Citizen's sound is the best of everything: Soulful vocals, classic rock-and-roll guitars over tight bass lines, a whirling Hammond B3 and hip-hop influenced rock drumming. Citizen brings these dynamics together in intelligent and inspired song writing.


Music is everywhere and in everything.  It is the soundtrack to the shapes and sounds of life and every once in a while a band comes along with an catchy take, a creative expression of sound that truly resonates.  Forming in 2009, Citizen takes the stage.
Their sound is the best of everything, or at least that’s how the members of the group put it.  Soulful vocals, classic rock and roll guitars over grooving bass lines, a whirling Hammond B3 and hip-hop influenced rock drumming.  Citizen brings these dynamics together in intelligent and inspired song writing.
Since its inception, Citizen has had a tremendous response.  Only weeks after its debut, Citizen received a nomination for Best Original Group at the 2009 Niagara Music Awards.  The coming months found Citizen performing on the stages of some of the area’s most popular festivals and clubs, securing a management team and reaching larger audiences.
Popularity for the group grew and finally reached the desk of Juno Award winning Michael Hanson, Producer and former drummer of Glass Tiger.  The result is Citizen's debut CD/EP. 
“The stage brings this contagious feeling of being a part of something bigger than any one of us could be doing on our own.  When that feeling spreads to the crowd it’s incomparable to anything else.”
In early 2011, Citizen released its official music video for the single Down Over Me and found a new home among online fans. They have developed a popular youtube video log (VLOG) to further document the members' progress between recorded releases.
The group is Brad Moore on vocals and rhythm guitar, Mike Macdonald on lead guitar, Aaron Moore on bass, Dragan Rusic on Hammond B3 and synthesizers, and Dean Beaudoin on drums.



Written By: Moore

Don't I know, don't I know
It's been hard to say what you want
Without letting down your guard

If you move with the tick of the clock
As it clicks does it lock into you
Is it talking to you?
Is it yours to create
can you mold it and shape it
To be how you please?
If so, come with me

All the night lights shining bright
Leaving ghosts in your eyes
You cannot see, You can't see clear
Just follow the sounds that you hear

Standing by for the day
When my words are my words
And not caught by what may
Be the way they're interpreted

Down Over Me

Written By: Moore

This affinity in me
is a feeling I believe
To be a seed of what's to come
And I know I'm not the only one
Who's been burning at the bone
Magnetically prone
To the call of the haze
that avows and displays

I can see it coming down over me
Every last of its appetite piling up
I can't quite get enough
I can see as its surrounding me
In presence it's obvious
This impulse is calling us in
Waiting for us to begin

I've been living with this cloud
But the cloud is a curse
If it'll never allow
itself to be yours
It'll never in a million
years on this earth
Be the part of your heart
Illustrated in verse

This one thing, this one thing
Is something we can't control

Keep Me Breathing

Written By: Moore

There's a vacancy tonight
If you stay with me you might
Find you like what you left
It fills that hole in your chest
If you're anything like me
Thought you knew but you needed
To lose what you love
Before you know it's the real thing

I know holding my breath
Ain't every going to get me anywhere but dead
But you catch up to me in reverie
You make it hard for me to keep breathing

Yeah well I feel like a criminal
Marketable and subliminal
Choosing what stays and goes
Lose my sense of control
At a loss for my words
Short the cost for my turn
Where's the prize I had won
Does it lay unammendable?


Citizen (2010) - EP
Down Over Me - Single