/18 picking up here 4/11 light play 3/27 out for play
MA North Easton WSHL COL H M H 5/9 is rocking here 5/2 medium action 4/18 in light rotation 4/3 got it out there
PA York WVYC COL H M H 5/9 has been doing well 5/2 is getting some plays 4/25 medium spins
NY Purchase WMVL COL H H H 5/9 is rocking hardcore 5/2 doing super well 4/25 doing good here 4/3 added!
pa Williamsport WPTC col M L M 5/9 is doing well here so far 4/18 still light 4/10 lightness 4/3 put it out
NY Amherst WRUB COL M M M 5/9 not too shabby here 4/25 doing good here 4/10 light spins here 4/3 is with a reviewer
MA Bridgewater WBIM COL M M M 5/9 has been rocking so far 5/2 doing pretty well 4/18 medium to light spins this week 4/11 seeing light spins 4/3 added it this week
PA Scranton WVMW COL M A M 5/2 rocking here 4/11 add! 3/27 in review
PA Schnecksville WXLV COL M L M 5/9 is picking up some 4/25 light-ness 4/3 added here
MA Fitchburg WXPL COL M L M 5/2 medium!!!!!! 4/18 got a spin this week 4/3 put it out there
PA Radnor WYBF COL M M M 5/9 is rocking here this week 5/2 is medium here 4/11 light spins 3/27 added here
NY Syosset WKWZ hs M M M 5/9 has been getting some spins 5/2 doing super well 4/25 some meidum spins here 4/18 up to medium 4/11 in light here
NJ Randolph WCCM COL M L M 5/9 some kids are really digging it 5/2 is light! 4/11 light spins 4/3 added here this week
NY Potsdam WAIH Col M M M 5/2 is medium here 4/25 a steady medium 4/18 add!
MA Boston WTBU COL M L M 5/9 doing well here this week 4/25 its pretty light this week 3/27 added here
CT West Hartford WSAM COL M L M 5/2 medium here this week 4/25 its in light here 4/3 has been light 3/27 add here
MA Westfield WSKB COL M M M 5/2 is rocking 4/11 up to medium 4/3 light to start 3/27 added here
PA Mansfield WNTE COL M M M 5/9 is getting some good play 5/2 is rocking 4/25 good medium plays 4/18 spinnin in medium 4/11 light! 4/3 light action here 3/27 added here
MA Boston WRBB COL M L M 5/9 not so bad this week 4/17 starting off in light
PA Blue Bell WRFM COL M L M 5/2 has been doing pretty well 4/25 not much going on here 3/27 out and available
NJ Lawrenceville WRRC COL M L M 5/9 some medium action this week 5/2 lightness 4/11 still light spins 4/3 light to start 3/27 added here
ma Milton WMLN COL M M M 5/2 some spins here 4/25 medium spins 4/11 in meidum now 4/3 is light 3/27 its out for play
ME Waterville WMHB COL M M M 5/9 is doing pretty well here 4/25 good here 4/11 on the light side 3/27 added here
NY Binghamton WHRW COL M L M 5/9 is rocking this week 5/2 some play here 4/25 out for play
PA Bloomsburg WBUQ COL M A M 5/9 is rocking! 4/25 its out for play here
MA Williamstown WCFM COL M L M 5/9 up to medium 5/2 light here 4/3 added here 3/27 In review
OH Granville WDUB col M L M 5/2 is medium 4/18 starting off 4/3 got it out there 3/27 its in revierw
NY New Paltz WFNP COL M L M 5/9 has been doing well actually 4/3 light so far 3/27 out for play
CT New Britain WFCS COL L L L 5/9 lightness here 5/2 is getting a few spins 4/18 adding here 4/11 with another reviewer 3/27 reviewing today
NY Geneva WEOS COL L A L 4/25 light plays here 4/18 adding here
NY Syracuse WERW COL L A L 5/9 light this week 5/2 adding here
PA Wilkes Barre WCLH COL L A L 5/9 light here 4/18 out for play
pa West Chester WCUR COL L L L 5/9 is rocking 4/25 its in light 4/3 is out for play 3/27 checking it out
NY Fredonia WCVF COL L A L 5/2 is rocking here 4/11 gets the add
NJ Blackwood WDBK COL L L L 5/9 getting some spins here 5/2 is light to start 4/11 being added into rotation 3/27 reviewing here
CT Storrs WHUS COL L A L 5/2 is doing well this week 4/25 out for play 3/27 its in review
PA Millersville WIXQ COL L A L 5/9 is light! 4/25 its out for play 4/18 stuck in review 3/27 checking it out
MA Lowell WUML / WJUL CORE L A L 5/9 light to start 5/2 is out for play
MD Frostburg WFWM COL L A L 5/9 has been light 4/18 gets the add
PA Haverford WHRC COL L L L 5/2 is rocking here 4/25 some spins in light 3/27 added here
MA South Hadley WMHC COL L L L 5/9 is in light 4/17 light here
MA W.Barnstable WKKL COL L L L 5/9 is light 5/2 is rocking 4/3 put it out today 3/27 In review
ME Portland WMPG CORE / MG L A L 5/8 is light! 5/2 out for play here
MA Springfield WNEK COL L A L 5/9 light here this week 5/2 added!
PA Slippery Rock WRSK COL L A L 5/9 light to start here 4/18 just put it out for play
CT Hartford WRTC COL L A L 4/3 light action 3/27 out for play
PA Wilkes-Barre WRKC COL / MG L A L 5 - Planetary Group radio Promotion

"Citizens of Contrary Knowledge"

"Citizens of Contrary Knowledge show an edgy rock sound that is ripe for radio play and major label attention. The diversity shown on the album 'You're What You Wish You Are...' definitely puts this band's stock on the rise."
-Chad Durkee- 3/08/06 -

"Citizens of Contrary Knowledge"

...My belief is that there is a thin line between confidant and cocky, but these guys seem to be more down-home and represent the former rather than the latter of those characteristics....

"Complicated" opens with a gritty guitar chord progression.... I love the tone. The melody in the background (guitar) took me a second listen to really "catch", but its hypnotic and definitely well placed in the mix.....Mike Leslie is playing parts worth hearing.....with the riffing guitars and full force percussion rhythm.

"Spread Yo Wings", greets my ears with a solid drum line, one reminiscent of the times of confidant simplicity. I hear tons of drummers/guitarists today, with their bag of tricks and fills seeping into every section of a tune. What I like about Citizens is that they seem to be completely content on playing a tight groove without an over abundance of the "hey look how talented I am" complex. Breeze and Mark Hermann's guitars have this fantastic interwoven hard rock/funk vibe. I can safely say that, by this point the band's praise is definitely earned.

I also enjoy Breeze's optimistic lyrics for the song, definitely a vivid storyteller, which can also be seen with the previous track.

The final song on the press kit page, "Real Love", is once again fueled by lyrics and vocals of a joyous emotion, brought to us by our good friend Breeze. It seems as though Breeze was most confidant/supportive of these words. There's a distinct emotion in his voice during. Besides the delivery of vocals, I most enjoyed the acoustic guitar insertions throughout the piece. The tone is just perfect, and like I mentioned previously, the part is kept simplistically beautiful. The other tracks, the drum and bass carry themselves phenomenally. The accented rhythm in the verse and the more full bars of playing in the chorus really aid the dynamics of "Real Love". I'd have to say that as I have listened on this small journey, each song has made me look back and appreciate the last one more. Not only is this a pretty interesting characteristic, but it's also one hell of a way to write an album.
So what's my final thought on Citizens of Contrary Knowledge? I highly recommend Citizens of Contrary Knowledge. I believe that they can offer you a set of songs that will, at the very least, bring the old head-nodding rock/funk/ fan out of you. This band has something to offer to music that is fresh and well yearned. Honest lyrics with Breeze, solid simplicity with instrumentation, and a smooth transformation of genres make this band not only listenable, but enjoyable. -Dan Lavagna- 3/29/06

"Citizens of Contrary Knowledge on Nickelodeon"

3/15/06 Citizens of Contrary Knowledge has licensed our debut album "You're What you Wish You Are..." to the Nickelodeon Channel to be used in their hit shows "Drake and Josh" and "Zoey 101". - Nickelodeon Network

"Citizens of Contrary Knowledge on College Sports Network"

4/10/06 Citizens of Contrary Knowledge has licensed our debut album "You're What you Wish You Are..." to the College Sports Network for use on various programs. - College Sports Network


Just released their first LP, "You're what you wish you are..."
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Feeling a bit camera shy


Citizens Of Contrary Knowledge are a rare breed of rock band. The musicianship is top notch; a true ensemble that features the impressive and rare talents of each of its four members. With former members of Joe Walsh, Joan Osborne, Popa Chubby, and Rufus Wainwright their range defies our modern labels on music styles. Acoustic guitar woven with melodic soulful vocals that evolve into guitar driven rock interludes which erupt into vicious funk grooves and infectious rock licks; all the while bending the ear of the listener eager to hear how the story ends.
The band is reminiscent of the great rock, funk, and soul bands of the 70's, while carving their own uniquely free and contemporary style into that already solid foundation of rock.
Citizens' songs heard through the recorded medium set them apart from their contemporaries, but their live performances are what put them in the category of great rock and roll bands.